13 Things to Do When Your Man Compliments Another Woman in Front of You

You’re out with your boyfriend or husband, maybe shopping at a store, attending a party, or just enjoying a nice dinner.

You’re having a fantastic time, laughing and having fun when suddenly, he compliments another woman right in front of you.

He might say something like, “Wow, she has a stunning smile,” or “Her sense of style is really impressive.”

Or perhaps you’re sitting on the couch together scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, and he starts gushing about how gorgeous that one girl looks in her posts or how talented she is in her videos.

It stings, doesn’t it?

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A creeping feeling of jealousy might wash over you, and deep down, you may feel the urge to lash out in anger.

But before you let those feelings take control, take a deep breath and consider these alternative responses.

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What to Do When Your Man Compliments Another Woman in Front of You?

1. Take a moment to compose yourself

Before reacting, give yourself a few seconds to process what just happened. Acknowledge your feelings of jealousy or insecurity, but remind yourself that you have control over how you respond.

Taking this moment to compose yourself will help prevent an unnecessary argument and allow you to handle the situation with grace and maturity.

For example, count to ten in your head or take a few deep breaths before deciding on your response.

2. Consider his intentions

Think about your man’s intentions behind the compliment.

Was it innocent and unintentional? Or was it a blatant attempt to make you jealous?

Understanding his intentions can help guide your response and provide clarity on whether the issue warrants confrontation or simply letting it go.

For instance, ask him directly, “What made you want to compliment her?”.

3. Was it the first time?

Is this the first time your man has complimented another woman in front of you, or has it happened before?

If it’s a recurring issue, it might be worth addressing his behavior more seriously.

On the other hand, if it’s a one-time occurrence, perhaps giving him the benefit of the doubt is the best course of action.

Consider saying something like, “I’ve noticed you’ve complimented other women before. Why are you doing this right in front of me?”

4. Express how you feel

If the compliment upsets you, it’s essential to communicate this with your partner.

For example – “I felt hurt when you complimented that woman in front of me. It made me feel like I wasn’t enough for you.”

Clear communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship, and by articulating your feelings, you open the door to a constructive conversation.

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5. Understand that attraction is normal

It’s natural for people to find others attractive, even when in a committed relationship.

Feeling attracted to someone else doesn’t necessarily mean your man loves or values you any less.

Keep this in mind as you decide on how to respond.

You could say, “I understand that we all find other people attractive sometimes, but I’d appreciate it if we could be more mindful of how we express those thoughts.”

6. Discuss boundaries

If your man’s behavior crossed a line for you, it’s important to establish boundaries for future interactions.

Have a conversation about what behaviors are acceptable and which ones make you uncomfortable.

For example, say, “I feel uncomfortable when you compliment other women’s physical appearance in front of me. Can we agree not to do that anymore?”

Clear boundaries can prevent future misunderstandings and feelings of insecurity.

7. Offer a compliment yourself

To diffuse tension and show that you’re not jealous, consider giving a compliment as well.

For example, say, “You’re right; her dress is lovely,” or “That woman does have an amazing voice.”

8. Redirect the conversation

If the situation is making you uncomfortable, try steering the conversation towards a different topic.

This can help refocus both of your attentions and relieve any lingering tension or awkwardness.

For example, say, “Speaking of great style, have you seen the new collection at our favorite store?”

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9. Use humor to lighten the mood

Making a joke can help break the tension and remind both of you not to take things too seriously.

Laughter has a way of bringing people together and putting things into perspective.

For instance, you could say, “Well, maybe we should recruit her for our fashion makeover team!”.

10. Remind yourself of your worth

When faced with jealousy or insecurity, try to remember your value as a person and as a partner.

You are deserving of love and respect, so don’t let someone else’s beauty or talents make you feel any less worthy.

11. Practice self-compassion

Be kind to yourself during this emotional moment.

Remember that it’s normal to feel jealous or insecure, and you’re not alone in experiencing these emotions.

Try telling yourself, “It’s okay to feel this way, but I will choose to respond with love and understanding.”

12. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship

When faced with jealousy, try to remind yourself of the many wonderful qualities your partner has and the special moments you’ve shared.

Focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship can help ease feelings of insecurity.

13. Don’t compare yourself to others

Remember that every person is unique, and comparisons are ultimately unfair and unproductive.

Instead of dwelling on the qualities you perceive as lacking, focus on your strengths and what makes you special.

For example, remind yourself of your achievements, your kindness, or your intelligence.


It’s natural to feel a surge of jealousy or insecurity when your man compliments another woman in front of you.

However, by taking a step back, considering his intentions, and using one or more of the strategies we discussed today, you can navigate these emotions effectively and maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

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