How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone?

Have you or someone you know ever been ghosted? It’s pretty rough, isn’t it? If you’re scratching your head thinking, “What’s ghosting?”, it’s when someone you’re talking to just stops responding.

One moment you’re sharing jokes, making plans, or simply having deep conversations, and the next? Deafening silence.

No replies, no explanations, no closure. It’s as if they dropped off the face of the Earth.

While it’s easy to feel hurt or confused when this happens, have you ever thought about why someone might do this?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons someone might ghost and how they might feel after doing it.

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How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone?

1. The Overthinker

Alright, so you know people who tend to overanalyze? The ones who worry over every little word or detail?

Some people might ghost because they’re trapped in this overthinking loop. After deciding to ghost, they could be kicking themselves, cycling through the conversations, and drowning in “what ifs”.

Every unread notification, every unchecked message becomes a nagging reminder of the bridge they might have burned.

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2. The Peacekeeper

No one likes confrontation, but some people really go out of their way to avoid it. For them, the mere hint of tension or disagreement is a massive red flag.

Instead of addressing the elephant in the room, they’d rather tiptoe around it, even if it means ghosting someone.

This avoidance might offer temporary relief, but over time, that unease bubbles up. They know deep down they’ve left things unresolved, and it eats at them.

3. The One Carrying a Heavy Heart

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes, when going through personal turmoil, be it mental health issues, family problems, or work stress, people pull back.

They don’t want to burden others with their baggage. Ghosting seems like the kinder option. But the aftermath is complicated.

They constantly wrestle with wanting to reach out, explain, and apologize, but fear of judgment or misunderstanding holds them back.

4. The One Wanting a Fresh Start

Change can be refreshing. Occasionally, someone might feel the urge to reboot their life, thinking that cutting ties is the way to do it.

Post-ghosting, they enjoy the newfound freedom but can’t shake off memories of your fun times, secrets, and moments. They question their decision, wondering if letting go was truly for the best.

5. The Busy Bee

Life’s treadmill can sometimes move too fast. Between juggling work, family, hobbies, and social commitments, replying to a message might keep getting pushed down the list.

They promise themselves, “I’ll get to it during the weekend.” But as the weekends fly by, the guilt of not replying on time makes them more and more anxious.

6. The One Who’s Just Confused

Emotions aren’t always black and white. Sometimes, they’re a messy, colorful mix. Some ghosters might be confused about how they feel.

They need time and space to figure things out. While they’re debating on what to do next, the other person is left hanging in uncertainty.

When clarity finally arrives, the ghoster often wishes they had been more transparent from the start.

7. The Fearful Predictor

There are people who, in trying to prevent future heartbreak or disappointment, might sabotage a relationship even before it truly begins.

They could think they’re seeing signs of things going awry, even if they might not actually be there.

Maybe past traumas or experiences feed this fear. So, they decide to ghost, believing they’re saving both themselves and the other person from future pain.

After the act, though, they’re left constantly wondering if they jumped the gun, questioning whether their “prediction” was just paranoia in disguise.

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8. The Overwhelmed Multi-Tasker

Imagine someone balancing multiple relationships at once. It could be someone new to online dating, trying to chat with multiple matches.

As they juggle these interactions, a few can fall through the cracks. They might not initially notice, but when they do, the realization can hit hard.

9. The Identity Seeker

Some people are in the midst of a personal journey, seeking to understand themselves better – be it their identity or life goals.

Engaging deeply with others during this phase might feel complicated. They could fear being misunderstood or, worse, misunderstanding their own feelings.

So, they choose to step back, to ghost, giving themselves space. However, the silence often amplifies their internal struggles, making them wonder if isolation was the right choice.

10. The External Pressure Pleaser

External pressures, especially from friends or family, can play a significant role in someone’s decision to ghost.

Imagine someone whose family or friends disapprove of a relationship due to cultural, religious, or personal biases.

Succumbing to this pressure, they might decide to sever ties without explanation. The aftermath is a cocktail of relief from averting family conflict and personal regret for not standing their ground.

11. The Change Avoider

Change isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. As relationships evolve, the dynamics might shift, and for someone resistant to change, this can be scary.

Rather than adapting or communicating their fears, they might ghost to return to their comfort zone.

However, the quiet moments make them wonder if they let go of a chance at genuine happiness.

12. The Perfectionist

For those who aim for perfection in everything they do, any perceived slight mistake or misstep in a relationship can feel amplified.

Believing they’ve somehow ruined things, they might decide to ghost before things “get worse.”

In the aftermath, they often go back and forth between justifying their actions and regretting not giving things another shot.

13. The Comparer

Drawing constant comparisons with others can cloud judgment. Someone always looking at others’ relationships might feel theirs pales in comparison.

Feeling inadequate, they might ghost, thinking the other person deserves better. Yet, later, they often wonder if comparison stole their chance at meeting their true soulmate.

14. The Gossip

Gossip and rumors can be destructive. Someone who hears negative things about a person they’re connecting with might decide to ghost, driven by the chatter.

But as the silence continues, they’re left pondering if they let others dictate their actions and rob them of forming their own judgments.

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15. The Emotional Overload

When emotions run too high, some people might feel overwhelmed. This could be intense affection, anger, or anything in between.

Feeling unequipped to handle these emotions, they might resort to ghosting. Later, they grapple with the rawness of these feelings, wondering if retreating was the best response.

16. The Distancer

Some men and women have a habitual pattern of distancing themselves when they feel someone getting too close. It’s a reflex, a defensive mechanism to maintain autonomy.

After ghosting, they’re often conflicted, valuing their space but missing the warmth of close connections.

17. The Shadowed Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can make someone feel unworthy of love or friendship. They might ghost because they believe the other person will eventually see their “flaws” and leave.

By ghosting, they think they’re taking control of the inevitable. Yet, the aftermath is a cycle of self-blame and longing for connection.

18. The Avoidant Attachment

Drawing from attachment theory, some people have an avoidant attachment style.

They equate intimacy with a loss of independence and often sabotage their relationships. Ghosting becomes their go-to escape strategy.

In quieter moments, though, they often regret not replying back.

19. The Poor Communicator

Not everyone has good communication skills. Someone might feel something’s off but doesn’t know how to voice their concerns.

They choose ghosting as the path of least resistance. However, the subsequent silence amplifies their thoughts, making them wish they’d tried expressing themselves.

20. The Mirage Chaser

There are those always in pursuit of the “next best thing,” believing there’s something better just around the corner. They might ghost you in this relentless chase.

But every so often, in the stillness of the night, they ponder if their chase is just a mirage and if they’ve left something real in the dust.

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