14 Signs That a Guy Wants to Kiss You

If you want to find you whether the guy you are seeing wants to kiss you or not, there are a few signs that you need to pay attention to.

Some of them are pretty obvious like for example a guy pressing his body against you while standing next to you while others like dilated pupils are a little more subtle.

It might take some time to notice all these signs especially if you never kissed a guy before but with a little practice, you will have no problems figuring out when your guy crush is ready for a kiss.

Signs That He Wants to Kiss You

1. He’s Leaning In or Standing Close Enough to Kiss You

When the guy wants to kiss you he will usually lean in closer than appropriate in non-intimate situations.

The closer the guy gets to you the higher chances that he wants to kiss you.

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If he is sitting or standings so close to you that his body is touching yours, he is definitely looking for a kiss unless you move away which will tell him that you are not ready yet.

Our brains are really good at detecting when someone invades our intimate space so you will definitely notice if the guy is getting too close.

Sometimes men might lean in closer to see how you react before going for a kiss to avoid getting rejected.

If you want to kiss the guy, don’t move away, or even better lean in as well.

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2. He’s Touching Your Face

When a guy touches a woman’s face it is a strong indicator that he is physically attracted to her.

The face is a very sensitive area and most people avoid touching someone’s face unless they are intimately interested in that person.

If you are sitting or standing close to the guy and he reaches out to lightly touch your face, it is a pretty clear sign that he is thinking about making out with you.

3. He is Looking at the Area Between Your Mouth and Eyes

If the guy wants to kiss you, he will often look at your lips to check for any signals that you might be open for a kiss. He might already be imagining how it would feel to have your lips pressed against his but is scared to make a move.

The guy might also look at your lips to subconsciously tell you that he wants to kiss you so that you can decide whether to allow him or reject him by moving away.

4. He’s Getting Physical

If the guy is touching you more than it is acceptable in a non-intimate setting, it is another sign that he wants you physically.

You will notice him touching your arm, hand, shoulder, or even putting his arm around your waist.

5. He’s Sliding His Hand Around Your Waist

Men usually don’t touch a woman’s waist unless they are interested in her physically.

If you noticed that the guy you are seeing is becoming more physical and touches your waist it is a pretty strong sign that he wants to kiss you or even sleep with you.

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6. He’s Acting Playfully Around You

If the guy is acting more playfully or silly around you than he does around other people it is a sign that he likes you.

You may notice him trying to make goofy faces or telling your silly jokes even if he is usually a serious and reserved guy when not around you.

7. His Pupils Dilate

When people like someone their pupils usually dilate. This is caused by our bodies releasing a chemical called phenylethylamine when we are around someone we find physically attractive.

If you are talking to the guy and you notice that his pupils are larger than usual, it is a subtle but undeniable sign that he likes you.

8. He’s Touching His Neck or Face

Some guys get nervous when it comes to kissing a girl and they might touch their face or neck to calm themselves down.

9. He’s Telling You How Much He Loves Your Eyes

The guy who wants to kiss you will look a lot into your eyes to find the right moment.

While doing so he might compliment you on how beautiful your eyes are and how much he loves their color.

If the guy is very romantic, he may even compare them to the stars in the sky.

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10. He’s Telling You How Beautiful You Look

If the guy compliments you while standing close to you and keeping eye contact, it is another sign that he wants to kiss you.

11. He’s Inviting You to Move Closer to Him

If you notice that the guy is allowing you to enter his personal space or even encourages you, it is a sign that he likes you and wants to get more physical.

When you look at his eyes or lips he may try to lean in to see if you are ready for a kiss.

12. He’s Caressing Your Hair

The guys often play with a girl’s hair before going for a kiss.

If you notice that your date is tucking your hair behind your ears or running his fingers through your hair, don’t be surprised if he tries to go for a kiss next.

This is a very common romantic gesture that you likely saw in a lot of movies where the guy plays with a girl’s hair before going for a smooch.

13. He is Whispering Into Your Ears

If you are in a crowded place and the guy touches your ear with his lips while whispering to you, it is another pretty clear sign that he wants to get more physical.

14. Your Gut Tells You That He Wants to Kiss You

Lastly don’t ignore your gut feelings. Our subconscious mind is very effective at picking up subtle signals that we might otherwise miss.

If you think that the guy wants to kiss you but he is too shy to do it, help him out by moving closer and making him feel more comfortable with physical contact by hugging him or letting him hold your hand.

Lastly, if you feel brave you can always try to kiss him first either on the lips or on the cheek.

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