23 OurTime Dating Profile Examples for 50+ Singles

Thanks to platforms like OurTime and eharmony, finding love in your golden years has become easier than ever. OurTime is a unique online dating platform specifically designed for singles over 50.

Aimed at providing a safe, friendly, and easy-to-use environment, OurTime helps mature singles connect with like-minded people looking for companionship, love, and even marriage.

The crowd it attracts consists mainly of older adults who are divorced, widowed, or never married, all looking for a second shot at love.

When it comes to creating a dating profile on OurTime, authenticity is key. Your OurTime dating profile should show what makes you uniquely you – whether that’s your love for gardening, your obsession with mystery novels, or your passion for cooking.

Remember, it’s not about trying to appeal to everyone; it’s about finding someone who appreciates you for who you truly are.

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Examples of OurTime Dating Profiles for 50+ Males and Females

Example #1

Hello! I’m Peter. As a history buff with an interest in the Civil War era, I could spend hours wandering through museums, poring over old letters, or planning road trips to historic sites.

But it’s not all about history – I also enjoy long walks in the park, interesting conversations over coffee, and making homemade pasta on Sunday evenings. There’s something about kneading the dough and crafting each piece that feels therapeutic to me.

Ideally, I’d love to meet someone who shares my interest in history and can engage in intellectually stimulating discussions. But more importantly, someone who values connection and companionship, appreciates my culinary skills, and wouldn’t mind my occasional history trivia.

Example #2

Hi! I’m Sarah. After devoting more than three decades to shaping young minds as a school teacher, I’ve now retired and am embracing the freedom and opportunities it brings.

Now you’ll find me in my lush garden, nurturing my roses and lilies with as much love as I gave my students. Or in my cozy kitchen, where I whip up everything from loaves of bread to delicate pastries.

If you’re someone who appreciates the beauty of nature and doesn’t mind dirt under their fingernails from time to time, we might just be a match. I’d love to find someone who also enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like smelling freshly baked pies or watching a rose bloom.”

Example #3

Hi there! I’m Fred. After a fulfilling career in IT, I’ve now retired to a quieter life with my two main hobbies: golf and classic cars.

Whether it’s the early morning fresh air on the golf course or the satisfying hum of a well-tuned engine, these hobbies fill my days with joy. Currently, I’m trying to restore a 1965 Mustang – talk about a labor of love!

I’m hoping to find someone who shares my passion or at least has their own hobbies. Someone who appreciates both quiet evenings under the stars and raucous tailgate parties during football season.”

Example #4

Hello! My name is Linda. Numbers have been my friends most of my life as an accountant, but retirement has allowed me to embrace my artistic side.

Now, I spend my days painting landscapes, volunteering at the local animal shelter, and hosting monthly art classes for fellow retirees.

I’m seeking a kind gentleman with an appreciation for art and animals, someone open to exploring the world of creativity with me and maybe even willing to model for a portrait!

Example #5

Hey there! I’m John. After a long career in the corporate world, retirement has gifted me the time to do what I love most: cooking mouth-watering BBQ dishes and spending time with my dog, Jake.

Vacations used to be about checking emails by the pool, but now it’s all about exploring new places with Jake in tow.

If you’re someone who enjoys simple pleasures like sharing good food under the golden afternoon sun and is a fan of furry four-legged friends, why don’t we connect?

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Example #6

Hey! I’m Martha. When I’m not doting on my four grandkids or writing poetry, I’m usually curled up with a good novel.

Literature has been my faithful companion through different stages of life, providing solace and sparking joy.

Now that I have more time on my hands, I’m diving deeper into writing and exploring new authors.

I would love to meet an open-minded man who sees life through a lens of empathy, cherishes family ties, and appreciates the power of words.

Example #7

Hi! I’m Bill. As a retired engineer, there’s nothing that gets my heart pumping like a complex problem to solve or a tricky piece of machinery to fix. But it’s not all gears and graphs!

You’ll also often find me fishing by the lake or experimenting with international recipes in the kitchen.

So if you’re someone who can appreciate the beauty of an intricately designed engine as well as the delicate balance of spices in a homemade curry, I would love to get to know you better.

Example #8

Hello! I am Susan. My years as a nurse might be behind me, but that caring instinct will never fade away.

These days, you can find me tending to my rose garden or lost in a romance novel.

Despite the age on my driver’s license, I’m still a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight.

Example #9

Hey! I’m Jack, an ex-pilot with a lifetime supply of fascinating stories from around the globe.

Now grounded, my adventures mostly involve tending to my quaint little farm and losing myself in historical documentaries.

So if you’re a woman with wanderlust in her heart but can appreciate the peacefulness of country living, maybe we can plot our next adventure together.

Example #10

Hello! I’m Donna. I’ve devoted most of my life to teaching young minds, but now that I’m retired, it’s time to focus on myself.

My two loves are travel and cooking, and nothing excites me more than trying out new cuisines from around the world.

My dream is to write a cookbook based on my travels, and I’m hoping to find someone interested in culinary adventure.

If you enjoy trying out exotic street food as much as you love a candle-lit dinner at an upscale restaurant, then we might just be the perfect recipe for each other.”

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Example #11

Hi there, I’m Tom! As a retired firefighter, I’ve spent my life rushing into danger to help others.

Now that I’ve traded my uniform for a fishing rod, I find peace in the quiet simplicity of nature. I love spending my days relaxing at my lake house, getting lost in mystery novels, or attempting a new grilling recipe.

I’m hoping to meet someone who values tranquility and isn’t afraid to reel in a big catch or solve the latest whodunit with me.”

Example #12

Hello, I’m Harry. After 40 years as a mechanic, the roar of an engine still makes my heart race.

But it’s not all work and no play – in my spare time, I play the guitar and enjoy fishing trips with my buddies.

I’m looking for someone who appreciates good music and the great outdoors. Maybe we could share a dance under the stars or reel in the catch of the day together.

Example #13

Hi there! I’m Catherine, a grandmother of six, who enjoys Sunday dinners full of laughter and homemade treats.

In my free time, you’ll find me knitting cozy scarves in winter, tending to my zinnias in summer, or baking cherry pies, a family favorite!

I am seeking someone who values family and finds joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Example #14

Hey there! I am Jane, an adventurous soul who believes life should be lived without regrets.

Since retiring from teaching, I have been filling my passport with stamps from different countries around the world.

My retirement is far from sedentary; I’m out exploring the world, experiencing new cultures, tasting exotic cuisines, and making memories.

If you’re someone who loves adventure and is ready to embark on a new journey, let’s explore together.

Example #15

Hello! My name is Matt! A retired detective who loves nothing more than losing himself in a captivating crime novel or cracking sudoku puzzles over freshly brewed coffee.

Despite shelving my detective badge, my mind continues to remain alert and sharp, always seeking the thrill of solving mysteries.

If you’re an intelligent woman with intriguing stories to share, we might just be a match.

Example #16

Hey! I’m Nancy, your typical retiree minus typical hobbies. Instead of knitting or gardening, you’ll find me exploring coral reefs while snorkeling or shaking legs at salsa dance classes.

I believe that age is just a number and zest for life is what truly matters. So if you’re an energetic man unafraid to try new things, we might make quite the pair.

Example #17

Hello there! I’m Paul, a nature-loving retiree who finds solace in bird-watching and hiking. My weekends are usually spent camping under the stars or pruning my bonsai collection back at home.

I love waking up to chirping birds and sipping coffee while watching the sunrise over the treetops.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with an appreciation for nature’s beauty and a love for greenery, I’d love to hear from you.”

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Example #18

Hey! I’m Rose, a retired chef who never lost her culinary touch. From kneading pasta dough to whisking egg whites for a perfect soufflé – I like to stay busy!

Looking for a food enthusiast who appreciates good food, rich flavors, and isn’t afraid to be my taste tester.

Example #19

Hi there! I’m Sam, an ex-military man who swapped the regimented life for the calm green golf course.

While discipline remains integral in my daily routines, nothing beats the serenity of chasing sunsets on manicured lawns.

If you’re someone who values order in life but also seeks pleasure in tranquility, we may have found each other.

Example #20

Greetings! It’s Jessica here, a retired journalist whose curiosity hasn’t lost its spark!

Whether it’s dissecting a news article, delving into a podcast on ancient civilizations, or getting engrossed in a murder mystery – my mind always stays active.

If you’re someone who loves to unravel world mysteries as much as they enjoy a stimulating discussion over evening tea, we might just click.

Example #21

Hello! My name’s Roger, a former commercial pilot still high on adrenaline.

Now that I’ve hung up my pilot’s hat, I seek thrills through skydiving and bungee jumping – nothing quite compares to the rush after a leap of faith!

If adventures stir your soul and you’re ready to join me on this exciting journey, let’s connect!

Example #22

Hi there! It’s Patricia here, an ex-ballet dancer who hasn’t hung up her dancing shoes.

While my performance stage has moved from large auditoriums to my home kitchen now, the grace remains intact.

If you appreciate the finesse of dance and have a sweet tooth for freshly baked cookies, we might be perfect for each other!

Example #23

Hello! I’m George; an ex-banker turned painter after retirement. From cityscapes to abstracts – I love bringing thoughts onto a canvas!

My life now revolves around colors and strokes and each painting tells a story of its own. And now, I am ready to paint a new picture called ‘Love’.

If art stirs your emotion and you believe in the power of colors just as I do, we might be the perfect match.

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