11 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend or Wife Doesn’t Want to Sleep With You Anymore

Do you feel like your girlfriend or wife doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore after you have been dating for a couple of years?

If you do, then you are not alone.

As your relationship becomes more mature and you spend more time together the initial excitement that you felt when you first met slowly fades.

Your bedroom life becomes boring and predictable and you don’t make love as often as before.

However, many couples find ways to keep the spark alive by experimenting in a bedroom and communicating their needs and desires to each other.

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Pay attention if you notice a significant decrease in your girlfriend’s desire to sleep with you for no apparent reason especially if it happens over a short period of time.

If your girlfriend or wife completely stopped being intimate with you or she is never in the mood no matter how long it is been since the last time you made love, then it is time to address this issue.

To figure out what exactly is going on with your wife or girlfriend let’s take a look at the most common reason why women stop sleeping with their partners.

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Why Doesn’t My Girlfriend Want To Sleep With Me Anymore?

1. She is Taking Medicine That Affects Her

There are different prescription substances that can affect a woman’s desire to be intimate.

It can be anything from anti-depressants to birth control.

If you suspect that your girlfriend has this problem, encourage her to talk to a medical professional to resolve this issue.

2. She Lost Interest in You

Unfortunately, some couples lose interest in each other, and this is why they don’t want to sleep with their partners anymore.

Try changing things up by going on dates or surprising your girlfriend more often to bring back that initial attraction that she felt for you when your first met.

3. She is Sleeping With Someone Else

One of the main reasons why your girlfriend may not want to sleep with you anymore is because she is having an affair with someone else.

If your girlfriend is cheating on you she will probably try to avoid sleeping with you because of the feeling of guilt and also because she is already satisfied by someone else.

If you suspect that your girlfriend or wife is not being faithful, talk to them and try to resolve this issue before things get out of hand.

4. She Doesn’t Find You Attractive Anymore

If your girlfriend doesn’t feel physically attracted to you, she will avoid sleeping with you.

She probably still loves you and doesn’t have any intentions to leave or cheat on you but her desire to be intimate with you is just not there anymore.

If you gained some weight and stopped taking care of your body, it might be a good time to start paying more attention to your diet and workout routine.

While working on your physical appearance is important, you also need to have open communication with your wife or girlfriend to get a better idea of her desires and needs.

5. She is Depressed

Depression is very common and can affect a person’s desire for intimacy.

Depression is something that people often want to keep to themselves and that’s why it is important to show your girlfriend that you are there for her.

Encourage her to look for medical treatment to help her feel better.

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6. You Don’t Know How To Satisfy Her

Many women avoid sleeping with a guy if he is not good in bed and they are always left unsatisfied.

There are many resources available online that can help you to improve your skills but what is even more important is to talk to your girlfriend and find out what she likes.

Maybe she wants to try role-playing or even toys to spice things up.

7. She is Always Tired

If your girlfriend started a new job or gave birth to her first child it is possible that she is not getting enough rest and that’s why she is not in the mood.

You may also notice that she falls asleep as soon as you go to bed instead of getting intimate with you.

Talk to her and see if you can help her out in any way so that she can relax.

8. She is Stressed Out

Women who are very stressed out tend to lose interest in sleeping with their partners.

If your girlfriend is stressed out about work, school, or even just day-to-day life, she may not be in the mood to sleep with you.

Try helping her take the mind off of things with a surprise date or by helping her with some of her chores.

If this doesn’t work, it may be time to sit down and talk to her about her problems and what else can be done.

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9. She is Not Comfortable with Her Body

If your girlfriend had a significant body transformation, like gaining weight, or was in an accident that affected the way she looks she might feel uncomfortable being undressed around you.

This also means that she will try to avoid being intimate with you.

If this is a problem for your girlfriend, help her feel better about her body and make her feel good about herself.

For example, get her a dress that will make her feel more attractive and confident.

10. She Wants to Break up With You

If the girl is thinking about breaking up with you, she will begin to distance herself from you and this also means she will avoid having any intimacy with you.

It is important to have an open conversation with your girlfriend if you suspect that she might be thinking of moving on to find out if your relationship can be saved.

11. She Feels Like You are Using Her

If your girlfriend feels that you are only using her for her body, she might avoid being intimate with you.

If she feels that you are taking advantage of her, she will not be interested in sleeping with you. Forcing her into sleeping with you will only lead to resentment.

Instead, make her feel special and show her that you really care about her.

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