50+ Ways to Answer What is Your Type of Guy

Ever been put on the spot with the seemingly simple question, “What is your type of guy?” only to find yourself tumbling down a rabbit hole of confusion and self-doubt?

There you are, chatting up someone you’ve got a bit of a crush on, and boom, they hit you with this question.

Is this a test? Should I describe them, or will that come off as too forward? What if my ‘type’ doesn’t match up with their perception of themselves?

Suddenly, what seemed like a casual conversation feels like a pop quiz you’re unprepared for.

You want to sound cool and collected, but also genuine. You worry that being too specific might box you in, or worse, make them think they don’t stand a chance. On the flip side, being too vague could come off as disinterest.

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How to Answer What is Your Type of Guy?

The Mysterious Answer

“Why don’t we go out sometime, and you can try to figure that out?”

The Compliment

“Someone who makes me smile just by thinking about them—kinda like you’re doing right now.”

The Sassy Response

“My type? Well, not someone who asks too many questions.”

The Adventurer

“Someone who’s up for a midnight Taco Bell run without any notice.”

The Romantic

“Someone who believes in candlelit dinners and walks under the stars.”

The Straight Shooter

“Honestly? Someone kind, genuine, and with a bit of a wild side.”

The Netflix & Chill

“Someone who agrees that choosing a Netflix show is the biggest commitment we can make to each other.”

The Music Lover

“Someone who appreciates vinyl records and live concerts as much as silence.”

The Fitness Fanatic

“Someone who understands why I wake up at 5 AM for a workout and doesn’t judge me for it.”

The Intellectual

“Someone who enjoys deep conversations about the universe or the meaning of life over coffee.”

The Travel Enthusiast

“Someone whose passport has more stamps than mine—or wants to help me fill mine up.”

The Hopeless Romantic

“Someone who doesn’t think holding hands and library dates are too old-fashioned.”

The Social Butterfly

“Someone who can enjoy a quiet night in as much as they do a wild night out.”

The Charismatic Guy

“Someone who can keep me guessing but also feels like home.”

The Stylish One

“Someone who gets that fashion is both an art form and a form of expression.”

The Old-Soul

“Someone who appreciates vinyl over Spotify and handwritten notes over texts.”

The Philanthropist

“Someone whose heart is as big as their dreams, always ready to make the world better.”

The Optimist

“Someone who sees the glass half full and can always make me see it that way too.”

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Flirty Responses to What’s Your Type

1. “Oh, just someone who can make me laugh and order the right pizza toppings without asking.”

2. “I have a soft spot for guys who ask intriguing questions.”

3. “You know, the kind who’s currently asking me about my type.”

4. “A mix between a dreamer, a rebel without a cause, and a hopeless romantic. Do any of those ring a bell?”

5. “I usually go for two types: good-looking or hilarious. Lucky for you, it seems like I won’t have to choose this time.”

6. “The kind who isn’t afraid to text first… or ask intriguing questions like this one.”

7. “Someone who knows their wine… or is willing to let me pick every time.”

8. “Well, I’ve always had a thing for [insert their trait—eye color, hair color]… so I guess today’s my lucky day.”

9. “A partner in crime who’s ready for last-minute adventures and bad decisions.”

10. “You’re asking as if you aren’t already ticking all the checkboxes.”

11. “I like someone who’s not afraid to ask bold questions… So far, so good.”

12. “People who bring coffee and good conversation to the table.”

13. “I’m pretty versatile, but having a great smile and an even better sense of humor is a solid start.”

14. “Typically? Someone tall, dark, and handsome. But I’m willing to make exceptions for exceptional people.”

15. “My type is someone confident enough not to worry about types.”

16. “Let’s just say you’re not too far off the mark.”

17. “My type? Think Prince Charming but more street-smart and less horse-riding.”

18. “Someone brave enough to tackle my shopping addiction or Netflix binge-watching marathons.”

19. “Someone who appreciates my quirks more than they’re baffled by them.”

20. “A sharp mind, a kind heart, and an endless supply of jokes.”

21. “Anyone who can say ‘I got this’ and takes over the kitchen when I disastrously fail at cooking dinner.”

22. “Is it too cliché to say I fall for the ones that make me feel like I’m in a romantic comedy?”

23. “Mysterious with a touch of openness—like books waiting to be read.”

24. “Someone who thinks ‘dinner under the stars’ is a perfectly reasonable Wednesday night activity.”

25. “When it comes down to it? Someone who makes me feel like I’m home.”

26. “A blend of Ryan Reynolds’s humor, Chris Hemsworth’s charm, and your personality.”

27. “Just someone ready to grab life by the horns…or at least help me plan our next vacation.”

28. “They say opposites attract – so someone completely different but exactly the same as me.”

29. “Anyone passionate about something—be it music, books, gaming… or getting to know me.”

30. “You tell me yours first, and I’ll tell you if we’re compatible.”

31. “Someone who can spot the difference between my ‘fine’ and my ‘I’m actually fine.'”

32. “Oh, just a person who appreciates a good book and a great adventure, possibly at the same time.”

33. “A mix of a morning person who can turn me into one, or at least make mornings look damn good.”

34. “The kind who can respect my coffee addiction and maybe share in it too.”

35. “Someone passionate about their dreams but finds time to be my dream come true.”

36. “A rare blend of patience, spontaneity, and an unbeatable sense of humor.”

37. “An expert navigator of both Google Maps and my mood swings.”

38. “The kind who’s as comfortable in a fancy dress/suit as they are in pajamas on the couch next to me.”

39. “Someone willing to share their fries with me…and their thoughts, dreams, and fears.”

40. “A partner in crime for late-night snack raids and early morning walks.”

41. “A balance of someone who makes me want to be better and loves me just as I am.”

42. “Someone whose idea of a workout includes dancing around the living room with me.”

43. “Someone with a heart big enough to love me on my good days and even bigger on my bad ones.”

44. “Someone who finds joy in small moments, from a shared glance to a fleeting sunset.”

45. “A magician who can transform a bad day with a hug or a well-timed cup of tea.”

46. “The guy who doesn’t just hear but listens, doesn’t just look but sees me.”

47. “Someone ambitious about their goals but finds happiness in our little victories together.”

48. “Just someone who understands that sometimes I need space, but never too far away.”

49. “The perfect mix of sensitive and strong; someone I can lean on but isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.”

50. “The guy who considers building IKEA furniture together not a chore but an adventure.”

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