55 Ways to Ask for a Second Date Without Sounding Desperate

You just had a great first date with a guy or girl you met online and they seemed to be really interested in you.

Maybe you kissed them goodbye before dropping them home or they even hinted that they wanted you to come over.

Even if things didn’t go this well it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask them out again unless they made it clear that they don’t want to see you anymore.

So how can you ask for a second date without coming across as pushy or desperate and get a positive response?

First of all, you can mention that you would like to see them again by telling them how much fun you had or saying something along the lines of “I would love to do this again” at the end of your first date.

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Secondly, it’s important to give your date some time before asking them out again. Usually, a couple of days is more than enough.

When asking for a second date try not to come across as too cocky or needy. Stick with light messages like “Hey I’m free on Saturday night thought maybe we could grab dinner?”.

Short and playful messages usually work the best.

If things didn’t go that well on the first date, mention what made it enjoyable because meeting someone for the first time can often be a little awkward so don’t beat yourself down and focus on the positive.

Here are some actual examples you can use when asking someone for a second date.

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How to Ask for a Second Date Without Sounding Desperate (Over Text)?

1. Hey, I had fun tonight and wanted to see if you’d like to go out again sometime soon.

2. How about we try something different next time, like seeing a movie or an art exhibition?

3. What do you think about getting together for dinner and staying up late talking again sometime soon?

4. What would you say about meeting up again and having another adventure sometime this week?

5. How about we follow up our first date with some ice cream, or maybe even dinner next weekend?

6. Let’s get together again soon and continue the fun we had tonight!

7. We should meet up again soon, what do you think about going for dinner at White Spot on Saturday night?

8. Since we had such an amazing time today, why don’t we meet up again soon to explore more of the city together?

9. Would you be interested in going on another date with me so we can keep getting to know each other better?

10. What do you think about us getting together for a second date sometime soon?

11. Let’s plan something exciting for us this week! What do you think about going stargazing somewhere nearby?

12. It was great seeing your smile tonight! How about doing something fun again soon?

13. Why don’t we pick up where we left off and meet up again this weekend for more drinks?

14. How does dinner at Keg sound for next Thursday evening?

15. Would you like to meet up again and pick up where we left off tonight?

16. Let’s hang out again soon! There’s still so much more that I’d like to know about you!

17. I had a really enjoyable time tonight and would love to continue getting to know you better, would you be interested in going out again soon?

18. What are you doing this weekend? Maybe we could get together again if you’re free?

19. I was thinking about going on a short hike next week. Would you be up for that?

20. Hey, let’s make plans to get together again soon! What do you think about grabbing some ice cream tomorrow after work?

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21. I’d love to see you again! How about we meet up for dinner next week?

22. Would you be interested in meeting up again next week? Let me plan something fun!

23. Can I take you out on another date this weekend?

24. We should definitely do this again! Would you like to get together this weekend and go for a hike?

25. If you’re not doing anything this weekend, would you like to get together and hang out again?

26. What are you up to this weekend? Maybe we could do something fun together!

27. Thanks for tonight, it was really fun. Are you interested in a second date?

28. I’d love to plan another movie night with you soon if you’re free!

29. Want to go out on another adventure with me soon?

30. Can’t wait to see what other activities we can find in town! Wanna try bowling next week?

31. Have you ever been to a new Brazilian restaurant downtown?

32. Would you like to come over for dinner and a movie next time?

33. I’d love to have the chance to spend more time with you, do you have any ideas for something fun we can do?

34. What are you up for this weekend? How about going out dancing next week?

35. What do you say we check out the latest exhibit at the museum this Saturday afternoon?

36. If the weather is nice, let’s plan a picnic lunch in the park one day soon!

37. What about trying an art class together this Saturday morning and grabbing brunch afterward?

38. We should definitely try out that new seafood restaurant everybody’s talking about! Are you available sometime this week after work?

39. I really want to play mini golf again soon – any chance you’d join me for another round early next week?

40. Let’s hit up the beach on Sunday later in the afternoon, what do you say?

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41. How about a picnic in the park? I can bring some tasty snacks and drinks!

42. I have tickets for a Friday night music show, would you be interested in coming along with me?

43. I’ve been wanting to try out that new board game cafe. Wanna come along with me there later this week?

44. I’d love to get together and chat some more soon. Are you free for a coffee?

45. If you’re up for it, I would love to see a movie with you next weekend.

46. What do you think about grabbing some drinks and catching up at the end of the week?

47. Do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming weekend? If not, let’s make one together!

48. We should make more memories together! How about going on another date soon?

49. The evening flew by too quickly! Can we please do this all over again sometime soon?

50. So when will I get to see your smiling face again?

51. Maybe we could check out that new exhibit at the museum next weekend?

52. We should go to that comedy show you were telling me about!

53. How about getting dinner at my favorite spot on Friday night?

54. Do you want to try out that new sushi place this week?

55. What do you say we meet up for lunch toward the end of the week and see where things lead from there?

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