100+ Ways to Say NO to a Guy Who Wants to Sleep With You

Ever been in an awkward situation where a guy is hinting he wants to take things to the bedroom, and you’re just not feeling it?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us have been there.

Some guys may be totally cool with a polite ‘no thanks’, but others may kick up a fuss, even resorting to name-calling or, in extreme situations, stalking you.

Now, you might be doubting yourself: “Am I doing something wrong?” The answer is a big fat NO!

You’re not wrong for wanting to feel comfortable and safe. You’re not wrong for setting boundaries. You’re not wrong for saying no.

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And I’m here to tell you – you’re definitely not ‘The Bad Person’ for not wanting casual physical intimacy.

So how can you navigate this tricky conversation without feeling like you’re walking on eggshells?

Here is a long list of examples of saying no to a guy who wants to sleep with you:

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How to Say No to a Guy Who Wants to Sleep With You?

1. “Thanks for being upfront, but I’m just not into casual relationships.”

2. “Let’s just keep things as they are, okay?”

3. “I’m not really comfortable taking things to that level.”

4. “It’s really not you; it’s just that I’m not ready for that.”

5. “I think we’re better off as friends.”

6. “I’m not looking for anything physical right now.”

7. “I respect your feelings, but I can’t reciprocate them in the way you want me to.”

8. “Let’s slow down a bit, alright?”

9. “I value our relationship too much to risk it by sleeping with you.”

10. “You’re great, but I don’t want to mix friendship and intimacy.”

11. “I’m practicing celibacy at the moment.”

12. “We’re on different pages about what we want right now.”

13. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to blur the lines between us.”

14. “I’d hate to ruin our friendship by adding physical intimacy into the equation.”

15. “My personal beliefs prevent me from engaging in casual intimacy.”

16. “I don’t feel like we have the kind of connection I need for this step.”

17. “Our relationship isn’t at that level for me yet.”

18. “Physical intimacy is a big deal for me, and I’m not quite ready for that with you.”

19. “I feel like we’re not on the same page about this.”

20. “I value our friendship and don’t want to complicate things.”

21. “I think we should focus more on getting to know each other better.”

22. “I’m not ready to sleep with you.”

23. “I appreciate your feelings, but I don’t feel the same way.”

24. “I’m not interested in that kind of relationship right now.”

25. “I don’t want to rush into anything.”

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26. “I want to take things slow.”

27. “I don’t want us to be just about physical intimacy.”

28. “That’s not something I’m comfortable with.”

29. “I don’t think we’re emotionally ready for this.”

30. “I don’t want to risk hurting our relationship.”

31. “It’s not you; I just need more time for myself.”

32. “I don’t feel comfortable enough with you yet.”

33. “I’m not in the right mindset for that kind of relationship.”

34. “Let’s just keep our relationship platonic.”

35. “It’s important for me to stay abstinent right now.”

36. “I’d rather we didn’t cross that line.”

37. “I think it’s best if we stay friends.”

38. “You’re a great friend, and I don’t want to jeopardize that.”

39. “We have different expectations, and I need to respect mine.”

40. “Casual intimacy? That’s a no-go zone for me, sorry!”

41. “Just so we’re clear, I’m not up for that kind of relationship.”

42. “I just don’t feel that level of attraction.”

43. “I think it’s best if we don’t take things to that level.”

44. “I want to keep our relationship purely platonic.”

45. “The physical part isn’t something I’m ready for yet.”

46. “I think we should keep things friendly and light.”

47. “I don’t want to risk our friendship by crossing that line.”

48. “I’m not comfortable with that kind of intimacy right now.”

49. “I’m not ready to take that leap with you.”

50. “Physical intimacy isn’t something I’m comfortable discussing at this stage.”

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51. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to get physical.”

52. “I’m more comfortable keeping our relationship as it is.”

53. “Our chemistry works better on a friendship level.”

54. “Let’s focus on getting to know each other better instead of rushing into the bedroom.”

55. “Casual intimacy doesn’t align with my values.”

56. “I appreciate the honesty, but that’s not what I’m looking for.”

57. “You’re a great guy, but I’m just not ready for that step with you.”

58. “I’m flattered, but I don’t mix friendship with intimate relations.”

59. “Let’s keep things uncomplicated and maintain our friendship.”

60. “I’m really flattered, but I’m not ready for that.”

61. “Let’s focus on building our relationship first before we rush into this.”

62. “I like you, but I need more time before I can commit to something like this.”

63. “I believe in taking things slow.”

64. “I don’t think we’re ready to take our relationship to that level yet.”

65. “I am not comfortable with intimacy at this point in our relationship.”

66. “I want to take more time to build trust and understanding between us.”

67. “I prefer waiting until I am in love.”

68. “Let’s wait a little longer; I don’t want to rush things.”

69. “I value and respect myself, and I am not ready.”

70. “I want to make sure we’re both completely prepared for this step.”

71. “This is something really important for me – I believe in waiting until marriage.”

72. “I don’t want to sleep with anyone unless I’m in a committed relationship.”

73. “This is moving a little too fast for me, let’s slow down.”

74. “I’m not ready yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be.”

75. “I respect your feelings, but I need you to respect mine as well.”

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76. “For me, physical intimacy is tied to a deeper commitment which we don’t have yet.”

77. “Let’s wait until the time feels right for both of us.”

78. “Physical intimacy is a serious step I am not ready to take.”

79. “My body, my rules – and my rule is no until further notice.”

80. “I want our relationship progression to be natural, not forced.”

81. “Just because I say no now, doesn’t mean it will always be no.”

82. “If you respect me, you will wait until I am ready.”

83. “Good things come with time – let’s not rush into anything.”

84. “We can still enjoy each other’s company without getting physical.”

85. “I really appreciate your feelings, but I am not ready yet.”

86. “I’m saving that for a more committed relationship.”

87. “I believe in truly knowing someone before becoming intimate with them.”

88. “I’m not comfortable enough yet to take things to that level.”

89. “Let’s put our energy into getting to know each other better first.”

90. “I hope you respect my decision, but I’m not ready yet.”

91. “My values and beliefs don’t allow me to engage in such activities outside of marriage.”

92. “I promised myself I’d wait until I was in a committed relationship.”

93. “For me, being intimate means a serious commitment which I’m not ready for at the moment.”

94. “You’re great, but I just can’t make a leap that big right now.”

95. “Can we just cuddle and enjoy each other’s company instead?”

96. “I prefer knowing you inside out before jumping into the bed!”

97. “Let’s go on a few more dates and see where things lead naturally.”

98. “You’re very attractive, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to sleep with you.”

99. “I want to wait until we’re both sure about our feelings for each other.”

100. “Let’s keep things fun and casual for now, okay?”

101. “If we ever do decide to take this step, I’d like it to be when we’re both really ready.”

102. “That’s not really what I’m looking for right now.”

103. “I find you attractive, but sleeping together is not an option at the moment.”

104. “That’s not on my checklist right now.”

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