How to Get a Younger Woman to Sleep With You?


If you’ve got the vitality, sex drive, or even personality of a younger man, then you’re probably in the market for a younger woman. If you want a casual fling with no strings attached and women your age are looking for something more committed, a younger woman may be your best option. But attracting, and subsequently seducing, a younger woman is not always an easy task. You can run into a lot of trust issues, some financial issues, and sometimes commitment issues. Here’s how to get a younger woman to see you as you want her to.

Don’t Patronize Her

Many times, men will take “daddy issues” to mean that they should stand in for daddy to attract younger women. This is not really the case. It may work at the beginning, but daughters often fight with their fathers, and those are not the kind of fights you want to have with your significant other. Don’t be overly controlling or try to fix all of her problems with your wealth of experience, just be there for her and let her dump her problems on you while being supportive but not actively trying to fix them for her. Eventually, she’ll get sick of all the drama and be looking for a release instead.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Don’t Blend in with Her Friends

Young people, these days are in constant contact; texting, snapchatting, tweeting, Instagramming, and everything else. She’s oversaturated with people, so don’t be someone who’s always available. Make it so that she’s excited to hear from you, and motivated to talk to you. This means not seeing her too often, not texting her constantly, and not friending her on all sorts of social media right away. Chances are, guys her age are all over her and liking all her pictures. Make yourself something different, more dignified; interested, but not too interested.

Don’t Come On Strong

There’s a stereotype in the women’s dating community about older men, and it’s that they’re creepy. If you meet her and immediately start checking her out, hitting on her, and making bold advances, she’s going to run the other direction. Take a little time to get to know her, maybe even try to let her make the first move so that you have a connection built on trust rather than coercion.

Embrace Your Age

As mentioned in previous entries, you don’t want to blend in with her friends, but you also don’t want to act like her dad. You have to strike a balance; take control of your time together, but not her life outside of your interactions. So plan the dates, be chivalrous, and always have the next step so that you guys aren’t left questioning where to go next like she would be with her friends. Don’t try to choose things she would normally do, like clubbing or trendy bars, cause then you won’t stand out. Instead, try unique things like wine tastings or theater that she may not do as much with her friends. The Pros & Cons of Dating or Marrying a Younger Woman

Don’t Wait for Her to Ask Your Age

If you guys aren’t sure how large the age difference between you is, don’t wait for her to ask you how old you are and subsequently start to question if that’s too old. Instead, ask her how old she is, then express uncertainty at the response. You being “too old for her” makes you creepy and kind of pathetic, but her being “too young for you,” makes her desire to prove she’s a mature adult kick in. It acts as a motivator and makes her want to validate herself to you, especially in the bedroom. Nothing says “I’m a grown-up” like sex.

Always Be Relaxed Around Her

Even if it’s your first time dating a younger woman and you are super nervous, don’t let on. Since you’re older, a younger woman is going to expect you to be cool, confident, and in control. Being nervous plays into the pathetic older man stereotype, and makes her think you just couldn’t get a woman your own age. This is especially important in the bedroom; be confident, and use whatever skills you have. Since you’re more experienced than the younger men she’s slept with, she’ll likely be surprised and impressed when you have sex, and immediately want more.

Sleeping with younger women is not as difficult as people often make it seem. Most young women are willing to try new things, like an older guy; you just need to play your cards right. Be the attractive, unavailable, confident older man and you’ll have no trouble getting younger women to sleep with you.

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