6 Real Reasons Why Married Women are Attracted to Other Men

Even happily married women sometimes get crushes on other men.

There is nothing wrong with having small crushes on attractive guys as long as it doesn’t get turned into a full-blown affair.

Before you can stop fantasizing about other men, it is important to understand the reasons why married women get attracted to other men.

Why a Married Woman Might be Attracted to Another Man?

1. Lack of Intimacy in Their Marriage

This is one of the main reasons why people cheat. If there is no intimacy between a wife and a husband, sooner or later one of them might start fantasizing about sleeping with someone else.

After a few years of marriage, some couples stop regularly sleeping with each other and this can negatively affect their marriage especially if one of the partners has a much stronger libido than the other.

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Even though some women might not admit that they are dissatisfied with their current intimate life, most of them think about it. This lack of communication can make a problem even worse.

Not being satisfied in bed can create resentment and if the opportunity presents a woman might consider sleeping with another guy especially if she knows that her husband will never find out.

When the affair begins it might be based purely on physical attraction and the woman might still be in love with her husband. However, as time passes she might start feeling less and less attracted to her husband and end up emotionally falling for another guy.

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2. Lack of Excitement or Passion in a Marriage

This is especially common in long-term marriages.

Initial excitement usually dies after a few years and the relationship becomes boring and predictable.

This can push some women to look for excitement somewhere else.

Some women equate the feeling of excitement in a relationship with love and when they stop feeling excited around their partner they might start questioning their marriage.

That’s when some women might start looking at other men to spice things up to feel the excitement and passion again.

3. Husband is Always Busy or Away

If a married woman gets really lonely and her husband is never around, she might be more open to chatting and flirting with other men.

This is especially common when other men start to give her attention and compliments that she never gets from her husband anymore. Feeling wanted again can be a very powerful emotion for someone in a long-term relationship.

If she spends her days alone and then she meets a new guy at work who starts to pay a lot of attention to her and makes her feel good in the same way her husband did when they first met, she might start questioning her marriage and might slowly become more comfortable with a new guy to the point where things become physical.

It is also much easier to give in to temptations when your husband is not around and you think that you can hide your affair.

That’s why cheating is so common in couples where the husband or a wife is always away because of their job.

4. She Doesn’t Love Her Husband Anymore

Sometimes people drift away from each other and after a few years of marriage, they might realize that there is no attraction anymore.

Many couples still stay together for numerous reasons. Some do it for the kid while others are afraid to start over or be judged by their friends and relatives.

Women in these loveless marriages often look at other men in their lives to satisfy their desire to be loved and wanted. That’s why they might fall for their coworkers, neighbors, or even gym instructors.

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5. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in Marriage

Some married people cheat for the fear of missing out. If a woman was married at a very young age and didn’t experience dating other people, later in life she might start wondering what it would be like to date someone else.

The same might happen if the woman got married because she got pregnant.

The fear that she will never find out how it feels to date someone else besides her husband can make her consider having an affair with other men.

This might start with her flirting and going to coffees with other men but later it often turns into something much more physical.

However, after they slept with other men most women stop the affair and continue living with their husbands.

6. She Likes the Chase

Some women just enjoy the chase and attention of men. These are usually the women that are very friendly and flirt with every guy they meet.

Some of them stay faithful to their partners while others are much more liberated and don’t believe in monogamy.

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What to Do If You are Married But Feel Attracted to Other Men?

First of all, it is important to understand that it is normal to feel attracted to other people even if you are married.

Getting married is similar to buying a house. Even though you love your house, you probably still look at other houses and sometimes even fantasize about what it would be to live in one of them.

As long as you don’t act on your crushes there is nothing to worry about. We are programmed to feel attracted to good-looking (often younger) people.

Don’t do anything about your attraction to other guys and it will pass.

However, if you start fantasizing more and more about it, it can eventually turn into an affair.

Instead of thinking about your crush, try to see if there is anything that might be missing from your marriage that makes you think about sleeping with other men. How is your physical intimacy? Do you still go out on dates together and do romantic things as you did when you first met?

Having clear communication with your husband and being able to discuss all the aspects of your relationship in a comfortable non-judgmental environment is the best way to keep your marriage happy and strong.

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