300 Best Dating Site Username Examples for Guys

If you decided to give online dating a try and joined Tinder, Bumble, POF, or OkCupid, the first step after you download the app will be creating your username.

But how do you choose your username?

Should you just use your actual name as a username?

Probably not because Bob34 is not really catchy and doesn’t show off much of your personality or tell women what you are looking for.

Better examples would be:

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  • AdventureGuy34 – a guy who loves adventures and travel
  • BeachBum27 – someone who loves a beach and ocean
  • FunnyGuy21 – a man who has a good sense of humor and always makes people laugh

As you can see creating a good username is not hard but it does require some creativity if you want to come up with something that will grab women’s attention and make them wonder who is this guy?

Here are 300 great examples of usernames for guys that will help you to stand out and get more matches and dates.

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Best Dating Site Username Examples for Guys

1. GuitarGuru – You love music and everything about it – this is your chance to find someone who shares the same passion.

2. NYCNomad – For the jetsetter who never stays in one place for too long.

3. RivetingRomance – For the adventure-seeker looking for an exciting relationship that will keep him on his toes.

4. WineOClock – You love to relax with a glass of wine and good company – perfect for the romantic at heart!

5. PlayfulPassion23 – A username that screams excitement and fun.

6. SmolderingSoul – The deep thinker who is looking for someone with a similar level of intensity and passion.

7. CreativeCuisine24 – You love all things culinary, from cooking to tasting – this is the perfect username for you!

8. SoothingSerenity – Life can be chaotic sometimes, but finding serenity in each other is what makes lasting relationships possible.

9. HotNSpicy – For a man looking for an intense and passionate relationship.

10. MrRightNow – You’re in no hurry to find The One, but you’re open to meeting new people and having fun.

11. AllAboutTheZzzz – If you love to sleep more than anything else, this is the perfect username for you!

12. RoadTripAdventurer – Always on the go and looking for a new journey to embark on with someone special.

13. GuitarMan – You’re the musician.

14. StarryEyedDreamer – Ideal for those who believe in making their dreams come true.

15. ThoughtfulGuy – A profile name that shows you’re not just looking for casual fun, but someone to connect with on a deeper level.

16. OneInAMillion19 – For the hopeless romantic.

17. CoffeeLover34 – The perfect username for someone who can’t live without their morning caffeine fix!

18. MusicMakesMeHappy – If music is your life force, this is the ideal username for you!

19. BlueEyesOnly – This is a great username if you want to be more selective when it comes to women you want to meet.

20. SillyAndSweet – Two adjectives that perfectly describe you and your personality traits!

21. PerfectPair – For the hopeless romantic looking for the perfect match.

22. DiamondsInTheRough – You are a diamond in the rough, someone who is looking for their perfect match.

23. MusclesAndBeards – A profile name that screams testosterone and ruggedness!

24. AlwaysOnVacation – Life is one big vacation and you’re always ready to take off on another journey.

25. JokestersDelight – You love to make people laugh and have a good time wherever you go.

26. SingleWithNoRegrets – You don’t regret being single, because you know that it’s only leading up to finding your perfect match

27. IcingOnTheCake – You love to have a good time and are looking for someone who can keep up.

28. StarvingArtist – You’re passionate about your work and need someone who understands that.

29. GreenEyedMonster – If you have green eyes, this username is perfect for you!

30. AlwaysUpForFun – You’re always game for a good time, no matter what’s happening around you.

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31. NoFilterNeeded – You don’t mince words and let people see the real you without any pretense or artifice.

32. JustInTime – Everything has just worked out perfectly in your life so far… why should dating be any different?

33. SweetAsCandy – A username that will show your playful and passionate side.

34. PlayfulPanda – For the guy who loves being playful and having fun.

35. PickingBerries – The perfect username for a nature lover.

36. MusicLover4Lyfe – For the music enthusiast looking for that special someone.

37. NetflixNCuddle – What could be better than cuddling on the couch?

38. BaeCaughtMyEye – Catchy and cute, this username will definitely make women notice you!

39. GoofyGalore – You have a playful personality and are looking for someone who can keep up with your sense of humor!

40. MrPlatinum – A flashy name for a man who wants to let everyone know he’s successful and in it for the long haul.

41. TallNDark– If you are tall and have dark hair, this is a great username for you.

42. BrightEyedGuy – The name says it all! You have an enthusiastic personality and are always up for new things.

43. AlwaysSmiling – A happy-go-lucky guy that wants someone to share life’s adventures with him.

44. SoaringEagle – You’re ambitious, daring, and ready to take on anything that comes your way!

45. BBQsAndBeers – The perfect name for the guy who loves a good cookout and some cold ones with good company.

46. CampingCuddlebug – For the outdoorsman looking for someone to share his love of nature with.

47. CityProwler – A mysterious, intriguing choice for the urbanite who never stops moving.

48. BookwormBuffet – You love nothing more than a good book and some tasty food – perfect for a date!

49. LateNightLover – For the man who loves staying up late.

50. EarlyBirdEats – The early riser who loves to get a head start on the day – and enjoys a great meal too!

51. MusicManiac – You can’t live without your music, and this is just one aspect of your amazing personality!

52. BeachBum4Life – If you live for the sun and sand, this is the perfect username for you.

53. LetsGetPhysical – Playful and suggestive – perfect for someone who wants to let their wild side out!

54. MyHeartBelongsToYou – Sweet and simple.

55. AdventureSeeker – If you’re always searching for an adrenaline rush and new experiences, this is the username for you.

56. MrNiceGuy – Perfect if you are looking for a girl who is tired of dating bad guys.

57. LetsDance – Because who doesn’t love to get down on the dance floor?

58. TakeMeAway – Great for a romantic who loves to travel.

59. HeartofGold – This communicates that you are kind, caring, and have a big heart – perfect qualities for anyone looking for a relationship!

60. MusicLover – If you can’t live without your tunes, let others know with this catchy username.

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61. MrFireball – This name screams fun, spontaneity, and a zest for life.

62. CoffeeAddict – For the java lover in all of us – this username is sure to attract like-minded women.

63. BeachLife19 – If you’re someone who loves nothing more than spending weekends at the beach, this is the perfect username for you!

64. AdventureAwaits – If you’re the type of person who’s always up for an adventure, this is a great username choice.

65. JustAGuyWithNoPlan – This username communicates that you’re laid-back and carefree, which can be attractive to some women.

66. BornToBeWild – Another great option for someone who loves to have fun and lives his life on the edge.

67. MyHeartBelongsToYou – Sweet and sentimental, this name speaks to those who are looking for a serious relationship.

68. SunshineNSandCastles – Perfect if you’re looking for someone who shares your love of travel and good vibes.

69. SaltNPepper – A classic combination that never goes out of style.

70. JustWandering – For those who love to explore and enjoy new experiences.

71. MyOneAndOnly – Let others know that you are not interested in playing games; you’re looking for your soulmate.

72. CitySlicker – This username is perfect for someone who loves city life and all that comes with it.

73. SeasideSiren – This one is perfect if you enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

74. RuralRomance – If country living is more your thing, showcase it with this countryside-inspired username!

75. FarmGuy – Another great option for guys who enjoy the farm lifestyle.

76. ForeverWild – For that free-spirited, never-want-to-grow-up type of man.

77. AlwaysUp4Fun – You know how to have a good time.

78. SunshinNRainbows – A happy, optimistic username full of hope and possibility for the future.

79. BeMyPlayer2 – If you’re looking for someone to complete your life, look no further!

80. Just4Fun18 – Here to enjoy life and have a good time with whoever comes his way.

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81. SoulmateHunter – Ready to find your one true love?

82. MrNatural – You’re a down-to-earth guy who loves nature.

83. RoadWarrior43 – You’re always on the go, living life in the fast lane.

84. AdrenalineJunkie23 – You love to live life on the edge and take risks.

85. ParkLover – You enjoy spending time outdoors in nature, whether it’s at the park or in the mountains.

86. GoodTimeChaser – You live for good times and are always out seeking new adventures.

87. MrOptimism – You see the glass half full and are always looking on the bright side of life!

88. HotNIKnowIt – Because you know that you’re handsome.

89. EyeCandyForYou – Everyone deserves some sweetness in their life.

90. TemptingTreats – Just like candy, you’re irresistibly tempting and hard to resist.

91. HardToHandle – A bit of a challenge is always intriguing…

92. SkiBum – This one is great if you enjoy skiing and love the outdoors!

93. RooftopRomantic – You have a romantic side.

94. MrSunnySideUp – Show your easy-going, always optimistic personality with this lighthearted username!

95. PlayfullySensual – You like to flirt and tease.

96. PlayfulPanther – Attractive yet playful and mischievous.

97. BigDaddy – You’re a confident and handsome man who knows what he wants.

98. MrSpicy – There’s something about you that makes everyone want a taste…

99. LawlessLover – Dangerous and thrilling.

100. IrresistiblyInnocent – Sometimes being sweet and innocent can be quite irresistible.

101. BadBoyBiker – Because there’s nothing hotter than a bad boy on a motorcycle

102. TallDarkHandsome – Because sometimes physical attraction is all you need

103. CuddleBuddy – You’re looking for someone to snuggle up with on cold winter nights.

104. DogDaddy – A great way to find fellow dog lovers and connect on a romantic level.

105. MrFixIt – Handy around the house and always up for fixing things, this guy is ideal for anyone looking for a dependable and helpful partner.

106. OneLastKiss – For the man who is looking for a final fling before settling down.

107. SmoothOperator – You’ve got all the moves, and you know how to use them.

108. BlueEyedHeartbreaker – You know how to charm the ladies and aren’t afraid to break a few hearts along the way.

109. MyBestMoment – A great way to find someone who loves making memories and living life to the fullest.

110. FitTeddyBear – For the big teddy bear type who loves cuddling and showing affection

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111. RooftopConversations – You’re a deep thinker and love to have meaningful conversations

112. SushiHunter – Find yourself a fellow foodie to explore new restaurants with!

113. OnTheHunt – You are constantly on the prowl for your perfect match

114. HotChocolate – You’re a sweet and caring guy who loves to cuddle up with someone special.

115. NectarLips – Soft, kissable lips are always a plus.

116. WildNFree – You’re a carefree spirit who loves to live life to the fullest perfect for someone looking for an adventure!

117. LaughingLynx – With a quick wit and sharp sense of humor, you’re sure to make anyone smile.

118. ManlyMariner – There’s something about being out on the open water that just makes you feel more alive.

119. NewBeginningz – Ready to start fresh and meet someone new? This one’s for you!

120. FoodieFinder – Love trying new restaurants and dishes? Use this name to attract someone with similar interests!

121. TravelingMan – If you’re always on the go, find a match with somebody who loves adventure as much as you do.

122. TreasuresInTheSand – For the beach lover who is looking for that special someone to share lazy days in the sun with.

123. JustDesserts – A sweet way to let someone know you’re looking for a fun and flirty relationship.

124. HikingBuddy – You love nature, adventure, and finding new trails to explore.

125. UpForAnythingFun – No boring moments here.

126. CuteAndCuddly – Everyone needs a little love and affection.

127. PositiveVibesOnly – Negativity has no place in your life – find others who feel the same way!

128. CaffeinatedNSingle – You can’t function without coffee and you’re tired of being single!

129. NaturallySingle – You’re okay with being single and enjoying life to the fullest – but that doesn’t mean you’re opposed to meeting someone special.

130. WhiskyLover – For those who appreciate good quality whisky and other finer things in life.

131. CaffeineJunkie – Coffee is essential to your day-to-day functioning – might as well find someone who feels the same way!

132. HikerGuy – The perfect nickname for the man who loves nothing more than spending time outdoors and exploring nature.

133. MrAdventure – Another great option for the man who loves an adventure, whether it be big or small.

134. CatDaddy – Much like Dog Dad but cooler because cats are awesome.

135. NatureNerd – The perfect partner for hikes, picnics, and all outdoor activities.

136. WineWizard – You know your Pinot from your Merlot

137. SkiBunny – Perfect for the winter sports enthusiast looking to find someone to share those cold mountain nights with.

138. NatureNerd – This one is perfect for all you guys out there who love nothing more than a hike through the woods or a day spent camping under the stars.

139. WorldlyWolf – He’ve traveled the globe and is always looking for his next great adventure.

140. FarmFresh – For the guy who loves nothing more than getting back to nature.

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141. TrueGentleman – A chivalrous man who knows how to treat a lady right.

142. LivelyLad – Because you’re always up for a good time, no matter what it is.

143. PaddleboardingPrince – The perfect catch for any water lover out there.

144. SportyStud – A great choice for an active guy.

145. MountainLover – For the nature lover who can’t resist a good hike or camping trip.

146. SealedWithaKiss – For the hopeless romantic who wants to find love again.

147. GoingPlaces – This one’s for the man with an adventurous side – he’s looking for a woman who can keep up with him!

148. HikingHeaven – For the nature-lover who finds peace and solace in spending time outdoors.

149. KayakingKing – A strong and fearless kayaker looking for someone to explore new rivers with.

150. RockClimbingRookie – Just starting out on your rock climbing journey but eager to find a partner to share the experience with

151. LaidbackLover – For the easy-going guy whose ideal date is a picnic in the park or cuddling on the couch.

152. SpontaneousSoul – Life is too short to plan everything out ahead of time… especially when it comes to dating!

153. TenderheartedTrekker – The perfect nickname for someone who loves spending time outdoors and is looking for a partner to share those adventures with.

154. SoulfulStargazer – For the deep thinker who loves spending time outdoors.

155. SweetSurferBoy – he’s always catching waves and girls’ hearts too!

156. HotGeek – brains and beauty!

157. BadBoyNextDoor – Mamma warned us about these types!

160. FunInTheSnow – If you live for winter sports and love the outdoors, this is the perfect nickname for you.

161. QuirkyAdventurer – For someone who loves to have new experiences and isn’t afraid to be a little bit different.

162. SleekShark – Sharp, intelligent, and always three steps ahead

163. PillowFightClub – You never know what this bedtime warrior might be up to but it’s guaranteed to be playful and exciting.

164. CraftyGeek – He’s got brains and knows how to use them!

165. MrStealYourGirl – Because let’s face it, you probably can!

166. BlueCollarBadass – For the strong and smart types who know how to get things done.

167. PlayfulPuppy – Everyone loves a playful pup – show your fun-loving side with this nickname.

168. SoulfulPoet – Get in touch with your sensitive side with this poetic username.

169. PNWHiker – You love nature and spending time outdoors

170. InkedUpRomeo – For the guys who love tattoos.

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171. CraftBeerGuy – Who doesn’t love a guy who knows his way around a brewery?

172. BeerGuru – Know your IPAs from your stouts?

173. AdventureJunkie – Perfect for the thrill seeker who loves to live life on the edge.

174. RightChoice – You know what you want and aren’t afraid to go get it.

175. LatinLover – If you’re looking for some fiery passion, look no further.

176. UnzipYourself – If you want to get down and dirty.

177. LionHeart – You’re strong and courageous the perfect man for any woman looking for a protector.

178. BrainyBae – Because intelligence is hot!

179. AdventurousOnly – If you live for the action, this is the perfect username for you.

180. BrownEyedGuy – Charming and approachable.

181. Dimples4Days – Everyone loves a good set of dimples.

182. BluEyedDevil – A little bit dangerous, and a whole lot of fun.

183. ItalianStallion – For the man who loves his heritage and wants to show it off.

184. ManOfAction – For those who just like getting things done and taking charge!

185. ArmyOfOne – independent and strong-minded.

186. BikingBear – This one is for the active outdoorsy types.

187. GoodVibrations – You’re a fun-loving guy who loves to make people smile.

188. ManInMotion – Is always on the go and loves adventure – could be perfect for an active dude looking for his match.

189. BrewLover – Find someone who loves beer as much as you do!

190. StayClassy – No matter what happens, you always maintain your cool and class.

191. SoccerStar6ft3in – Tall, dark and handsome? Why not add that you play soccer too?

192. MrAdventureTime – because life’s an adventure!

193. PessimistPrime – A little dark humor never hurt anyone and it might just help you attract the right person who gets your jokes.

194. HipsterDude – Plaid shirt, beanie, beard? Check! Now all you need is the perfect lady to complete your look.

195. GuyOnFire – You’re passionate and you want a partner who feels the same way.

196. SixtiesSoul – Looking for companionship from somebody around your own age? This is how you let them know!

197. AdventurousWanted– For all those thrill seekers out there.

198. KidAtHeart – You’re looking for someone who loves to have fun and doesn’t take life too seriously.

199. DrivenToSucceed – You know what you want out of life and you’re not afraid to go after it full throttle.

200. DarkAndStormy – A little moody, a little intense—but also exciting and passionate.

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Other Catchy and Funny Nickname Ideas for Guys

201. Brainiacccc

202. MagicMan

203. SouthernGentlema

204. RockClimber

205. LilRomeo

206. OnActiveDuty

207. ChampagneTaster

208. DeliciousDisorder

209. MrMature

210. TheGreatOne

211. 21stCenturyRomeo

212. ClassyAF

213. AuthenticGentleman

214. OldFashionedRomantic

215. UniquelyMe

216. MrExploring

217. GameForAnything

218. SpontaneousOne

219. UpForItAll

220. UnicornHunter

221. ICanCookToo

222. SangriaLover

223. LivingLarge

224. FunLovingDude

225. IGotYourBack

226. TrustworthyDude

227. OnTheFlyGuy

228. EndlesslyCurious

229. IvyLeaguer

230. RockstarRomeo

231. DiscreteDude

232. LetsPlayAgain

233. BestNightEver

234. FunGuyInTown

235. ThatOneGuy

236. BrewMaster

237. TallFrenchy

238. SuperDad

239. ShortButHandsome

240. SoulShine

241. LovableGeek

242. NiceBoyNextDoor

243. ToughButSweet

244. LoveAtFirstSwipe

245. MrTonight

246. GrownUpKid

247. NewAgeGuy

248. TheFunOne

249. MrPerfectionist

250. SoulSurfer

251. GodsGift

252. SugarDaddio

253. SpiceyLover

254. MrBigShot

255. TheWandering

256. LongLegs

257. EasyToPlease

258. EasygoingLover

259. PlayboyPilot

260. CrazyCalvin

261. TroubleTommy

262. SmokinHotMess

263. IcyHot

264. RomanticRascal

265. WittyAndCharming

266. IveGotYou

267. YesMaam

268. KeyToYourHeart

269. MySecretAdmirer

270. WillYouBeMine

271. CupidCalledMe

272. GuessWho

273. TextMeFirst

274. GotUrNumber

275. DirtyLilSecret

276. MountainMan

277. Im4U

278. URMyType

279. DogWhisperer

280. MrOptimistic

281. IllBeGentle

282. IdTapThat

283. MarryMe

284. PlayfulKitten

285. DiscreteFunGuy

286. MischievousSmile

287. Hard2Resist

288. FitNSingle

289. RiskTaker

290. OnceInALifetime

291. SeizeTheDay

292. NowOrNever

293. OnFireForYou

294. YourBetterHalf

295. OneAndOnly

296. DontBeShy

297. YoureSoFine

298. StolenKisses

299. TigerEyes

300. MrSteamy

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