10 Real Reasons Why Women are Attracted to Married Men

It is not a secret that some women find married men more attractive than single men.

Some single women even go as far as trying to steal married men from their wives. This is known as “male poaching”.

Often women build attraction to married men gradually. That’s why in most cases it is someone they know really well and not a random guy on a dating site. It might be their coworker, neighbor, or even gym instructor.

Women that have affairs with married men usually justify their behavior by thinking that they are better than their wife, he is in an unhappy relationship, or just by thinking that it is not their fault.

So let’s take a look at what these single women find so appealing about married men.

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Why Women are Attracted to Married Men?

What is Coffee Meets Bagel

1. They Want What They Can’t Have

It is human nature to desire things that we can’t or are not allowed to have.

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Having an affair with a married man is considered to be taboo and this can very exciting for some women.

2. They Believe That Married Men are More Stable and Mature

Many women consider married men to be more stable both financially and emotionally.

First of all more married men have more stable jobs than single guys because they need money to support their families.

Single men on the other hand don’t have as many expenses and may still be bouncing between jobs trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Secondly being in a relationship teaches you how to deal with your partner and solve everyday problems and conflicts in a more mature way.

This means taking into account both interests of you and your partner.

3. They Like the Challenge

Some women try to seduce married men as a challenge.

Finding a single guy to sleep with is usually pretty easy but getting someone who has a wife is much more challenging.

Sleeping with a married man makes these women feel like they are better than their wives which can be a big confidence booster.

However, most women that go for married men are usually either too young or lack self-esteem.

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4. Pre-selection

Women are more attracted to the guys that other women find desirable. You can think of this as social proof.

If the man is married, it means that there is something about him that some other woman found very attractive.

If the guy is single, he is either not desirable by other women or is a player who stays single so that he can sleep around.

5. They Assume That The Feelings are Mutual

Many married men act friendly and relaxed around women because they don’t feel the pressure of trying to please anyone.

Many married men also don’t have a lot of friends. That’s why they might be open to starting conversations with strangers that can be either men or women.

When bored some married guys might invite their female coworkers for coffee only because they want to talk to someone.

Some women might misinterpret this friendly behavior and assume that the guy is interested in them intimately.

6. They Are Jealous

Sometimes single women are simply jealous that some other woman was able to lock down this guy and they may try to steal him.

They think that because a married man is being friendly or even sleeps with them he at some point might leave his wife. However, in most cases, men never leave their wives unless they get busted for cheating.

Some single women will also try to make him get caught cheating so that he doesn’t have a choice but to leave his wife. There are also the ones that might try to get pregnant so that the guy would leave his wife for them.

7. They Don’t Want Any Commitment

Some single women that want to hook up without any commitment do it with married men.

They know that a married man will not be clingy and will not be asking for much commitment because he has to go back to his wife at the end of the day.

This way she can stay single while having a partner that she can leave at any time if someone better comes around.

8. Some Married Men are Looking for an Affair

Not every marriage is perfect and some guys in unhappy marriages look for affairs.

Sometimes there is no more physical attraction between him and his wife and intimate life is nonexistent. This can push some men to have an affair.

These married men will flirt, compliment, and make single women feel more desirable than they ever felt around single guys. That’s how some single women end up being mistresses even if they were not planning to date a married guy.

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9. He is Wealthy and Influential

Many rich and successful men are married which makes them, even more, attractive in the eyes of single women.

These women may try to attract a married man not only because they find him attractive but also because of the things they might get in return.

This is quite common at work where some women sleep with married men to get a promotion or preferential treatment.

10. It is Just Love

Sometimes you just can’t control who you have a crush on or fall in love with.

This is what happens to some single women. They meet a married man and fall in love with him.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to move on if you fell in love with someone even if the feelings are not mutual.

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What To Do If You Have a Crush On a Married Man?

10 Ways to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love With an Older Woman

Everyone gets small crushes even if they are in a relationship or married but most people don’t act on these temptations to avoid hurting others.

It is not easy to control how you feel but you can control your actions. Don’t flirt, go on a date, or give a married man your number even if the feelings are mutual.

Unfortunately, if you are single or in an unhappy relationship you might be more willing to break those boundaries and succumb to your desires.

It is not uncommon to have crushes on your married coworkers, neighbors, or fitness instructor in a gym. Don’t feel bad about it and just let it go. There is no need for you to act on these temptations.

There are a lot of single men around and there is no need for you to ruin someone’s marriage because most of the time the attraction you feel is only physical and will fade with time.

Why would you ruin someone’s family or break another woman’s heart?

If he cheats on his wife, do you think he will not do the same with you if he meets someone better?

You also need to remember that most men rarely leave their wives for their mistresses and even when they do the relationship usually doesn’t last.

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