What Do Guys Like to Hear in Bed? (50 Dirty & Romantic Examples)

So you want to spice things up in the bedroom but have no idea where to start?

Physical intimacy is an extremely important component of every relationship.

However, sometimes making love can become boring and predictable unless you change things up every once in a while.

Today we will take a look at how you can make your intimate life more steamy and exciting.

Things Guys Like to Hear in Bed

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Often women have a hard time figuring out what to say in the bedroom to spice things up without feeling awkward or cheesy.

The truth is that men are actually not so much different from women when it comes to physical intimacy and the easiest way to turn them on in bed is to be playful and open-minded.

What do you like to hear in bed? Think about the things you wish he would say to you.

Chances are if you enjoy the dirty talk, he probably likes it as well but is afraid to tell you.

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Examples of Romantic Things Guys Like to Hear in Bed

If you are trying to be more romantic in bed, simply telling your man how much you love him can be an easy way to reignite your connection.

But, if you want to take things up a notch and really show him how much he means to you, it might be worth telling him something more specific. 

Talk about his body, his eyes, his hair, and anything else that you find attractive.

Talk about how you love being with him and the way he makes you feel.

Be honest and open and tell him all the things that are on your mind when he is making love to you.

Talk about how you can’t believe you found someone so great and amazing.

  1. It feels like we‘re connected in a way that words can‘t describe
  2. Nothing compares to being close with you like this
  3. I could stay here with you forever if it was up to me
  4. Your voice alone sends shivers down my spine
  5. The way your eyes sparkle when we kiss drives me wild
  6. It always feels like magic when I kiss your lips
  7. I cant get enough of your kisses they drive me wilder than anything else ever could!
  8. Im so lucky to have found someone as amazing as you!
  9. Thinking about us being together like this makes me forget everything else
  10. You have no idea how amazing it feels to be with you here tonight
  11. You make my heart race faster than anything else before
  12. Your kisses are magical – they bring out emotions inside of me that nothing else can
  13. When we kiss, everything around me disappears
  14. There‘s something about being next to you that makes my life seem complete
  15. Whenever I hear your voice or look into your eyes, I just melt away
  16. You make me so happy, let me show you how much I love you
  17. There‘s no one else in the world who makes me feel this alive
  18. Every time your lips touch mine it feels like a dream come true
  19. I could stay here foreverjust being wrapped up in your arms!
  20. Lets take our time and savor every moment tonight!
  21. You make me feel so alive when we‘re together
  22. I could spend hours getting lost in your eyes
  23. Your kisses take my breath away
  24. When we touch like this, it‘s like nothing else exists
  25. Nothing has ever felt more right than being here next to you

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Examples of Dirty Things Guys Like to Hear in Bed

If you are looking to take a dirty approach, then you will need to spice up what you are going to say to your man.

Think about the things he does that drive you crazy.

Tell him how you like making love to him – it may seem simple, but it can do wonders.

You can also whisper things that you would like him to do to you.

This is a perfect time to share your intimate desires and wildest fantasies with him.

  1. Your body makes me weak with pleasure and desire

2. Let‘s try something new tonight

3. The way our bodies fit together perfectly is incredible

4. You have no idea how much I love your touch

5. Your body is pure perfection, especially when its pressed against mine

6. Let me show you just how much I love you with my lips

7. My body tingles all over when you look at me like this

8. Your skin is so soft and smooth, I can‘t get enough of it!

9. I cant get enough of the way you feel on my lips

10. When you touch me, I just want to melt into you completely and never let go

11. I love exploring all of your curves with my hands and lips

12. I just love exploring every inch of your body with mine

13. You have the softest skin – it feels like heaven!

14. Your scent drives me wild

15. Let yourself go just feel the pleasure!

16. You make my heart race when you whisper in my ear like that

17. Let‘s keep going until neither one of us can take it anymore

18. You‘re the only one who knows how to drive me wild

19. The way you move makes me go wild

20. Your touch feels so amazing, I can‘t get enough of it

21. I‘m completely yours right now – do whatever you wish

22. Show me what else you can do with those lips

23. It feels so good when you use your hands on me like that

24. Those little moans that you make are driving me insane

25. Feeling your muscles tense as we get closer sends shivers down my spine

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