100+ Best Tinder Dating Taglines for Guys to Get More Dates

If you used Tinder for a while, you probably know that most people have extremely boring taglines (slogans) that scream “I have zero creativity and you will die from boredom if you end up meeting me in person”.

However, the worst thing is that the people with these types of headlines and quotes later complain that no one replies to their messages.

If you don’t want to be one of those boring guys on Tinder, you will have to come up with something more creative than “Hey Girls!” or “I am new here!”.

To help you out we came up with a huge list of the best dating taglines that you can use on any dating website and app including Zoosk, Tinder, Bumble, POF, OkCupid, etc.

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Best Tinder Dating Taglines for Guys to Get More Replies and Matches

Don’t forget to change these lines to fit your personality before posting them to your profile.

Tinder Taglines for Guys to Get Replies, Phone Numbers and Dates

  1. Im sorry for what I said when I was hungry

2. I’m good at making sparks fly!

3. Im not really a people person, but I do like dogs

4. Im not really into fitness but I do like cuddling

5. I have a tendency to talk to myself a lot

Im not crazy, Im just a little unhinged

6. Im not OCD, I just like things to be done a certain way

7. On our first date, Ill make you a playlist of all my exes songs

8. If we cuddle, can we still be friends?

9. Not perfect, but my dog thinks I’m awesome!

10. Funny & well-mannered Prince Charming!

11. Im not paranoid they really are out to get me

12. Let’s explore the world… together!

13. Id tell you your smile is cute but someone else probably did that already so you know

14. Let me inspire that great smile of yours!

15. I don’t bite…usually

16. This one time, at band camp…

17. Guaranteed five times more fun than your ex

18. A good girl is ideal but crazy works as well

19. Feel free to message me, I’ll most likely reply

20. It began with me being the fastest sperm…

21. I could be the one to take you off this site

22. I like my women like I like my burrito: hot, spicy, and full of sauce

23. Im the best at cuddling, snuggling, and spooning

24. Im the cuddler youve been looking for

25. Im not really into fitness but I am into pizza

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26. We can bond over our mutual love of not wanting to leave the house

27. My dog thinks that Im a great listener

28. Im not just a good catch…Im also a great release

29. I will always make sure to put the toilet seat down

30. I can fix anything maybe except your broken heart

31. I can be romantic but only when it benefits me

32. Im always honest even when it would be better to lie

33. Im a great driver except when there are other people on the road

34. I have a very particular set of skills…that you will likely enjoy

35. Im a firm believer in cuddling

36. I like my chicken wings like I like my men hot and spicy

37. Im not really looking for a relationship, Im just looking for someone to feed me and put to bed

38. Ill never ghost you, Ill just slowly stop texting you back

39. I can make any situation awkward just ask my ex

40. If you can put up with my jokes, then youre definitely a keeper

41. I come with a free hug redeemable at any time

42. No drama, no games, just fun

43. I have the ability to make people feel guilty about things they didnt even do

44. My friends would describe me as someone who is always up for anything, no matter how lame it may be

45. I have a strict policy of not dating anyone who doesnt like skinny dipping

46. Im the type of person who will show up at your house at 2 am with a sixpack of beer and a movie

47. Im not really aplanner, so our date might be a little spontaneous

48. If youre looking for someone who is always serious, youre in the wrong place

49. Im not really sure what to say here, so Ill just say something random: llamas are cool

50. Im not here to talk, Im here to

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51. Unfortunetly Im just another pretty face…

52. Im not responsible for any injuries sustained while were together

53. Handle with care: fragile ego

54. May contain nuts 

55. Im not a doctor, but I can make you feel better

56. Im not good at flirting, but Im great at being awkward

57. Im not really looking for a relationship, Im just looking for someone to go on dates with so I can tell my friends Im not a total loser

58. Im not here to find a wife, Im just here to get some 🍑

59. I like my milk straight from the goat

60. I don’t do commitment…sorry about it

61. Im not really into yoga, but I will stretch with you

62. If we go on a date, I promise not to talk about myself the whole time

63. Send me a pic so I know you‘re real

64. If you cant handle me when Im hungover, you dont deserve me when Im sober

65. Im not really good at small talk, so lets just skip to the part where we make out

66. Im sorry, I dont know your name, but can I borrow your body for a minute?

67. Im not here to judge, Im here to make you feel good about yourself

68. Im the type of person who will hold your hair while you…

69. Im the type of person who will tell you that youre beautiful even when youre not

70. Im not looking for a relationship, Im just looking for someone to make out with

71. Im always down for a Netflix marathon and some cuddles

72. Im the human equivalent of a warm blanket

73. If you can make me smile, you can have me

74. I want someone who can keep up with my wild side

75. You can have me for dessert or you can have me for breakfast your choice

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76. I like my women like my yoga pants…tight 

77. Im the type of guy that likes to take things slow in bed

78. Im the type of person that will keep you up all night talking And then some

79. I’m not just a good catch, Im also a good cook

80. I know what youre thinking and yes you can come over if you want

81. Lets go on an adventure or stay in bed all day whichever you prefer

82. Im the kind of guy that will do things for you like getting you another drink or stealing your fries when youre not looking

83. Ive been told I have away with words so why dont you let me put my mouth to good use?

84. I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile

85. Im an excellent cuddler and can make even the grumpiest person smile

86. I have a tendency to fall in love with people who dont deserve my love

87. I will never let you go to bed angry, I love making out after a good fight

88. Im always up for anything, anytime, anywhere

89. I have a dirty mind and youre always on it

90. I like my partners to be assertive and take charge

91. I love trying new things, especially in the bedroom

92. Im a sucker for cuddles and pillow talk

93. Im the type of guy who will do anything to make you moan

94. Im here to turn that frown upside down or at least sideways

95. I‘m looking for a girl who‘s down for a good time, not a long time

96. I‘m here to make all your dirty dreams come true

97. I like my women like my drinks, straight up and with a twist

98. Good times are my specialty

99. I like my women hot and sweaty

100. I know what youre thinking, and yes, I do bite hard.

101. If you can make me laugh, you can have me deal?

102. Ready to settle down with someone who appreciates good beer and has a dog

103. My pictures don‘t do me justice trust me, I‘m much hotter in person

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The main goal behind every Tinder tagline is to grab attention and make girls want to chat and eventually meet you in person.

It is important to stand out among all other guys on Tinder and having a unique catchy tagline as well as good pictures and bio is a must if you want to succeed.

Tinder has a huge number of users and if your tagline and the rest of the profile make you sound boring girls will just move on to the next available guy.

One way to get a better idea of how to write good taglines is to browse through other guys’ Tinder profiles.

I know it sounds a little creepy but if you want to succeed on Tinder you need to know who you are competing with.

This way you will also get a better idea of what pictures other guys are using and what they write in their bios and see if your profile will be able to stand out.

Alternatively, you can ask your female friends to take a look at your profile and tell you if something doesn’t look right.

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