What to Do When a Married Woman Flirts With You?

If you have ever been in a situation where a married woman has been flirting with you, you know how awkward and confusing it can be.

On one hand, you may feel flattered and may even be tempted to reciprocate the feelings.

On the other hand, you may be worried about the repercussions of engaging in a relationship with a married woman.

In this article, we will take a look at why married women flirt in the first place and then will discuss some steps you can take to defuse this situation in the most respectful and ethical manner.

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Why a Married Woman Flirts With Me?

1. She is feeling neglected – if her husband isnt paying her enough attention, then she may turn to you for the attention she is craving.

2. She is bored – if her marriage is lacking excitement, then she may see you as an escape from the monotony of her everyday life.

3. She is trying to make her husband jealous – a married woman may flirt with you to make her husband jealous.

4. She is looking for a way out – flirting with you may be a way for her to test the waters and see if theres something more between the two of you.

5. She has feelings for you – its possible that she has developed feelings for you.

6. She is looking for validation – a married woman may flirt with other men to see if she is still attractive and desirable.

7. She is testing her boundaries – flirting may be a way for her to explore new boundaries and push the limits of her marriage.

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What to Do When a Married Woman Flirts With You?

1. Politely Decline Her Advances

First, try to politely decline her advances without embarrassing her or creating a scene.

Simply drop hints that it is just not for you.

This will help you to stay on good terms with her but also get your message across that you are not interested because she is married.

2. Call Her Out

If the flirting persists, tell her that you feel like she is overstepping her bounds and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

This can make her a little angry or upset, but it is a direct mature way to let her know how you feel.

This will tell her that you want her to back off and that you are not interested in partaking in this kind of behavior.

3. Think of Informing Her Partner

If the flirting continues after this point, it may be time to take more serious actions.

This means considering informing her partner of her inappropriate behavior.

If the flirting has reached the point where you think she is completely disrespecting her significant other, you may want to step in even if it seems uncomfortable.

Explain how you know his wife and tell him word for word the exact events that have happened.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to her husband in person, you can always leave an anonymous note or email.

Just be honest and upfront and let him know that you think he deserves to know the truth.

This may cause some drama but you will know you did the right thing and perhaps saved a couple from wasting more of each other’s time.

It could also help improve the relationship if she realizes her mistakes before actually physically cheating on her husband.

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If your married female coworker or colleague is flirting with you, try not to freak out or jump to conclusions.

Maybe she is just being friendly and you are misreading her signals?

Simply tell her or drop hints that you are not interested to stop this flirting behavior without making her feel uncomfortable.

If this doesn’t work tell her outright that you do not think cheating or flirting when you are married is acceptable and if she ignores your wishes then it is time to step in and tell her husband about it.

It’s not the best situation but you have to remember that you did nothing wrong.

You are simply being honest and trying to resolve the situation in the most mature, calm, and objective way you can.

In the end, you will be proud of yourself for not falling prey to being a victim of infidelity and sleep peacefully at night knowing that there is a couple out there that knows the truth about each other.

Do not become a part of the circle that allows someone to be taken advantage of.

Stand up for what you believe in and stay classy.

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