101 Ways to Tell Someone You Want to Kiss Them Over Text

Do you want to text a guy or girl you like and tell them you want to kiss them but don’t know how to do it without sounding awkward or coming off as desperate?

Or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and just want to reignite the spark you two had when you first met?

Whatever your current dating situation, there are many romantic ways to tell someone you want to kiss them.

However, sending the “I want to kiss you” text out of the blue can cause some awkwardness especially if your crush thought you were just friends.

That’s why it is important to consider how well you know your crush. If you have been dating for a while, you have nothing to worry about.

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If you never kissed before, sending something like “You have no idea how badly I want to make out with you right now!” might not be the best idea.

Instead a flirty line like “If you keep looking at me like that, I just might have to kiss you!” will work much better.

Here are some other examples of text messages that you can use when you want to do some smooching with your crush.

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How to Tell Someone You Want to Kiss Them Over Text?

1. Nothing would make me happier right now than a kiss from you

2. All night I’ve wanted nothing more than the sweet sensation of your lips against mine!

3. Wanna know what I’m imagining? Me and my lips all over yours…

4. Can’t wait to have our lips reunited soon!

5. Just wanted to let you know that if we were together right now, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you – especially those lips!

6. If I come over, would you be up for a make-out session?

7. I can’t wait to give you the softest, sweetest kiss ever!

8. Can’t stop fantasizing about what it would be like to kiss you right now

9. Whenever we kiss, it gives me butterflies in my stomach! When can we do it again?

10. Let me know if you’re ever up for a spontaneous make-out session

11. If we were together right now, my lips wouldn’t leave yours for hours!

12. How about I take your breath away with a passionate kiss?

13. Feel like I’m ready to take our relationship to the next level starting with some french kissing

14. Can’t wait any longer to feel your lips!

15. I want to kiss you so badly, it’s almost unbearable

16. Wanna make things official between us by finally french kissing?

17. I’ve been dreaming of kissing you for so long. Can you please make my dreams come true tonight?

18. Just looking at you is making me want to kiss you!

19. My heart is pounding just thinking about getting close and kissing you!

20. Will you let me kiss those sweet, delicious lips of yours?

21. I can’t help it – all I want to do is kiss you!

22. Let’s make out like there’s no tomorrow!

23. Come over here so I can give you the kind of kiss you will never forget

24. If I had my way, I’d kiss you until the sun comes up!

25. Just wanted to let you know that I’m daydreaming of making out with you right now

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26. Just one look at your beautiful face and all I can think of is kissing it all over!

27. You have no idea how badly I want to taste your lips right now

28. You must have been sent from the heavens above because all I want to do is kiss your divine lips!

29. You’re looking sweet and delicious…can I kiss you?

30. Can’t wait until next time when our lips can finally meet again

31. The thought of tasting your lips has been driving me crazy lately

32. If I told you how much I wanted to kiss your lips right now, would you let me?

33. My lips have been daydreaming about yours, any chance of making that happen?

34. Let’s sneak off somewhere private where I can give you the kiss you deserve!

35. Just thinking about tasting your lips is driving me wild!

36. I’m feeling frisky right now and all I can think of is kissing you!

37. Come over here and let me show you what my lips can do!

38. How about a smooch session tonight?

39. Just the thought of tasting your lips makes me go crazy

40. I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the moment we met!

41. Every time we talk, all I can think about is what it would feel like to kiss you

42. I want to explore every inch of your perfect face with my lips!

43. You must have put something in my drink because all I can think about is making out with you!

44. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about how amazing it would feel if we kissed right now

45. All day I’ve been daydreaming of what it would be like to press my lips against yours!

46. You know how great it feels when we hug? Just imagine how much better it will feel when we finally kiss

47. You are driving me crazy! All I want right now is to feel your soft lips

48. Can’t stop thinking about how soft and sweet your lips feel when they touch mine

49. If only we were together right now, I would give you the most passionate kiss ever.

50. Just thinking about your tasty lips is making me melt inside!

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51. I’m having trouble thinking of anything else other than your soft lips on mine.

52. You’re so irresistible that I can’t help but think about kissing you.

53. When can we finally start making out?

54. Have you ever thought about what it might feel like if we kissed?

55. I’m craving your kisses right now!

56. When can I show you how talented my lips are?

57. Just give me one good reason why we shouldn’t make out tonight.

58. Let me know when you’re ready for me to give you the best kiss of your life!

59. Just one of your kisses could make my day infinitely better!

60. My thoughts keep going back to that moment when our lips last touched – it was amazing! Can we do it again?

61. Is now a good time for me to come over and shower you with kisses?

62. I’m imagining what it would feel like if we were kissing right now

63. I have this sudden urge to kiss you

64. There’s something about your lips that drives me wild!

65. The only thing better than talking to you is kissing you!

66. How can someone look so kissable?

67. I can’t stop thinking about your lips and how sweet they taste

68. Are you free later so we can explore a few of my favorite kissing spots?

69. If I could have just one wish right now, it would be to kiss those perfect lips of yours.

70. Let’s make tonight extra special with some passionate kissing!

71. I just wanted to let you know that my lips are missing you right now.

72. Are your lips ready for some action tonight?

73. I have the perfect plan for tonight. It involves me and you, and lots of cuddling and kissing!

74. Thinking about how soft your lips must feel against mine is driving me crazy…

75. If only I could reach through this phone and give you a big smooch!

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76. Stop being so irresistible or else I’ll just have to come over and kiss you right now!

77. Can’t wait until our next date when I can finally get my lips on you again

78. There’s something so special about the way you kiss me – I could do it all day!

79. The thought of touching your lips is giving me butterflies!

80. Just thinking of our last kiss makes me tingle with excitement all over again! When can we do it again?

81. Do you know what would make me really happy? A passionate kiss from you!

82. Are your lips as soft as they look? Can I find out the next time we meet?

83. I wish we were together right now so I could cover your face with kisses!

84. Is it too soon if I tell you that I want to make out with you?

85. Just one look into your eyes and all I can think about is kissing you

86. If I kissed you, would it be as magical as I imagine?

87. My lips are craving yours like a bee craves honey.

88. Your lips look too inviting for me not to kiss them!

89. Have I told you how much I wanted to kiss you last night?

90. What is the flavor of your lips? Can I find out the next time we meet?

91. Is it just me or have you been giving me signs all night that you wanted to kiss me?

92. Do you know how much I’d love to kiss you right now?

93. Let’s make a deal – if you come over here right now, I’ll give you the best kiss of your life!

94. All these thoughts of kissing you are driving me wild…

95. I bet your lips taste as sweet as honey – can I have a sample?

96. My lips have been longing for yours all day long

97. Would you like to meet up so I can kiss you?

98. Whenever we’re together, my heart starts beating faster because all I can think about is kissing you!

99. I bet a kiss from you would make my day so much better

100. Hey, do you mind if we skip all the flirting and get right to the kissing part?

101. Woooh, your lips should be illegal because they are so tempting!

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