23 Signs Your Boss Likes You (Romantically) But is Hiding It

Do you feel like there is strong chemistry between you and your boss but at the same time you are not fully sure if they have any romantic feelings toward you?

In most cases it is not too hard to tell if a guy or woman is attracted to you however, in a professional setting, it might be a little tricky.

Your boss might try to hide his or her true feelings because they are afraid of crossing the line between professional and personal, or they want to avoid any awkwardness or conflict at work.

So how can you figure out whether your supervisor or manager likes you or if you misread their signals?

The good news is that there are several obvious signs and behaviors that you will notice if your boss is actually attracted to you, even if they are trying to hide it.

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Some examples of these signs are them going out of their way to spend time with you outside of work, complimenting you on your physical appearance, and asking personal or even intimate questions about your life outside of work.

If your boss is showing any of these behaviors, they may be secretly attracted to you but unwilling to admit it.

There are a few ways to handle this type of situation.

You can try to ignore their behavior and hope that it goes away, or you can confront them directly and ask if they have romantic feelings for you.

If your boss confesses their attraction, you can then decide whether or not to pursue a relationship outside of work.

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Signs Your Boss Likes You Romantically

1. They Give You Gifts for No Reason

It could be a box of chocolates, a book, or a gift card.

Whatever it is, it’s clear that they were thinking of you when they bought it.

And that usually can only mean one thing – they like you!

Especially if your boss doesn’t give gifts to anyone else at work.

Other examples of gifts that you may receive:

  • Tickets to a show or a sporting event
  • A basket of fruit or flowers
  • Gift cards to restaurants or stores
  • A bottle of wine
  • A gift certificate for a spa treatment
  • A weekend getaway

2. They Flirt With You

Does your boss flirt with you but no one else in the office?

Or maybe he or she even makes suggestive comments?

If so, then it’s a definite sign that your boss likes you romantically even if they try to disguise these flirty comments as jokes.

3. They Tell You About Their Relationship Problems

Why would your boss tell you about the fights they have with their partner or about how unhappy they are in their relationship?

Well, they probably want to show you that they are not happy with their current relationship or even marriage.

This is another clear sign that your boss likes you and tries to give you hints that they are “available”.

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4. They Include You In Their Social Plans

If your boss invites you to dinner parties, barbecues, and other social gatherings that have nothing to do with work it is likely because they want to spend more time with you.

5. They Ask Personal Questions

Your boss wants to know about your love life, your family, and your friends.

They want to know everything about you but why?

Because they’re interested in you.

Personal questions like these that have nothing to do with work often indicate that your boss likes you more than just his regular employee.

They want to get to know you better, find out what you like, and if you are seeing or interested in anyone else.

6. They Compliment Your Appearance

It is okay for a boss to say you’re doing a great job or you did an excellent work by recruiting a new client however if your boss tells you that he likes your red dress or your new perfume it is a completely different type of compliment.

If you are getting compliments on things that have nothing to do with your work performance, it’s clear that your boss is interested in you in a more romantic way.

7. They Ask You Out For Drinks After Work

Your boss asks you out for drinks after work.

They buy you a drink or two and then they start getting personal with you, asking about your love life.

Well, you know where this is going…

8. They Always Invite You on Business Trips

If your boss always invites you on business trips, it’s a pretty clear sign that they like you.

They wouldn’t want to spend all that time with you if they didn’t enjoy your company, right?

I mean they could easily invite someone else from the office.

But the fact that they keep asking you to come along is a strong sign that they are trying to spend more time with you alone outside of work.

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9. They Make Excuses to Touch You

If your boss is constantly finding ways to touch you – whether it’s a tap on the shoulder, a pat on the back, or a hug – it could be a sign that they like you.

They might not be outright saying it, but their body language is definitely betraying their true feelings.

10. They Get Into Your Personal Space

When your boss is interested in you, they’ll lean in close when they talk to you.

This is a classic sign of attraction, and it’s something that we do unconsciously when we like someone.

11. They Laugh At Your (Not Funny) Jokes

This one is an obvious giveaway that your boss likes you.

If they laugh at your jokes, even if they’re not funny, it’s a sign that they want to please you.

12. They Always Try to Sit Next to You

If your boss always tries to sit next to you in meetings or finds an excuse to stand near you on other occasions, it’s another possible sign that they are attracted to you.

13. They Get a Little Jealous

If your boss gets a little jealous when they see you talking to attractive co-workers or even when you take a break to talk to your significant other, it means they like you and probably don’t want anyone else to have you.

14. They Stare at You

If you catch your boss staring at you, it’s probably because they can’t help but admire how damn fine you look.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to stare at someone they are attracted to?

If your boss can’t help but look at you while you are not watching, it’s a strong sign that they’re interested in you.

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15. They Help You With Non-Work-Related Things

If your boss goes out of their way to help you with things that have nothing to do with work, it’s a likely sign that they are attracted to you.

For example, if you mention that you’re looking for a new apartment and your boss offers to help you find one – that’s a sign!

Or, if you mention that you’re having trouble with your car and your boss offers to take a look at it – that’s another possible sign that they are interested in you.

16. They Try to Look Good for You

Your boss probably wouldn’t go out of their way to look good for their employees – unless they wanted to impress someone they like.

If you notice your boss making an effort to look nicer when they know you’ll be around, it could be a sign that they want to get your attention.

17. They Give You Preferential Treatment

Maybe they let you take longer lunch breaks, leave early on Fridays, or work from home when you need to.

Whatever the case may be, if your boss is giving you preferential treatment, it’s because they like you.

18. They are Available for You 24/7

Your boss is always available to you, day or night.

They always respond to your emails and texts right away, no matter what time it is.

Maybe they even enjoy it when you text them late at night or on the weekends?

If your boss is always available to you, it’s possibly because they like you especially if they don’t show the same type of support to your other coworkers.

19. They Stare Into Your Eyes

Do you ever feel like your boss is staring into your soul?

Yeah, that’s probably because they are.

If your boss stares into your eyes for longer than it is usually socially appropriate, it’s another sign that they find you attractive and are interested in you romantically.

20. They Always Bring You Coffee or Food

If your boss is bringing you food and drink in the morning, they are definitely trying to impress you and score some brownie points.

They might say something like, “I saw you didn’t have time to grab breakfast this morning, so I brought you a muffin and coffee.”

Or, “I know you like Starbucks, so I brought you a venti caramel macchiato.”

21. They Offer to Drive You Home

If your boss offers to drive you home or pick you up on their way to work, it is another sign that they like you and want to spend more time with you outside of work.

22. They Try to Find Out If You’re Single

Your boss may try to find out if you’re single or not by asking questions about your relationship status.

They might ask if you have a boyfriend, if you’re seeing anyone, or if you’re married.

If your boss is constantly asking about your love life, it could be a sign that they want to know if you’re available.

23. Your Coworkers Tell You That the Boss Likes You

If you’re wondering if your boss likes you, ask your coworker who you can trust!

They might have seen some things that you haven’t, or they might have picked up on some clues that you missed.

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What to Do If Your Boss Likes You Romantically?

If you think your boss may be attracted to you, you can try flirting back to see if they respond positively.

If your boss flirts with you and you are not interested, you can politely let them know that you are not interested and would prefer to keep things professional.

However, if your boss persists in trying to pursue a romantic relationship with you, you may need to report their behavior to HR or another authority figure.

Even if your boss is single and available dating them can be tricky.

Things can get even murkier if they are actually married…

In any case, it is important to evaluate both pros and cons of dating your boss before jumping into anything serious.

Here are some problems that you may run into if you are planning to date your boss.

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8 Workplace Romance Problems

1. It can be difficult to keep work and personal life separate.

2. There may be a conflict of interest if your boss makes decisions about promotions or pay raises.

3. Your boss may feel like they have to give you special treatment, which could create tension among coworkers.

4. If the relationship ends badly, it could make going to work every day very awkward.

5. You may be judged by your coworkers.

6. You may be tempted to use your position to get what you want from your boss, which could backfire.

7. Your boss may try to take advantage of you by threatening your job if you don’t comply with their demands.

8. If you have different opinions on work-related matters, it could lead to arguments or conflict at home.

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