110 Flirty Responses to “Thinking of You” Text

Have you been talking to a guy or girl you met online and they sent you the “I was thinking about you” text and now you are not sure what is the best way to reply?

Should you message back with “Thanks!“, “I was thinking about you as well” or perhaps with something more flirty?

It all depends on your personality and how comfortable you are with the person messaging you but in general, replying with something fun or even a bit flirty is the way to go if you want to build some chemistry.

If someone says that they were thinking about you, it implies that they already feel some kind of connection or even attraction for you so you don’t really have to worry about scaring them away by being playful with them because that’s what they probably want anyways.

Since not everyone knows how to flirt, we came up with a list of examples you can use in case you need some ideas.

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How to Respond When a Guy or Girl Says They are Thinking About You?

1. Awww that’s so sweet! Thanks for thinking of me!

2. Well, now that you’re thinking of me, what shall we do about it?

3. Tell me more…

4. So, when can we make those thoughts come true?

5. Are we talking about daydreams or naughty thoughts?

6. I had a feeling that someone was thinking of me, and here you are!

7. I must have been doing something right to have crossed your mind.

8. You’re on my mind as well, and it’s really driving me crazy!

9. Do tell me what kind of thoughts were going through your head…

10. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you are trying to flirt with me

11. Hoping it wasn’t anything bad because then I’d have to come and rescue you

12. It’s nice to know that someone out there is thinking of me.

13. I’m flattered that I’m in your thoughts.

14. Don’t worry, I think about you too!

15. Ahhh now I’m blushing – thank you for thinking of me!

16. I love that I can put a smile on your face just by being in your thoughts!

17. Don’t worry, your thoughts are safe with me!

18. Is there something special that made you think of me today?

19. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day, thanks for letting me know!

20. Oh, so now you’re trying to make me blush?

21. Just hearing that puts a smile on my face.

22. How sweet and flattering – thank you!

23. I’m so glad you do…

24. If you keep thinking of me, maybe we should meet up soon!

25. I can’t stop thinking of you either!

26. Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful!

27. You’re always in my heart and on my mind, too!

28. How about dinner together tonight? Think about that!

29. Sending some extra love your way just for thinking of me!

30. That’s so sweet, did it make you smile?

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31. I must be doing something right

32. Aww that warms my heart

33. I’m happy to hear that! Who says dreams don’t come true?

34. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been thinking about you too hehe

35. It’s always nice when someone thinks of you, especially when it’s someone as special as you!

36. Is this where I get to ask what was on your mind?

37. Well, that’s a nice surprise!

38. Oh, now I can’t stop thinking about you too!

39. If you were here, I’d kiss you for being so thoughtful.

40. I was hoping it was something more than just thinking about me

41. I’m flattered!

42. I must have been on your mind for a good reason!

43. Were you having naughty thoughts about me?

44. I’m sure your thoughts of me were much better than mine of you!

45. You must really like me if I was on your mind all day!

46. What made you think of me?

47. What kind of thoughts were they? Let’s hope they weren’t too naughty…

48. Now that you’ve got me thinking about you, let’s get together and share our thoughts face-to-face…

49. I’m so flattered! What would make you think of me out of the blue like that?

50. That’s really nice of you, I appreciate it!

51. Well, now that we’re both thinking about each other, what do you want to do about it?

52. It’s good to know I’m on your mind!

53. You just made my day!

54. Oh wow thanks, it means a lot to me!

55. Sounds like someone has a little crush on me…

56. Is this a sign that we should get together soon?

57. That’s so nice of you, thank you for letting me know

58. Awww, now I feel special! Thanks for making my day brighter!

59. How sweet! I was just going to send a text to say the same thing.

60. That’s so nice of you – it’s making me blush!

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61. Well, this calls for a celebration – let’s do something fun tonight!

62. It’s flattering that I’m always on your mind!

63. You know how to make me feel special!

64. Now I’m blushing but really, thank you for thinking of me!

65. I’d love to hear all about it!

66. Guess what? I was just thinking about you too!

67. It sounds like someone has been missing me…

68. It’s nice to know that I’m always on your mind!

69. You’re too sweet! Now I can’t stop smiling lol

70. I guess this means there’s something special between us after all?

71. So if you were thinking of me, does that mean I should expect a date soon?

72. Are you trying to make me blush?

73. So glad that you remembered me!

74. Oh, what a nice surprise to hear from you!

75. Don’t stop thinking of me!

76. Oh really? I must have been on your mind for a reason!

77. I’m glad you can’t stop thinking about me!

78. Does this mean you want to see me soon?

79. So what made you think of me all of a sudden?

80. Let’s just say I was having some interesting daydreams about you as well…

81. Now I’m wondering what kind of thoughts were running through your head?

82. Hey there – miss me much?

83. I’m always here if you want to talk.

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84. That’s sweet, let’s put those thoughts into action soon!

85. Oh really, do tell me what you have in mind.

86. I can feel your thoughts from here and they’re making me blush!

87. Now it’s my turn to think about you!

88. Thanks for that! How can I repay the favor?

89. Now this is interesting – tell me more about your thoughts…

90. I was thinking of you too! What were your thoughts?

91. I’m so glad you thought of me – it made my day!

92. I hope they were good thoughts

93. You must have been really missing me!

94. I can’t stop smiling, knowing you were thinking of me!

95. What did you want to do when you thought of me?

96. Was it something naughty that made you think of me?

97. Well, now that I know you were thinking about me, what’s next?

98. Tell me more about the thoughts running through your head!

99. You know how much I love it when you think about me like that…

100. That’s so sweet and here I was feeling a little lonely!

101. Does this mean you miss me already?

102. Aww, if only I could be there to see your cute face right now

103. What can I say? You have a way of making an impression!

104. So what happens now that we’re both thinking about each other?

105. How long have you been having these thoughts about me?

106. Alright then, let’s get together and talk about all the things on our minds!

107. Why don’t we continue this conversation in person later tonight?

108. Oh really? Give me some details!

109. Looks like someone is trying to get my attention.

110. How exciting – tell me more about what was going through your head!

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