19 Ways to Show Him You’re Interested Through Text

Okay, so there’s this guy, right? And you kinda have a little (or a big) crush on him. But before you start planning your dream wedding or naming your future pets, you need to let this guy know you’re interested. But how?

Telling him face-to-face can be pretty nerve-wracking, and sometimes words just escape you when you need them most.

That’s why texting and hinting that you are interested in him can be a subtle way to show that you like him without your voice cracking or your face turning tomato-red.

That’s why today we will share with you some super easy, totally not-awkward ways to let your crush know you’re into him. Ready?

How to Hint to a Guy That You Like Him Over Text?

1. Start It Off with a Casual Text

Start with a simple “Hey, how’s your day?” This is perfect because it’s not too forward and it gives him a chance to talk about his day.

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Plus, it’s a great way to start a conversation without making it seem like a big deal. You’re just being friendly and showing interest in what he’s up to.

It’s also a nice way to make him feel like you’re thinking about him, which is always a good thing.

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2. Remember the Little Things

Think about the last conversation you had. Did he mention his favorite team, a movie he’s been waiting to see, or a game he’s super into? Bring it up in your text.

Something like, “Did you catch the game last night? How’d your team do?” shows you remember what he likes.

It also tells him that you’re paying attention to what he says, which is a big deal.

3. Compliment Him, But Keep It Real

Did you see a recent photo of him doing something cool? Tell him, “That’s an awesome shot! You’re really good at snowboarding.”

If he’s achieved something, like acing a test or scoring a goal, let him know you’re impressed. It shows you’re paying attention to his life.

But remember, the compliment should be about something you genuinely admire or find interesting about him.

This way, it won’t come across as fake, and it’ll mean a lot more to him.

4. Ask Him Open-Ended Questions

Instead of questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no, ask him something that needs a bit more thought.

For example, “What’s the coolest thing that happened to you this week?” or “Got any fun plans for the weekend?”

These questions encourage him to share more about his life. They also keep the conversation flowing and show you’re interested in knowing more about him.

Plus, it’s a great way to find out more about his interests, his friends, and what he likes to do for fun.

The more you know about him, the easier it will be to find things to talk about.

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5. Use Emojis

Emojis can add a fun, playful touch to your texts. Use them to show excitement, playfulness, or even a bit of sass.

A well-placed wink πŸ˜‰ or a laughing emoji πŸ˜‚ can add the spark to your texts. They also help make sure he knows the tone of your text, like whether you’re joking or being serious.

Just don’t go overboard – a few emojis here and there are enough to add some flair to your conversation.

Here is a list of the emojis you can use to text your crush:

  • πŸ˜‰ – Playful wink, hinting you’re joking or flirting.
  • 😘 – Virtual kiss, good for goodbyes or showing affection.
  • 😍 – Shows you’re really attracted to him or love what he said.
  • 😏 – Suggests you’re teasing him or hinting at something more.
  • πŸ₯° – Good for responding to sweet messages.
  • 😜 – Playful and cheeky, good for light teasing.
  • πŸ’˜ – Symbolizes love, like saying you’ve got a crush.
  • πŸ’– – Shows he’s really special to you.
  • πŸ˜‡ – Innocent but flirty.
  • πŸ† or πŸ‘ – Suggestive – cheeky and flirty (use caution)
  • πŸ’‘ – Indicates romance, shows you like him.
  • 😈 – Playful ‘naughty’, good for flirting.
  • πŸ’“ – Shows your heart’s racing.
  • 😳 – Shows you’re shy but flattered or interested.

6. Show Interest in His Hobbies

If he’s into something specific, like a sport, a type of music, or even a TV show, show your interest.

Ask for his recommendations or thoughts on something related. “I’ve been wanting to watch a new series. Got any recommendations?” or “I heard you’re into backcountry hiking. That sounds cool! Any fun stories?”

It’s a subtle but effective way to build a connection and find common ground.

7. Suggest Hanging Out (But Keep It Low-Pressure)

Here’s where you can be a bit bold. Suggest doing something together, but keep it casual.

“Hey, I’ve been wanting to check out that new pizza place. Want to join me sometime?” It’s simple, it’s casual, and it makes it easy for him to say yes.

This way, you’re showing you want to spend time with him, but without putting too much pressure on him.

8. Random Check-Ins Are Sweet

A simple “How’s your day going?” out of the blue can be a really nice surprise. It shows you’re thinking about him.

It’s also a nice way to show you care about what’s going on in his life. Just a quick text can make a big difference and make him feel special.

Remember, it’s the little things that often mean the most.

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9. Share a Bit of Your Day

Send him a picture or a quick update about something interesting or fun you did. Maybe it’s a photo of a beautiful sunset you saw or a funny thing that happened at school.

It’s a great way to start a conversation and gives him something to respond to.

10. Late-Night Texts Can Be Special

If you find yourself texting with your crush late at night, that’s usually a good sign. Share deeper thoughts or personal stories. Maybe talk about your dreams, your fears, or just how you see the world.

Nighttime texts can create a feeling of intimacy and closeness, which is great for building a connection.

11. Talk About Future Plans

Casually mention something you’re looking forward to and see if he’s interested in joining. “I can’t wait for the school carnival next week. Think you’ll go?”

It shows you’re interested in doing things together in the future. It’s also a great way to find out if he’s interested in spending more time with you.

12. Be a Little Mysterious

Every now and then, leave something to his imagination. Send a text like, “Guess what happened to me today?” and then wait a bit before revealing the story.

This keeps him curious and engaged. It’s like a game that adds some fun to your conversation.

13. Send Good Morning and Goodnight Texts

A simple “Good morning, hope you have a great day!” or “Goodnight, sleep well!” can mean a lot.

It shows you’re thinking about him at the start and end of your day.

These texts are sweet and they make him feel special. Plus, it’s a nice way to stay connected throughout the day, even when you’re both busy.

14. Ask for His Advice

People love to feel helpful. Ask for his opinion or advice on something. It could be as simple as, “I’m trying to decide what movie to watch, any suggestions?”

It shows you value his opinion, and it’s a great way to start a conversation.

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15. Be Supportive During Tough Times

If he’s going through a tough time, let him know you’re there for him. A simple “I’m here if you need to talk” can mean the world.

It shows you care and you’re willing to be there for him, not just during the good times but also when things get tough. Plus, it helps build trust and deepens your connection.

16. Show Interest in His Family and Friends

Ask about his family and friends. “How was your weekend with your family?” or “Did you have fun hanging out with your friends?”

It shows you’re interested in the other important people in his life. Plus, it’s a nice way to get to know him better and understand his world.

17. Share Your Hobbies and Interests

Just like you’re showing interest in his hobbies, share yours too. “I had a great time at my dance class today!” It gives him a chance to learn more about you and your interests.

18. Invite Him to Events

If there’s a school event or a party, invite him to join you. “There’s a school play this Friday, want to come with me?”

It’s a casual way to ask him out without it feeling like a big deal. Plus, it gives you a chance to hang out in person and have some fun.

19. Send a Spontaneous, Fun Text

Every once in a while, send a text just to make him smile. “Just wanted to say hi and that I’m thinking of you 😊”

It’s a sweet and spontaneous way to show you like him.

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