75 Ways to Respond When a Guy Calls You Sweetheart

You’re hanging out with this guy you’ve known for quite some time. All of a sudden, he drops the “S” word – sweetheart. Out of nowhere, right?

You immediately feel your cheeks heating up, and your brain starts running a marathon. You start to question: Is he being extra friendly? Maybe he’s just teasing? Or is he flirting with you?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Sweetheart and Is It Flirting?

When a guy uses the word, sweetheart, it’s not necessarily a flashing neon sign that screams, “I’m flirting!”

Often, it can mean simple friendliness, like in the Southern regions of the United States where it’s quite commonly used.

Or he might just be someone who uses it as a nickname for all his female friends.

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However, if he’s never used this type of language with you before or if he seems to be calling you “sweetheart” a lot more often, it might be a sign that he’s flirting or has more-than-friends feelings.

In other words, context is key. Understanding how and when he uses the term can give you valuable insight into what he’s potentially feeling (or not feeling) toward you.

So keep an eye out and an ear open, because every conversation might hold the clues you need.

Now that we’ve discussed the possible meanings behind the term “sweetheart”, let’s take a look at how you can respond when a guy calls you that.

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How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Sweetheart?

1. Smile and say “Thank You!”

2. Playfully ask him if he has been hanging around with Grandma lately.

3. Call him a pet name too.

4. Ask him why he called you sweetheart.

5. Whisper back “I know.”

6. Just say nothing and see how he reacts.

7. Give him a high five.

8. Tell him “Not so fast, we just met!”

9. Suggest another nickname if you’d prefer not to be called “sweetheart.”

10. Jokingly say “Who? Me?”

11. Smile knowingly.

12. Say “That’s sweet, but my name is…”

13. Wink at him.

14. Just laugh it off.

15. Ask him if he uses that term for every girl.

16. Say “I like that.”

17. Casually change the topic.

18. Say “I prefer my real name.”

19. Use humor: “Are we in a 1940s movie?”

20. Simply acknowledge it with a nod.

21. Flirt back if you are interested too.

22. Say “Oh, aren’t you the romantic one!”

23. Ask him to call you by your first name if it makes you uncomfortable.

24. Blush and look away – the classic shy response.

25. Respond confidently: “Well, aren’t you charming!”

26. Respond with a friendly “That’s sweet of you!”

27. Humorously ask, “Have we suddenly turned into an elderly couple?”

28. Mimic it by calling him “Honey” or “Darling”.

29. Keep it cool and reply, “Oh, I’m flattered.”

30. Raise your eyebrow and say nothing – keep him guessing.

31. Give him a thumbs up.

32. Pretend to look behind and ask “Who, me?”

33. Politely say, “Thanks, but I’d prefer being called by my name.”

34. Say “Oh, that’s new!”

35. Tell him “That’s very gentlemanly of you.”

36. Playfully say “Do I look like candy to you?”

37. Answer with a playful “Well, aren’t you just a sweetheart yourself!”

38. Respond with a surprised “Oh, really?”

39. Ask him, “Sweetheart, huh? Is that your go-to nickname?”

40. Respond with a teasing “Is that the best you got?”

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41. Say “Well, this is unexpected…”

42. Reply with a cheeky “You sure about that?”

43. Respond with a joking “Trying to butter me up?”

44. Ask him, “Does this mean we’re dating now?”

45. Tell him, “That’s interesting. Do you call everyone sweetheart?”

46. Respond with a surprised and amused “Well… that’s original!”

47. Reply teasingly “I’m more of a firecracker than a sweetheart.”

48. Casually say “That’s a first. Do most girls respond well to that?”

49. Respond confidently: “Sweetheart? I can be, but I can also be a handful.”

50. Respond with a friendly “That’s fresh!”

51. Give him a surprised look and leave it at that.

52. Laugh it off with a “That’s hilarious!”

53. Respond with a raised eyebrow.

54. Play along and reply: “Why thank you, kind sir.”

55. Tease him a bit: “Oh? Trying to win me over?”

56. Say: “Keep going… I am listening.”

57. Jokingly ask “Aren’t we moving a bit fast?”

58. Wink and say “Don’t you know it?”

59. Playfully say, “I prefer ‘Goddess’ but that will do.”

60. Tell him: “I’ve been called worse.”

61. Jokingly say: “Do you call all girls you just met ‘sweetheart’?”

62. Smile and say: “I like your style.”

63. Tease him back with: “Well aren’t you a smooth talker?”

64. Play along and say: “Well, aren’t we getting cozy?”

65. Reply: “That’s cute, you think I’m sweet.”

66. Say with a teasing smile: “Well, this is getting interesting…”

67. Throw in some mystery with: “Hmm… and what makes you think that?”

68. Play dumb: “Wait what? Did you just call me sweetheart?”

69. Say with a playful grin: “Oh, so we’re using pet names now?”

70. Cheekily respond with: “Are you flirting with me?”

71. Flirt back with an: “Oh really? And what gave you that impression?”

72. Keep it light with: “Caught me off guard there, but I kind of like it.”

73. Say, smiling: “Finally! Someone who appreciates my sweetness.”

74. Turn the tables by asking: “Do I get to call you ‘honey’ then?”

75. Say with a flirty laugh: “I can see where this is going…”

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