80 Ways to Ask “What are We?” Over Text

Do you feel like it is time to have the “what are we” talk with a guy or girl you are seeing but are unsure how to approach this conversation without making things awkward?

In most cases being honest and upfront is the best policy because waiting for too long will only make things worse.

Obviously, you want to wait until your partner is ready but if you were seeing each other for more than a month it might be time to have a conversation to make sure you are both on the same page regarding where things are going.

You don’t want want to end up in a situation where you are seeing a guy or girl and think that you are exclusive when they think that you are just friends with benefits.

In the same way, you also don’t want to be in a situation where you are just casually seeing someone while they tell everyone that you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

To give you some ideas on how you can start the “what are we” talk, we will share with you some examples you can use to clarify your relationship status.

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How to Clarify Your Relationship Status?

1. Do you see us as a couple or just two people who like to hang out together?

2. Are we exclusive or are you seeing other people?

3. Are we officially a thing or just friends?

4. Are we still in the “getting to know you” stage?

5. What are we in terms of commitment?

6. Are we exclusive or still exploring other options?

7. Are we heading towards something serious or staying casual?

8. Are we just fooling around or is there something serious here?

9. Are we on the same page about what’s going on between us?

10. Are we dating or is this something else?

11. Do you think there’s potential for us to become a real couple?

12. Should I consider you my boyfriend or are we just friends with benefits?

13. Do you want to take things to the next level?

14. What kind of relationship do you want us to have?

15. Should I start introducing you as my boyfriend?

16. What do you want our relationship to be like?

17. Are we going to get serious or just keep it casual?

18. Have you decided what kind of relationship you want?

19. Are you looking for commitment or are you okay with things being undefined for now?

20. Do you want to take things slow and get to know each other better or do you want to dive right into a full-on relationship?

21. Do you think our connection is more than friends with benefits or should I not expect anything more from it?

22. What should I call you – friend, love, sweetheart?

23. Where would you like our relationship to go from here?

24. How do you feel about us and where do you see this going?

25. Are we officially together, or are we still taking things slow for now?

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26. Are we friends who occasionally hook up or is this something more serious than that?

27. Do you consider us a couple?

28. Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?

29. How would you define our relationship?

30. On a scale from 1-10, how serious is our relationship?

31. Is this something more than a fling?

32. How do you feel about us?

33. Do you want this to be a real relationship or are you not ready yet?

34. Are we on the same page when it comes to our relationship expectations?

35. Are we both clear about where we stand with each other?

36. What are your thoughts on us being an official couple?

37. Am I your girl or are we just talking?

38. Is this something that’s going to last or are we just having fun together?

39. Are we exclusive or do you want to keep things open?

40. Is this a friends with benefits kind of thing or do you want something more serious?

41. Are we at the point where we are officially together?

42. Should I stop meeting other people now that we’re seeing each other?

43. Are we boyfriend and girlfriend or are we just good friends who hang out a lot?

44. Does this mean that we are officially a couple now?

45. Do you see me as your girlfriend or is it a bit too soon?

46. Do you have any plans to make our relationship more serious?

47. What kind of relationship are you looking for with me?

48. Are we in a committed relationship or are you still keeping your options open?

49. Should I expect us to be exclusive or are you still dating other people?

50. Is our relationship heading toward something serious or do you want to keep things casual for now?

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51. What exactly are we to each other?

52. Are we exclusive or just having fun?

53. Are we heading towards a committed relationship or is this just fun and games?

54. Are you ready to put a title on our relationship?

55. Does this mean that we’re officially together?

56. Can I start calling you my boyfriend?

57. What level of commitment are we at?

58. Is this just a fling or can it turn into something serious?

59. Are we serious enough now that I can tell people we’re dating?

60. Are you ready to define what our relationship is?

61. Are we in a monogamous relationship?

62. Would you like to be in a committed relationship with me?

63. Are we just hanging out or are you interested in something more serious?

64. Should I assume we’re dating exclusively?

65. Do you want to make this an official relationship?

66. Is it time for us to talk about labels for this relationship?

67. What are we, exactly?

68. If a friend asked about us, what would you say?

69. Can I call you my significant other?

70. Do you think of me as your partner or just as a good friend?

71. Are we exclusive or still playing the field?

72. Do you consider us to be in a committed relationship?

73. Do you think of us as a couple now?

74. Do you see us having a future together?

75. Are you in this for the long haul?

76. Are we exclusive or do you want to keep things open?

77. What are we to each other?

78. Is it time to make this thing between us official?

79. Do you want us to be exclusive?

80. Are we just friends that kiss or something more?

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