101 Examples of Best Compliments For a Girl on Her Photos

Most men struggle when it comes to giving compliments to attractive women online.

Writing unique compliments for girls on their photos is not always easy. You want to flatter and make her feel good without being too forward or creepy.

Most guys think that they shouldn’t compliment women on their looks. However, this is not entirely true. Women love to hear compliments from the guys they find attractive.

However, if she is not into you and your compliment is too intimate, she will likely label you as a creep. So anything similar to “This makes me hard”, “Can I do you?” or “Nice ass” will not work and might even get you blocked.

The second problem is that most guys send generic one-word compliments such as “Beautiful”, ”Pretty” or “Cute”.

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Girls don’t mind these compliments but they hear them all the time so you need something a little more creative if you want to grab her attention.

Here are 101 ways to compliment women’s photos on Instagram, Facebook, and online dating apps.

How to Compliment a Girl on Her Pictures?

  • You have a beautiful smile
  • I love your eyes
  • You have a very unique style
  • Love your hair. Is it your natural color?
  • You have a very cute smile
  • You look very friendly
  • You have a very sweet smile
  • You look very athletic. What do you do to stay in shape?
  • Your smile is so gorgeous
  • I like your smile
  • I like your outfit
  • You look amazing
  • Love the color of your eyes
  • You look so beautiful even without makeup
  • You look very classy

You: Looks like you like to travel a lot. Do you have any travel plans for this year?

Girl: Nothing solid but I am thinking about going to Bali! I have never been there before and I hear it is a really fun place. Do you travel a lot?

You: I do, I try to at least once a year. I really like going to Hawaii!

Girl: I have been there as well, it is beautiful!

  • Your outfit looks very trendy
  • Your photos look so refreshing
  • You look so happy
  • I like your positive vibes
  • You have beautiful hair
  • I like your hairstyle
  • I like your eyelashes
  • Your skin looks so smooth! What do you use to keep it so healthy?
  • You look so friendly
  • You look so down to earth
  • You have a very seductive stare
  • You look very adventurous
  • I like how your outfit matches your hair
  • I like your tattoos! Do they mean anything?
  • I like your necklace!

You: You are so fit! How do you stay in shape?

Girl: I try to work out every day!

You: That’s awesome. I want to do the same but I have trouble keeping myself motivated.

Girl: If you ever go to the gold gym downtown I can be your workout buddy! lol

You: That’s a great idea! What’s your number?

Girl: Here you go!

You: Awesome I will call you later

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  • I am so jealous of your photos
  • You look amazing in your outfit
  • Your outfit looks very elegant
  • I love your make-up! You look gorgeous
  • I am so jealous of your legs. How often do you work out?
  • You have impressive legs
  • You look so perfect in your white dress
  • You just made my day
  • Your face looks so charming
  • How do you stay so in shape?
  • I like the color of your nails
  • Your nails look so elegant
  • Where did you get your bracelet? It looks so cute
  • Love your long hair
  • You look amazing with a short/curly/straight hair

You: I like the color of your lipstick! It suits you!

Girl: Really? Thank you!

You: I am not sure why I feel like we met before lol

Girl: I don’t think so, what’s your name?

You: I’m Tom, did you go to UCLA by any chance?

Girl: I remember now! I think we had the same gym class last semester.

You: Oh yeah that’s right!

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  • You have a beautiful glow about yourself
  • Wow you look like a Barbie doll
  • OMG, why are you so pretty?
  • Love this dress on you
  • Love your swimsuit
  • Beautiful view and a beautiful girl
  • Damn girl
  • I need this now
  • My goodness
  • Body goals
  • Ahh so jealous
  • Love your beautiful smile
  • Such a pure smile
  • You look adorable
  • You always have a lovely smile

You: Beautiful face with an amazing perfect smile

Girl: Aww thanks!

You: You are so welcome! And, I love your new profile photo!

Girl: Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

You: So what’s the plan for the weekend?

Girl: I’m just going to have a relaxing day in!

You: Sounds amazing!

  • Looking good as always
  • Literally out of this world
  • Natural beauty
  • Look gorgeous in your sporty outfit
  • Your eyes are so pretty
  • Love your gaze
  • OMG…that face!
  • You look so fine in that outfit
  • This is too spicy
  • Your smile looks so flawless
  • Wow I was not ready for this
  • Pink and white colors really suit you
  • You’re a constant inspiration
  • I love this shot
  • This looks delicious
  • Love this color on you
  • You are out of this world

You: Your tan looks so good on you!

Girl: Thanks! I just got back from vacation!

You: Where did you go?

Girl: St. Croix!

You: I heard St. Croix is beautiful! I want to go there sometime.

Girl: It is! You should!

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  • Impossible to look any cuter than that
  • Wow look at you
  • Always perfect!
  • You are glowing
  • This top is so pretty on you
  • Such a flawless shot
  • This gives me goosebumps
  • Wow you have pretty eyelashes
  • You are the cutest ever
  • Your tan looks so good on you
  • This looks so comfy
  • How can someone be so adorable?
  • This is too much to handle
  • Such an angel!
  • This looks so lit
  • This made my morning
  • I can’t stop looking at this
  • My new screensaver
  • New background for my phone
  • Which exercise do you do? Love your abs

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