30 Snapchat Flirting Signs

So you’ve met an interesting guy or girl on Snapchat, and now there’s a tiny voice in your head wondering, “Are they just being friendly, or are they actually flirting with me?”

You’re probably hovering between “OMG, they’re so into me!” and “Chill out, they’re just being nice.”

With all those filters, emojis, and disappearing messages, how are you supposed to figure out if someone has a crush on you?

Before you ruin anything with your potential crush let’s take a look at the most common Snapchat flirting signs.

Snapchat Flirting Signs

1. Overuse of Wink Emojis 😉

We’ve all used a wink here and there, but if they’re dropping them like they’re hot, take note. It means, “Hey, I’m trying to flirt with you!”

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2. Sending Selfies 🤳

There’s a difference between sharing your day and constantly bombarding you with selfies. If every snap has their face, especially with some dirty looks, they’re definitely trying to catch your attention.

3. Complimenting Your Snaps 💁‍♂️

“OMG, you look so good!” or “Your snaps always make my day!” If they’re showering you with compliments, it’s a green light! They’re admiring the view, and by that, I mean you.

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4. Quick Replies ⏩

They reply almost as if they’ve been waiting. Don’t we all love that level of attention? If they’re prioritizing your snaps, it’s a pretty solid sign they’re into you.

5. Random Check-ins 🌞🌜

“Good morning” and “Good night” snaps? They’re thinking about you at the start and end of their day. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is. Bonus points if they are sending you flirty selfies.

6. They Remember Small Details 📝

Mentioned your favorite ice cream flavor weeks ago, and they remembered? It’s the little things that count. If they’re taking notes mentally, it shows they care.

7. Asking Personal Questions ❓

“Tell me something no one knows about you.” If they’re diving deep and wanting to know the real you, it’s a sign they’re interested. Open up and see where the conversation leads!

8. Screenshots of Your Snaps 📸

Did you catch them screenshotting your snaps? Instead of freaking out, take it as a compliment. They’re saving memories. Just ensure it’s for all the right reasons.

9. Late Night Chats 🌌

Conversations that stretch into the late hours? They’re sacrificing sleep to talk to you. That’s some dedication. Either they’re a night owl, or they’re totally into you. Or both.

10. Blushing Emojis 😊

The blushing emoji is a tell-tale sign. If they’re sending these your way, it’s a digital version of those shy, flirty glances across the room. Awww, isn’t that sweet?

11. Asking for Your Opinion 💭

“Which outfit looks better?” or “Should I get this coffee or that one?” If they’re seeking your advice, it means they value your opinion or just need a reason to chat with you.

12. Frequent Use of Heart Emojis ❤️

If their messages are peppered with heart emojis, especially the red ones, it clearly means that they are into you.

13. Casual Invites 🍕

“You should totally come to this concert!” or “There’s a new café, wanna check it out?” If they’re hinting at real-life hangouts, they’re trying to transition from Snapchat buddies to real-life friends… or maybe more!

14. The ‘Accidental’ Snap 🙊

“Oops, didn’t mean to send that!” But let’s be honest, 90% of the time, it’s intentional. They just need a reason to talk to you, and who can blame them?

15. The Random Voice or Video Calls 📞

Going beyond text and video calling you? It’s like saying, “I want to hear your voice or see your face!” It’s a sure sign of interest.

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16. Random Compliments 🌹

“Your hair looks great today!” or “Loving that shirt!” – if they’re frequently tossing compliments your way, they’re interested in you.

17. Snapping in Real-time 🚀

Sending snaps of what they’re doing right then, like cooking or watching a show, is a way of saying, “Wish you were here!”

18. Seductive Selfies 😘

Those photos where the lighting is just right, the angle is perfection, and there’s a lot of playfulness in their eyes? It’s more than just sharing a random selfie; it’s about trying to seduce you.

19. Photos on a Bed 🛏️

Snapchatting from their bed or shower, especially if it’s accompanied by a seductive pose it’s a clear sign that they like you more than a friend.

20. Dirty Talk 😏

If they’re diving into dirty talk or suggestive innuendos, that’s another sign of flirting. This one’s not rocket science; it’s more like biology class!

21. Intense Eye Contact 👀

Sending snaps where they’re gazing deeply into the camera, trying to create a connection? It’s like they’re trying to lock eyes with you, virtually.

22. Close-ups of Lips 👄

A close-up shot of slightly parted lips or even them playing with their lip using a finger, it’s all about drawing attention to a very intimate part of their face.

23. Sharing Fantasies 💭

Opening up about their dreams, especially if they’re on the steamier side, means they’re comfortable sharing intimate details and they probably want to see your reaction.

24. Flirty Challenges 😜

“Bet you can’t guess the color of my underwear!” or “Guess what I’m thinking.” These playful challenges create suspense and a perfect way to flirt.

25. Snap Blushes 😊

You know, those selfies where they’re intentionally showing off a cute, flustered blush? It’s a way of saying, “You make me feel this way.”

26. Sensual Eating 🍓

Slowly eating a piece of chocolate or a strawberry, with a focus on their lips? That’s a seductive way to hold your attention.

27. Fire & Peach Emojis 🔥🍑

If their snaps are often peppered with these flirty emojis, they’re not just talking about fruits or the weather!

28. Risky Outfit Choices 🖤

Snaps showing a short tight dress or a shirt with a few buttons undone? They’re definitely trying to grab your attention.

29. “Accidental” Touches in Videos 🤭

A video where they “accidentally” brush their hand through their hair or over their body is a sensual way to keep you watching.

30. Exaggerated Reactions 😲

Being extra dramatic in response to your snaps means they’re trying to keep things exciting with you.

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