70 Best Sarcastic Replies When Someone Ignores You

We’ve all experienced it before, you message someone you care about like your boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend, and all you get back is silence!

So what is the best way to deal with this silence treatment?

One solution is to use humor and sarcasm when messaging someone who ignored or ghosted you.

Sarcasm can help us to show our frustration without coming across as too aggressive or desperate.

So if you’re looking for an effective way to respond to someone who has been ignoring you then continue reading because we will share with you a big list of sarcastic examples you can use.

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But first, let’s take a quick look at why people might be ignoring your texts in the first place.

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Why Do People Ignore Your Texts?

  • They are too busy to respond
  • They have no interest in talking to you
  • Their phone is off or the battery is low
  • They don’t have signal
  • They forgot to reply back to you
  • They don’t know what to say
  • They don’t want to reject you so instead they just ghost you

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What is the Best Sarcastic Reply When Someone Ignores You?

1. Wow, your response time has gotten even slower lately – impressive!

2. What an interesting way of showing interest by not replying back – so thoughtful!

3. Great, now my message will just sit here forever unanswered and unappreciated

4. Now at least I know what silent treatment means

5. Your silence speaks volumes about our friendship

6. Ignoring me is a great way to show how much you care. That’s sweet.

7. If I didn’t know any better, it would almost seem like you don’t want to talk!

8. Wow, thanks for that quick and informative response…not!

9. Just because my texts are apparently invisible doesn’t mean I am too… oh wait.. never mind…

10. Thanks for the enthusiastic reply – your silence is deafening!

11. Way to let me know by not responding at all

12. So I guess silence is the new way to say “Hi”?

13. Yup, ignoring me totally solves the problem!

14. Oh wow, your lack of response has really made this conversation so much better and meaningful – not at all awkward or anything…

15. Nothing says “I’m sorry” like complete silence

16. Lovely to see how quickly you respond with such enthusiasm

17. Ignoring me is the perfect solution to our problems

18. Oh how thoughtful of you – not responding and letting my imagination run wild!

19. How sweet – thank you for teaching me an invaluable lesson on the art of silence!

20. Aha, yes indeed – the age-old technique “silence speaks louder than words” – gotcha!

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21. I can tell you’re really busy and important by how quickly you respond to me

22. So happy that this conversation means nothing to you

23. That silence was very expressive – thanks for sharing your thoughts with me in such an eloquent manner!

24. I feel like if we keep ignoring each other long enough one day we’ll reach enlightenment or something equally magical!

25. What better way could there possibly be to show someone love than ignoring them completely?

26. Yay, my message was so important that it deserved absolutely no response whatsoever!

27. Thanks for taking a break from your busy schedule to ignore my message

28. Is there something wrong? No reply means everything’s okay right?

29. Nothing screams “I like and respect you” quite like ignoring someone who reaches out to start a conversation – you nailed it buddy!

30. Great strategy – staying silent when asked tough questions

31. Wow, what a great way not to answer questions – thanks for teaching me this valuable lesson in communication skills!

32. I’m flattered that out of all people, you chose ME to ignore today!

33. I guess my message was too good that you couldn’t help but not respond to it

34. It’s okay, no need for a response—I already know what you’re thinking anyways!

35. Guess it’s just me talking out loud then!

36. Just because you don’t answer my messages doesn’t mean I’m going away anytime soon

37. Oh, sorry for being annoying and expecting a response from someone who claims to be my friend – my mistake!

38. I didn’t realize silence was your preferred method of communication

39. No worries if you’re too cool or important for this conversation

40. You know what? Don’t worry about it – I’ll just ask someone else who cares enough to answer

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41. So sorry for trying to reach out and connect with you

42. That’s cool—I was only trying to talk anyway! No big deal

43. Apologies for disturbing your peace and quiet by wanting to talk to you

44. Ignoring me must be your way of saying “I love you”

45. Interesting approach to expressing your feelings for me

46. So much for our friendship

47. Oh, did the silence mean something? I’m so sorry for not understanding your subtle communication style!

48. Ah yes, leaving me on read – that’s how you show people how much they mean to you these days!

49. If ignoring someone is a sign of love then wow, it seems like you really love me a lot!

50. Nothing says friendship quite like no response at all

51. Is this some kind of new game we are playing?

52. Absolutely no problem at all – I love waiting around to hear from you

53. Well that solved everything – thanks for your input

54. I didn’t realize you lead such a busy life that responding to me isn’t worth your time!

55. You know what they say: If you ignore something long enough, it will just go away completely – right?

56. Great way for us both to stay connected by having conversations like these

57. Well that was an enlightening conversation we just had…

58. Ah yes, the power of silence is strong with this one…

59. You must be so busy and important for ignoring me like that — no wonder why everyone loves you!

60. Nothing like a little silence to make me feel important!

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61. I guess you just had more pressing matters than replying to my messages – like folding laundry or something?

62. Yeah sure, ignore me and pretend everything is normal

63. It’s nice of you to give me the silent treatment so we can both save time and energy!

64. Love getting ignored especially when there’s no explanation or anything!

65. Great communication skills there buddy

66. I got it loud and clear – you’re mad or something

67. Great, another conversation where I do all the talking!

68. I can’t tell if you are playing hard to get or just not interested at all

69. You have mastered this art of ignoring – it is quite impressive!

70. Thanks a lot for reminding me why I should never bother talking to you

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