Best 170 Free Dating Messages, Openers and Conversation Starters – Part 3

Here are another 77 dating messages that you can use to get more replies and dates on Tinder, Bumble, Match, Eharmony, or any other dating website or app that you use.

101. I’m interested in getting to know you more, obviously. Something tells me that I’m going to hear more awesome things from you than just what I read on this profile tonight.

102. I’m reading your profile now Kate and found a few good things. It’s refreshing to see a girl that’s easygoing and likes to meet new people. Traveling is a must. I’m still reading…..oh and extra special points for being active. Wait a sec, what’s this? No pets, not even a turtle? That’s it, extra special points are instantaneously deleted!

103. Well hello Jane, and it’s a pleasure to sort of meet you haha, I’m Mike. I was reading over your profile and was intrigued, I like the ambition, and I think nursing is an admirable career.

I’m a big fan of travel and find it the most enriching thing you can do, I love other cultures, foods, and people. I noticed you like to do a bit of modeling based on your photos – you look great! Your turn!

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104. I just clicked on your page and I was like thinking to myself “Hey, I’m not going to look at her face or her body until I see her about me” And then wham I see you in a bikini sneaky-sneaky. Why in the world would you need this dating website?

You are a smoke show you must have lines of guys stretching out the door and around the corner back out of the mall lol

105. Hey! I just wanted to start off by saying you have incredible eyes… Like I could get lost in them and be perfectly fine with never getting back out.

I think that we could hit it off for sure. We are apparently both easygoing people. As far as sports go, I’m not a huge fan. I enjoy watching the Leafs play and I love playing football with the guys when I get the chance. I’ve also played a bit of baseball. OK so maybe I am more into sports than I thought lol.

If you are in the mood to laugh I’m your guy so message me back!

106. Hey, you’re really beautiful but my six-pack is nicer than yours!

107. Hi Ashley, I hope this message finds you well! Out of curiosity, how many messages do you get daily on this dating site? You’re admittedly very good-looking, so I figured I would ask you!

108. Hey girl with blue eyes I’m sorry it took me so long to finally reach you, I’ve been busy slaying dragons, getting turned into a frog, and freeing captured unicorns.

P.S. You are the princess, right?

109. So let’s say someone you don’t know comes up behind you and puts headphones over your ears, but it’s your favorite song; what do you do?

110. Hey Kate, your eyes are so bright I am sure they would enlighten my day even when it’s cloudy

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111. Hey how’s it going? You seem like a great girl very down to earth which is hard to find these days lol maybe we can chat and get to know each other, what kind of stuff do you like to do for fun?

112. Hey! How’s it going? Not going to lie your looks caught my eye – you are super pretty.

You don’t seem like you should be on this site, I’m new to this but it seems like everyone on here looks like a goblin. Oh and I’m Jake by the way!

113. Glad I saw your profile you are a very well-put-together young woman, it’s nice to see other people that are ambitious and want more for themselves. BTW my name is Mike!

114. Let’s play a game of would you rather! I’ll start… Would you rather fly or be invisible?

115. So I just decided that I have a huge crush on you, so what are we going to do about this? I’m thinking drive through Vegas wedding, thoughts?

116. I heard somewhere that I’m a pretty nice guy! Can you believe that? Where do you study?

117. You must get a million messages an hour. Lol. How’s your search for a “nice guy” going so far?

118. Hey! How was your weekend? I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor…

119. My name is Mike, I describe myself as ambitious, in shape, and outgoing, and I try to keep an open mind.

I am a huge outdoorsman, camping and fishing. Weekends by the lakes. Road trips rock so do meeting new people from all walks of life! I guess I am a little old fashion in the sense I believe in any friendship or relationship you should have respect, honesty, and loyalty.

I definitely have a wild side but let’s face it, who doesn’t?

120. So, you didn’t say too much about yourself. Tell me a bit more!

You mentioned you love to travel in your free time. I’m sure there are a ton of places you’d love to adventure in but what’s at the top of that list?

If you could wake up tomorrow and be on any beach or in any city in the world where would it be and why?

121. Are you the type of girl that takes forever to get ready? Or does your hair and makeup just look like that all the time?

122. Hey are you DTF? Down to fish that is lol People say I’m like hot sauce because I bring a lot of fun and excitement into their lives…Do you like hot sauce?

123. I’m intrigued but something seems too good to be true. Name an imperfection or 2 so I know you’re real and honest. Important qualities, don’t you agree?

124. We would make the cutest babies ever! What do you say?

125. So I got pulled over by a cop while writing my initial message. He gave me the whole texting is dangerous speech and was about to give me a ticket. I showed him your picture and explained what POF was. He left me off with a warning and said I better get your number

126. I cannot tell if you are trouble or not. Care to persuade me one way or the other?

127. I must say, the camera absolutely adores you! You have the prettiest eyes. I think we would really enjoy each other’s company socially and intellectually. Hope to hear from you!

128. Hi, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that after reading your profile it seems like you’re a pretty down-to-earth person, not to mention that you are very pretty!

I’m Mike and I just moved back from the east from NYC…missed the weather…lol So if you’d like to chat sometime, let me know!

129. Hey there, just wrote this amazing short story and need you to pick an ending…

Once upon a time, there was this awesome guy named Mike who joined a site called Tinder in an effort to meet new and interesting people.

So after browsing profiles for a while he came across Kate’s profile and thought to himself she looks really cute and seems kind of interesting so he sent her a witty and original message.

After reading it she replied straight away and they exchanged a few messages some witty, some deep, and some flirty.

After a while, Mike asked her out and this is where I need you to help me with which option she would pick.

A: She sent a witty message back and said yes.

B: She jumped at the chance and said she would take him out instead!

C: She said no and ended up regretting it forever.

130. Hey, I’m Jake, how are you? It’s nice to meet you…if you call this meeting: wow you’re gorgeous… how is your summer been?

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131. Hey beautiful! What is up? How are you doing my name is Mike I’m 23, and single.

I’m a loving, caring, sweet, sensitive guy, who knows how to treat a girl and can make you smile! You look like an amazing girl and would love to chat and get to know you more.

I can treat you like my princess if you treat me right!

132. Hey Anna how are you today? Awe you seem like such a sweetie and if you don’t mind me saying a cutie!

I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to chat with me sometime. I just joined this site hoping I could find a nice girl to talk to.

133. Hey I was scrolling through the list and found your profile and thought to myself how intriguing you were. So I have been delayed in writing this message by at least 5 minutes as I had to sit and ponder about a word to describe you.

Radiant is perhaps a word that would suit you… Captivating…… Gorgeous would be an understatement… But if you were to take all of these words and put them together all you would be left with is intoxicating… and that is why I would like to get to know you…

134. Well so far looks like we have a few things in common, I am a Virgo and I am into skateboarding snowboarding, wakeboarding, and all that crazy shit.

My name is Mike hope I can say nice to meet you.

135. Beautiful just beautiful I know this may seem weird or whatnot… but I really want to kiss you… every inch of you… you’re that beautiful to me…just do this for me… consider?

Just consider my lips pressed against every part of your body, softly kissing and biting, because that’s what I’d do.

136. Hey, I was just browsing around looking at the different profiles thinking ‘look at all the boring people posing online’ and I saw yours and thought ‘hey, here’s a boring poser that actually looks good’ Haha I’m playing.

Anyway, I’d like to know if you have a fun, bubbly personality to go with your interesting sense of style.

So Miss Outgoing, tell me: if you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you be?

137. Hey there! You look outstanding in your pictures. My name is Mike, I’m not the best at selling myself but I’m going to give it a try I’m very active and always on the go or at the beach.

If I’m not at the beach throwing a football with my friends I’m out on my bike exploring or just cruising. I’m not looking for anything serious, after all, it is summer.

Just someone to come to the beach ride on the back of my bike. I’d love to chat and see what could come of it. Hopefully, I’ll hear back from you!

138. Wow…I referred to a few more girls on this site as “cutie” b/c I did not know their names but I actually mean it when I call you cutie! How are you doing?

139. Hey how are you? My name is Mike and I was just checking your profile out and was wondering if you maybe wanted to chat sometime?

140. Hello I will come at you real…You are one sweet-looking woman but I am not going to spit game and instead I will show you what is real…

You are cute and all but I know that there is more to your looks which I want to know…

I would love to get to know you and see what your plans are in life… Hit me up by the way my name is Mike!

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141. Hey how are you? My name is Bob and I just wanted to introduce myself.

I’m looking for a down-to-earth girl that I can treat right and one that I can take out for a night on the town, or if the mood and night is right, we can hang in and watch TV or a movie and cuddle the night away.

I haven’t found her yet, unfortunately, but I think there may be something here so if it’s alright with you, I’d love to get to know you better!

142. Ok… are you for real? By nature, I am the man who holds the door open and is a little bit of a geek but treats his partner like gold.

I have lived my life thinking all women want that but in reality, all women just want the handsome man who treats them like crap.

However, if you are looking for someone sweet, honest and nice then please look over my profile and we can talk.

143. Hi how are you? Well, I definitely like your attitude you think the same people attract?

I’m Mike and I’m 31. I think I was born competitive in sports and everything. I’m a gentleman at heart. But I do cause mischief though who doesn’t?

If you think you can handle that hit me back love to hear from you!

144. Hey, couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are, and I’m kind of a sucker for those eyes!

I feel that your profile is just a tease and so the real you.., blows my mind a cutie like you needs this site to begin with lol…but if you are interested, I’d love to chat…god it’s hot out lol…

145. You are the cutie and you definitely need a rude boy like me 2 spice up your life

146. Hey how is it going, just thought I’d send you a message and see how your summer was treating you so far. Since I really have no idea what to say here lol.

Anyways if you are into talking a little bit more send me a message, you seem like a really chill girl from what I read in your profile, and I also got to throw in you are very pretty!

147. Hey, I’m Mike. I read your profile and would be interested in getting to know you if you are too of course.

I’m a pretty genuine guy, and would be interested in taking you around Toronto’s finest spots you may not know about (even just as friends).

Anyway, take a look at my profile, and if you think we might get along, let me know!

148. How are you? Looking really good, how is your weekend so far?

Just thought I would say hi since your profile was really interesting and I would like to get to know you a bit better.

149. Hey how is it going? I liked what you have in your bio! How is your summer going so far?

150. Hi Louise! How are you?

A little about me I guess, I’m really not too great in this area but here it goes, I’m a non-judgmental, humorous, outgoing, random, and laid-back guy.

I like road trips, playing sports, hanging with friends and family, and almost anything outdoors.

Anyhow, just wondering if you wanted to talk.

151. Well, I’m new to this and thought I’d give it a shot. I have seen your pics and was immediately attracted and even though your profile description is short you seem like you be a sweet girl. Give me a shout back!

152. Hey! What are you up to Kate? You seem pretty cool! Maybe you are looking for someone awesome on here as well. What do you do for fun? How long have you been single?

153. Hey how are you doing? Saw your profile and wanted to see if maybe you wanted to chat or hang out sometime.

If you’re interested in getting to know a real gentleman I’d love to show you how a lady should be treated.

154. Wow! You are beautiful… When would you like to meet? Fall in love? And get on with the rest of our lives together?

Lol Anyways… Just thought I’d stop by and say hello… I’m Mike by the way!

155. Thought I should drop you a line at the least. You look very nice and you sound pretty nice as well. My name is Tom and if you like I would enjoy a chat or more with you.

156. Hey Annie, how’s your sunny afternoon going, my name is Bob and it’s nice to meet you. Any big plans for the rest of the day?

157. Hi Louise, my name is Jamie and I just recently moved to Vancouver. I’m very easygoing and laid back, just like to have a good time with friends and enjoy all the little things.

Seen you have a lot of the same interests and likes too, so I wanted to write you this message. I hope to hear back from you.

158. Hey Kate! You seem like you’re a fun girl to hang around with… Hope I’m right!

I just recently got on here to meet some new people to hang out with, so message me back!

159. There is something wrong with your photo here… I should really be in it with you!

160. You seem like a super sweet, fun, seriously cool girl! I would be flattered to have the opportunity to get to know you!

If you are interested please feel free to drop me a line!

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161. I was reading over your profile and thought that I would try to see if I could interest you in reading mine. I am sure you must get lots of messages… but I would love to hear back from you!

162. Hey so how much does a polar bear weigh haha I’m jk that was pretty lame, so what else is there to know about a cute girl like you?

163. I’m not very cool. I hope that doesn’t bother you. lol

164. How am I ever going to flirt with you when you’re so beautiful?

165. Hi how are you? How is your week going for you so far? I really liked what I read about you, you sound like a girl who really knows what she wants!

Well, I’m not the best with this online stuff, but I sure would like to hear from you!

166. Hi I was looking through the site and came across your profile and I just had to message you to get to know you more.

From your pictures and description you seem like a really interesting person, and really cool to talk to.

I would like to get to know you more. Message me back if you’re interested.

167. I was just looking around, and I saw you here. So I had to say hey! Or I would be kicking myself later, you’re a stunning girl, and looks like you might just be more than a beautiful face in the crowd.

When you are looking for someone different and want a man to keep a smile on your face. You know where to find me!

168. Hey Annie, I’m just applying for the position to be your number one lover.

I’m sure you get a million of messages a day but I truly want mine to stand out so just hit me back if you want to chat.

169. Hi my name is Tom. Honestly, I clicked my matches and you were the first to pop up I thought it was too good to be true but why not message and take a chance haha

I don’t know too many people here and that is why I’m looking to find new friends and obviously trying to find a woman at the same time.

Anyways I think you are extremely cute and I would love to get to know you!

170. Well, you seem to know what you like! I’m a cool guy… Not a pushover, just like doing things for others and making people around me happy all the time.

About me, I’m outgoing and love having fun doing unique things or just being spontaneous and silly. I’m very open to either being friends or maybe some casual dating to see if there is chemistry!

You seem like a good mix of girly and laid back, but not overly high maintenance to the point you belong on a reality show and act like a ditz to get attention, you’ve definitely got a head on your shoulders – a very cute one!

Well then again all of you seem quite gorgeous. I think we’d get along great, do you agree?

171. Hey Louise! I just wanted to tell you that I loved your profile! You seem very ‘active’, which is a big bonus! I cannot stand sitting around…..

The main reason I contacted you, is that I am a professional photographer and I am in need of a girl for some outdoorsy product shots…..yes, I am on a dating website, and this is because I am single, but I thought what the hell, maybe I can get 2 birds with one stone.

Anyways…..drop me a line, and we will chat more.

172. Hello gorgeous, how are you doing? You strike me as an intelligent, interesting, charismatic, down-to-earth, and fun-loving lady.

I would love for you to bestow me the pleasure of getting to know you. In the event that you are not opposed to the idea – hit me up!

173. Hey there. Apparently, this site says to message you, I’m not normally one to obey a computer but hell figured why not so here I am.

That’s actually about as far as my wit goes for tonight. I’m Bob btw, nice to meet you.

Drop me a line if you want to chat!

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