What Attracts an Older Man to a Younger Woman?

Have you ever seen an older guy with a girl who looked half of his age and wondered what exactly they have in common?

It’s not a secret that older men are attracted to younger women.

But what is so appealing about them?

Some people think that men are biologically programmed to look for younger women because they are more fertile and likely to give birth to healthy children.

Others think that dating younger women gives men more status.

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You probably heard the term “trophy wife” which is used to describe a young attractive woman married to an older guy.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that many older men are attracted to younger women so let’s take a look at what else older men find so desirable about younger girls.

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Why are Older Men Attracted to Younger Women?

1. They are Physically Attractive

The number one reason why older men go for younger women is because of their physical looks.

Guys are wired to be attracted to young fertile women because they have the highest chance of giving birth to healthy offspring.

It doesn’t mean that men are not attracted to older women but in general, on a subconscious level, most guys find younger women more physically desirable.

Even though physical attraction is important for a healthy relationship, it is not the only thing that keeps couples together.

2. Younger Women Have More Energy

Younger women are typically more vibrant and active than older women because they are also usually in better shape and didn’t yet encounter any serious health issues.

Older guys might find it exciting to be around someone who is so active and full of life.

This is the same reason why some women date much younger guys. They like the energy that younger partners usually have.

3. They are More Adventurous in a Bedroom

Younger women are typically more adventurous and willing to try new things in the bedroom than older women.

Nowadays girls are more open with their physical desires than the previous generation and that’s one of the reasons why they might be more willing to experiment.

They’re not as shy about their bodies and more likely to be up for trying new things than someone who is afraid to undress in front of a guy unless the lights are off.

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4. More Positive Outlook on Life

Generally speaking, younger women have a more positive outlook on life because they didn’t fully experience traumatic life events like divorces, serious health issues, or losing someone they loved.

This carefree attitude of younger women can be appealing to older guys that have a stressful life and need someone to cheer them up.

5. No Baggage

Younger women typically don’t have the emotional baggage that often comes with age.

This can be very appealing to an older man who is looking to start fresh or has had his share of bad relationships.

They are also less likely to have kids from a previous relationship or a crazy ex like some older women.

6. They are More Naive

A younger woman is typically more naive and inexperienced than an older woman, which can be appealing to some older men.

Some older guys like to be with younger girls becasue they don’t have as much life experience and are easier to control.

Younger women are also more likely to think that the guy they are currently dating is the best they are going to get so they are more likely to do what he wants.

Obviously, this doesn’t lead to healthy relationships, and if you are a younger woman you need to be careful when dating an older guy to avoid getting yourself in a bad relationship or marriage.

7. Younger Women are More Submissive

Some guys are attracted to submissive women and younger women are usually more willing to allow the guys to take control becasue of their experience.

There are a few reasons why men are attracted to submissive women.

First of all, submissive women are less intimidating than dominant girls.

This can make it easier for men to feel comfortable around them.

There are also guys that believe that submissive women are more adventurous in the bedroom and are willing to please their men.

It is also not a secret that opposites attract each other and that’s why dominant men are often drawn to submissive women.

Why Do Younger Women Date Older Men?

Now that we know why older men are attracted to younger women, you are probably wondering why would young attractive girls date older guys?

One reason is that older men tend to be more established than younger guys.

They may have more money, a better job, or a nicer house and this can be very attractive to younger women that are still struggling financially.

Younger women may also be attracted to the maturity and life experience that older men bring to the table.

They are also more confident and know how to treat a woman, which can be a major turn-on for many younger girls that were hurt by inexperienced guys.

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How to Tell If an Older Man Likes a Younger Woman?

If you find yourself attracted to an older man, there are a few things you need to look for to find out if the attraction is mutual.

Here are the signs that you will notice when the older guy likes you.

  • He looks at you a lot
  • He stands really close to you
  • He mentions that he prefers younger women
  • He asks about your dating life
  • He gives you compliments
  • He follows you on social media
  • He always seems to be in a good mood around you
  • He’s always making excuses to see you
  • He gets touchy-feely when he’s around you
  • He’s always talking about how “young” you look
  • He calls you late at night

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How Most Older Men Meet Younger Women?

Nowadays most older guys meet younger women either through social media or online dating.

It is much easier to start talking to younger women when you know that you will not be judged by anyone else.

That’s why some older guys avoid meeting women in clubs and bars becasue they don’t want to be labeled as creeps in case they misread the signals.

With online dating, it is also much easier to find women that are actually interested in older guys either based on what they say in their bios or by looking at the age range of men they are willing to meet.

Other than online dating, some older and younger women meet at work or through social events.

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