How to Meet and Date European Girls?

There are a lot of single attractive European women. However, not all European women are the same.

There are many differences between women from different European countries.

For example, Western European girls tend to be better in English than Eastern European girls and this might affect how you communicate with them.

How open are European girls to dating and getting intimate with men will also vary greatly from country to country.

For example, Danish or Norwegian girls are more open to sleeping with a guy on the first date than Portuguese girls.

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You need to keep all this in mind when meeting and dating European girls to be successful.

How you meet European women will also depend on whether you are planning to meet European girls living in America or girls in Europe.

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What are the Differences Between European and American Girls?

Every girl is different but we can generalize some typical trends that you might see when comparing European and American girls.

In general, European girls are more traditional than American girls when it comes to dating. Here are some other differences to keep in mind.

Preferences in Men

Usually, European girls care more about man’s looks and style than American girls. In fact, some of the best clothing brands are based in Europe mainly because men have to dress well to get women.

Clothing Style

American women, in general, prefer to wear “shorter” outfits while Europeans usually wear something more classy. Also wearing heels is more common in Europe than in America.

One-Night Stands

Even though movies show Europeans as more liberated than Americans, one-night stand hook-up culture is more common in America than in Europe.

In general, it will be harder for you to meet women that are only looking for a one-night stand in Europe. However, there are exceptions like Scandinavian women.

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Physical Appearance

In general, women are fitter in Europe in comparison to America. Curvy body type is more popular in America.


Many American women are comfortable with dating a few guys at the same time until they find a boyfriend while European girls usually see one guy at a time.

In America asking a girl out on a date is not a big deal and some girls might agree to go out with you even if they are not fully interested in you.

For American women going on a date doesn’t mean that she has to agree to anything else except for hanging out while for European women it means that she is quite serious about the guy.

If you were seeing a girl a few times she expects that you are not hooking up with anyone else.

Because of different views on hookups, many European women will assume that you want a relationship as soon as you sleep or even kiss them.


American girls are more comfortable when it comes to talking to strangers than European girls.

However, if you have an accent it might be easier for you to start conversations with girls even if they usually don’t talk to random guys.

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How to Meet European Girls in America?

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The traditional way to meet European girls is to go to places where these girls hang out.

Some spots to check out are universities, English classes, or join social networks that European girls use. For example, is a very popular social network in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Learning a new language can also make it easier for you to socialize with European girls. This way you will have something in common.

The next option is to use online dating sites. Most big online dating sites will have European women that live in America. Some of those sites even allow you to search based on nationality.

And if you are not sure if the girl is European you can always ask. This can be a great conversation starter.

Social media sites like Instagram or even Facebook are great to meet European girls as well. Just by studying their profile, you can figure out where they are from.

Meeting European girls that already live in America is more convenient because you can actually meet them right away instead of waiting until you can travel to Europe.

This will also help you to avoid getting scammed.

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How to Meet European Girls in Europe?

Opening text to a younger woman

If you are studying or spending some time in Europe, you can use traditional ways to meet girls. The same way you meet American women in the US.

Being able to speak their language can help you but even if you don’t most European girls can understand basic English.

When you travel to a foreign country, you will likely notice that girls will find you more attractive because you will be more “exotic” for them even if you don’t have model looks.

This is especially true if you visit Eastern Europe or even Russia because there are fewer American tourists there.

One important skill that can help you to get even more women in Europe is being able to tell when a woman is checking you out.

Pay attention to women you meet on the street, store, or at work, and approach the ones that seem to be interested in you.

You can also use local European dating sites as well as Tinder and Bumble to meet girls around you.

If you end up getting serious with a girl, you need to be aware of her intentions.

Does she genuinely love you or is she just interested in your money or getting a green card?

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