105 Best Examples of Witty and Cute Bumble Openers

Tired of sending the same lame boring openers on Bumble that rarely get replies?

Finding it hard to come up with witty, funny, and cute conversation starters that actually get engaging conversations going?

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas to make a great first impression on Bumble (or Tinder), then this article is for you.

We’ll be exploring some of the best opening lines that will help you to improve your Bumble game and finally start getting more replies and dates.

Not only will these conversation starters help break the ice but they will also spice things up by making your matches open up more easily, laugh, or even blush!

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So if you’re at a loss for words and want to make sure your opener stands out from the rest of the competition, here are some examples to try today.

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Witty, Cute, and Funny First Messages to Send on Bumble (or Tinder)

1. Your eyes make me melt like an ice cream cone in summertime

2. Aside from being cute as heck, what else brings you here tonight?

3. How awesome would it be if we both ended up having an amazing time with each other tonight?

4. If I was a toaster, you’d be the only thing I would ever want to toast

5. Let’s pick up where Romeo and Juliet left off

6. Are you a campfire? Cause you are hot, and I want to be near you all night long.

7. My GPS says we’re soulmates can’t argue with science right?

8. Any luck with finding prince charming? Do you want to take matters into your own hands?

9. Let’s write that great love story we’ll tell our grandkids about someday

10. You must have fallen from heaven because what else could explain this angelic beauty?

11. How much does an elephant weigh? Enough for me to ask if we can grab dinner sometime!

12. Didn’t know angels were allowed down here on earth

13. Hey cutie, can I be in charge of making sure that your smile never fades away?

14. Did you just come out of the oven? Cause you’re looking hot!

15. Hi there handsome! Can I have your autograph to show our future grandkids?

16. Did someone order a tall glass of charming and witty with extra sass on top?

17. What do you say we go out and buy each other dinner tonight and see if sparks fly?

18. Care to join me for some star gazing later tonight? No strings attached

19. Hey, don’t be fooled by my profile photo cause I’m far more charming in real life!

20. Have we crossed paths before or is it Cupid at work here again?

21. Just looking at your profile mesmerized me

22. You have lovely curves and an even lovelier smile

23. You must be from the Caribbean because your smile is so tropical!

24. I’d love nothing more than to get lost in your embrace

25. On a scale from 1 to 10, how good are your cuddles?

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26. Did it hurt when god took away your wings and sent you down here?

27. Do you need some vitamin ME? Cause you are looking really deprived right now

28. Your eyes remind me of stars twinkling brightly on a summer night

29. Let’s not play hide & seek – you already found me so let’s just stick together!

30. Are we gonna add each other to the family tree?

31. If I had three wishes, one would certainly be to meet someone as awesome as you!

32. It’s hard not to imagine all of the passionate moments we could share together…

33. Should we order pizza and watch Netflix or do something more adventurous instead?

34. Coffee? Tea? And getting to know me?

35. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the chemistry between us?

36. Hi there, do you come here often or am I just lucky today?

37. If we were cats would you let me be the big spoon tonight?

38. Are we related to unicorns? Cause I can see a sparkle in those eyes of yours!

39. What do you say we go ahead and make history together tonight?

40. Are we related by any chance? Because otherwise, we’d make beautiful babies together!

41. I’ve been waiting for you as a thirsty plant waits for rain.

42. Can’t help but wonder what our first date would look like. Any ideas?

43. Are you an architect, because I find your structure fascinating!

44. Is it hot in here or is that just our connection?

45. Your profile photo is too cute not to say hello

46. Roses are red, violets are blue…I think we should get coffee and chat soon!

47. That dress looks amazing on you but I bet not as great as what lies underneath…

48. Your eyes are so deep that they remind me of the ocean

49. Is your heart as warm as a summer breeze or does it sting like an icy chill?

50. Being single is cool but being with you would be even better

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51. If I had three wishes from a genie, one would definitely be to find out what flavor are your lips

52. I must be a snowflake because you make me melt

53. You have the curves of an equation that even Newton couldn’t solve

54. Hey there cutie – couldn’t help but notice that smile so had to come to say hi!

55. I know this is cheesy but I’m already melting over your profile photo

56. Let’s skip the small talk and go straight to a dinner date!

57. Hey there, want to take things slow or should we just jump into a relationship now?

58. It seems like fate brought us together so why don’t we make that happen sooner rather than later?

59. I’m no knight in shining armor but I’ll do my best to sweep you off your feet

60. Cupid called – he said I need to message you!

61. I think we have something in common – both of us being single on here! Let’s change that.

62. Let’s shake the night up and get wild together!

63. I think we should explore each other more – over coffee of course!

64. Your pictures gave me butterflies, wonder what’s gonna happen when we meet in person

65. So much chemistry just radiating through this screen

66. I don’t mean to be forward but you seem like the perfect person I’ve been looking for

67. So what made the universe align perfectly for us two who live halfway across the world to meet online?

68. Name your favorite movie so we can watch it tonight after our date

69. Hi, I’m all about treating people right. Wanna be my next project?

70. I hope there’s more to you than just that perfect smile!

71. Are those dimples an indication of something sweet coming up later on tonight?

72. Hey, search no more – I’m here!

73. Do you like walks on the beach or do you prefer late-night talks by candlelight?

74. It feels so right seeing that gorgeous smile staring back at me from across this screen

75. Can’t help feeling like we should get to know each other better

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76. Hey there, I’m not sure if you know this but your eyes are an amazing shade of blue

77. I’d love nothing more than to share some secret fantasies with you

78. Let’s chat and see if our personalities match like peanut butter and jelly!

79. The sparkle in your eyes tells me that you’re just as excited to be here as I am.

80. If there was ever an award for cuteness, then you’d definitely win the first prize!

81. Is it hot in here or is it just me burning up after seeing your profile photo?

82. Let’s go on a date and make them all jealous of how great we look together!

83. Would love to know what kind of secrets lie behind those beautiful eyes!

84. Let’s take this conversation somewhere much more exciting than here

85. You know what would make this night perfect? If we could spend it together

86. Guess it wasn’t fate that brought us together here tonight, but I’m sure glad we crossed paths!

87. Based on your amazing profile photo, can I assume you have a great personality as well?

88. What do you say we break out of here and make some hot summer night memories together?

89. Can’t help myself but stare at that divine profile photo of yours!

90. Wow – you look like a wildflower growing in an enchanted garden!

91. It is freezing outside! Wanna stay warm with me?

92. Showing off those luscious curves while having sharp intellect as well – now that’s what I call a winning combo!

93. Damn, I’m in trouble – seeing your photos and reading your profile made me all hot and bothered

94. If it wasn’t so inappropriate, I’d love to pinch your cheeks!

95. Hi there sultry stranger – do tell more about yourself

96. I think something is missing in my life…maybe it’s you?

97. Have you been working out? You look alluringly divine!

98. I don’t know what’s cuter, your face or your smile

99. I’ve been searching for someone who’s just as sweet as you

100. Never seen a cuter smile than yours

101. You must have broken a lot of hearts with that stunning look and captivating smile

102. If I told you my thoughts about you are X-rated, what would you say?

103. You’re like a cupcake without icing – sweet, but incomplete until we meet

104. Your smile looks so inviting, can I have a closer look tonight?

105. Is that your wild side peeking through in your profile pic or is it just my imagination?

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