70 Funny and Flirty Responses to “How Was Your Day?” Text

Are you tired of replying with the same old “It was good” whenever someone asks you “How was your day?”

Well, there are actually many creative ways to turn a boring conversion like this into something more exciting.

One way to do it is to reply with something more interesting or even flirty like for example “Better now that I’m talking to you” or “It was alright, but it could have been much better if you were around”.

Or you can use humor and respond with something like “It would have been better if I’d won the lottery” or “It was alright, but it would be even better if I had a magical genie to grant my wishes“.

No matter how you reply try to be more creative and you will notice how your conversations turn from mundane to something much more exciting and fun.

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If you need a little help coming up with funny and flirty responses to the “How was your day?” question, take a look at the examples below.

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Funny and Flirty Responses to “How Was Your Day?” Text From a Guy or Girl

1. It was alright, but I’d much rather talk about us and our plans for tonight

2. Pretty good so far, especially now that I know you’re thinking of me!

3. It was nice, but it would have been nicer if you had been here

4. Not bad at all! Now all I’m missing is a hug and a kiss from you!

5. It was great, but it got a whole lot better as soon as I saw your text!

6. The day flew by because I couldn’t stop thinking about our next date

7. It was alright, but I wish you were here to give me a hug

8. Pretty decent, nothing compares to when we’re together though!

9. Don’t worry about my day, let’s talk about tonight!

10. Today went by quickly because all day long I was thinking about how much fun it would be when we hang out again

11. Pretty good but it would have been better if you had come along for the ride!

12. It was meh, could have been better if I could have spent it with someone amazing like you!

13. Let’s see… spent the morning catching up with work, went to the gym in the afternoon, and now talking to you — today is a success!

14. Pretty great! Did anything special happen to you?

15. Pretty decent though a dinner date with you would have made it much better!

16. A rollercoaster of emotions today, but no matter what it’s always great when I hear from you!

17. Unbearably boring without you here!

18. A little dull until your gorgeous face flashed on my screen!

19. It wasn’t too bad, but it definitely felt empty without you

20. From the moment I woke up until now the best part of my day has been talking to you!

21. Let’s just say I was counting down the minutes until I heard from you

22. Not bad, not bad at all especially now that I know you care

23. A roller coaster of a day — full of ups and downs, but I’m feeling better now that you asked about it

24. It had its moments, but none of them were as exciting as hearing from you!

25. Not bad, really…but I swear everything got brighter when I saw your message pop up on my phone!

26. Nothing special happened today except for hearing from you, of course!

27. Aside from talking to you? Boring as usual!

28. It was pretty normal, but I’m sure it would have been more exciting if we were together!

29. The day was nice, but it feels incomplete without seeing your pretty face

30. Dull and boring until I opened my phone and saw your name on the screen…

31. Perfectly average but it definitely got better once we started texting!

32. About as good as it can get without having you around!

33. All I can say is thank goodness you texted me

34. I had a pretty average day until I heard from you, now it’s off the charts!

35. Just ok – nothing like when we are together though

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36. I had the best day ever because you were on my mind all day long!

37. It was good, but I’m already looking forward to tomorrow when I can spend time with you

38. It was alright, but it would have been a lot more fun if you were here with me

39. Nothing special just going through the motions until we can be together again

40. Perfect except that you weren’t here to share it with me!

41. Somehow even better when I got a text from you!

42. It was good, but nothing can top spending time with you

43. Nothing special, but who knows what it’ll be like when we meet up later?

44. Exciting! Something tells me that tonight is going to be even better!

45. Tiring, I’d rather talk about our plans for tomorrow night

46. Pretty average although I’m sure it’s about to get a lot better!

47. Not as interesting as your day that’s for sure!

48. A lot better than average, mostly because I kept thinking about you

49. OK, although I can’t deny that I kept wishing you were around!

50. Good, but would have been even better if I had the chance to see you today

51. Ehh not too bad. I was thinking about you the entire time though

52. It was OK, I guess. I’m so glad it’s over though so I can focus on us instead!

53. Could’ve been better if your glorious face graced me with its presence

54. Super duper, but I can’t wait for the fun stuff to come later!

55. All good, until I started missing you!

56. Not bad, though nothing compares to the butterflies in my stomach when we’re together!

57. Just okay but hanging out with you would’ve made it 10x better!

58. Fabulous, but it could’ve been even better if you were here with me to enjoy it

59. Superb! Time for a night on the town and see what happens next?

60. Not too bad, just missed someone special to share it with

61. It was just as mundane as ever but I made sure to think of you every now and then to spice it up a bit

62. Interesting enough I suppose, but I’d rather be spending it with you!

63. Well, it was pretty average but I’m sure it will be much more exciting when we get together later on

64. It was fine, but I can think of so many other ways that I’d rather spend my day

65. Could have been better, I just needed a hug from you and it would have been perfect!

66. Just okay, but I’m sure it’ll get much better once we make plans to meet up tonight

67. Just spent most of my day daydreaming about you

68. Pretty decent, but I wish I could have spent it with you instead!

69. It was okay, but I’d much rather talk about us and how we can make it even better!

70. Pretty boring actually, so why don’t you come over and spice things up?

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