65 Texts to Send a Guy Who Has Gone Quiet

Imagine texting back and forth with a guy you really like, only for him to suddenly go radio silent on you.

This can leave you confused and wondering if you did something wrong or if he’s just too busy to respond.

The first few days of not getting messages from him can be especially agonizing.

You might find yourself checking your phone every few minutes, hoping for a reply or an explanation for his sudden disappearance.

Your mood might swing from disappointment to anger, and you may even start to question your own self-worth.

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It’s a situation nobody wants to find themselves in, but it’s a harsh reality in the world of modern dating.

Why Some Men Go Quiet After Texting You?

Fear of Commitment

Some men might become distant when they start feeling like things are getting too serious too quickly.

They may need some time to figure out whether they’re ready to take the relationship to the next level or not.

Busy Schedule

It’s possible that the guy is simply swamped with work, school, or other commitments.

While it’s not an excuse for his lack of communication, it could help explain why he’s not as responsive as he used to be.

Loss of interest

Unfortunately, it’s also possible that the guy has simply lost interest in you.

This could be because he met someone new or realized that you’re not as compatible as he initially thought.

Regardless of the reason behind his silence, it’s important to remember that you deserve clear and open communication from anyone you’re dating.

If a guy suddenly goes quiet, it’s natural to feel hurt and confused, but it’s crucial not to let his actions define your self-worth.

So let’s take a look at some text examples you can use when a guy goes silent on you.

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What to Text a Guy Who Has Gone Quiet (Ghosted You)?

1. Just checking in to see how you’re doing. I hope everything is going well for you.

2. Did you get kidnapped by aliens? It’s been a while since we last talked!

3. Hey, I know life can get hectic sometimes, so I understand if you’re busy. Just wanted to say I’m here when you’re ready to chat.

4. Are you training for a marathon or something? You’ve been running through my mind non-stop!

5. Missing our conversations, hope to hear from you soon!

6. How’s your week going? Need any moral support?

7. I was wondering if we could pick up where we left off.

8. Did I say something wrong? If so, I apologize and would love to talk it out.

9. Hey, just wanted to say that I’m thinking of you and hope all is well.

10. I hope everything is okay on your end. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here.

11. Just saw something that reminded me of you and couldn’t help but smile.

12. Is there something going on that’s been keeping you busy? If so, I hope it all works out!

13. I had a dream about you last night! Want to know what happened?

14. Are you playing hide and seek? Because you’re doing a great job at hiding!

15. It looks like we’ve hit a rough patch in our texting game. Let’s get back on track!

16. Have you been busy saving the world? Haven’t heard from you lately!

17. I hope you are silent because you’re too busy having fun and not because something is wrong.

18. I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I wanted to send some positive vibes your way.

19. Are you practicing your ninja skills? Because you’ve mastered the art of disappearing!

20. Just wanted to let you know that I missed you.

21. Is everything okay? I’m here if you need to talk.

22. Are you still interested in getting together? Let me know, no hard feelings either way.

23. Just checking in to see how your day is going.

24. Sometimes people drift apart, and that’s okay. I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed the time we spent talking.

25. I feel like we had a good connection, but if you’re not feeling it anymore, please let me know.

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26. You’re quite the mystery these days! Hope all is well with you.

27. Just wanted to send some good vibes your way and let you know that someone is thinking of you.

28. Are we playing a game of “who can stay silent the longest”? If so, I think you’re winning!

29. I hope we can reconnect soon – I really enjoyed our conversations.

30. No pressure to respond, but I wanted to let you know that I’m here if you want to chat.

31. It’s been a while since we last talked, and I wanted to say that I hope you’re doing well.

32. Are you still interested in pursuing things with me? If not, please let me know so we can both move forward.

33. Just sending a friendly hello and hoping to hear from you soon!

34. Hey there! How have you been? It’s been a while since we last chatted.

35. Is everything okay? I noticed you’ve been quiet lately.

36. I hope everything is good on your end. I’m here if you want to talk.

37. You’ve been on my mind. Just checking in to see how you’re doing.

38. Life can get busy, but I’d love to hear from you when you have a moment.

39. Do you like surprises? Because I’ve got one for you if you text back!

40. If you’ve been abducted by aliens, blink twice and send me an emoji.

41. I know things might not have clicked, but I’d appreciate some closure if you’re not feeling it anymore.

42. Hey stranger! Let’s catch up soon.

43. Let me know if you’re still up for that coffee date we talked about.

44. If this were a game of hide and seek, you’d be winning! Where have you been hiding?

45. I understand if things have changed, but I’d love to know where we stand.

46. If you’re not feeling the spark anymore, it’s okay to let me know.

47. Our last conversation left me hanging, what happened?

48. It’s been a while since we talked, but I hope you’re doing well.

49. In case you needed a sign to reach out, this is it!

50. Do you need some space? Let me know if you’d like me to give you some time.

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51. Are you okay? I’ve been worried since I haven’t heard from you.

52. I hope you haven’t forgotten about our amazing conversation.

53. I thought we had a great connection, but if you feel differently, that’s okay.

54. You must be really good at playing hard to get!

55. Just sending a friendly reminder that I’m still here and would love to hear from you.

56. If you’ve been busy lately, don’t worry I understand and look forward to hearing from you when things calm down.

57. Our text thread has been a little lonely lately. Want to liven it up?

58. Silence can be golden, but it’s also nice to hear from someone you care about.

59. Just because we haven’t talked in a while doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you!

60. I hope this message finds its way to your inbox and into your thoughts.

61. Are you still there? Or did my last text make you disappear?

62. Hey there! I noticed things have been a little quiet between us lately. Just checking in to see if everything is okay with you.

63. I hope you’re just busy and not intentionally avoiding me.

64. Hi! It’s been a while since we last talked, and I’m genuinely interested in how you’re doing. I’m here if you’d like to catch up.

65. Just wanted to let you know that even though you’ve gone quiet, you’re still on my mind. If you ever feel like reconnecting, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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