107 Examples of What to Say When a Guy Calls You Hot Over Text

Do you receive a lot of “You’re hot” messages but have no idea how to respond?

Do you feel uncomfortable or unsure of what to say when men call you “hot” or attractive on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or POF?

Depending on how well you know the guy it can be both exciting and confusing because it’s natural for us to want attention but at the same time it can be a bit uncomfortable especially if it comes from someone you barely know.

If you don’t care about the guy who is giving you a compliment like this, you can just reply with the generic “Thanks!”.

However, there are also more creative and flirty responses that you can use especially if you are interested in the guy.

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Today we will share with you a huge collection of replies that you can use whenever someone calls you hot or attractive.

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What to Reply When a Guy Says “You’re Hot”?

1. Wow, well thank you for noticing!

2. I’m blushing over here!

3. Hotness runs in my family

4. What can I say it must be genetics

5. Well thank you for making my day

6. Wanna come over and check me with your thermometer?

7. Glad someone finally noticed

8. I would be even hotter if you took me out sometime!

9. Oh wow, thanks a lot!

10. Why don’t we cool down with some ice cream?

11. Did my mom put you up to this?

12. Well it’s nice to know at least one of us is hot!

13. Haha thanks, do you want to come over and see it in person?

14. Hey now, take it easy tiger!

15. Aww that’s so sweet of you to say!

16. It must be the jalapenos I had for lunch!

17. My ego just took off and flew around the room

18. Aww thanks but I think my cat’s cuter than me

19. Are those compliments coming from the real you or the beer?

20. Oh wow is this what they call flattery these days?

21. Aww now trying to make me blush?

22. Oh wow, my parents would be so proud of me right now!

23. Thank goodness for Instagram filters

24. Hey let’s keep things PG-13!

25. You’re not too bad yourself

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26. I don’t know what to say other than thank you!

27. Oh stop, you’re making me blush!

28. Now if only my mirror said the same thing haha

29. Better watch out or else my boyfriend will get jealous

30. You sure know how to make a girl feel special

31. Are you trying to get my number?

32. Is that how you usually start conversations on Tinder?

33. Is this a compliment or an invitation?

34. Do I get a prize for being hot?

35. Thanks, but you should see me when my hair is done up!

36. That’s so sweet of you – my temperature just went up ten degrees!

37. Hotter than a jalapeno pepper?

38. Hey there Romeo!

39. Is this the part where I say something witty and humble?

40. Whoa slow down there Casanova

41. You’re a charmer, aren’t you?

42. Thanks for not calling me cold!

43. Oh wow, thanks you caught me off guard there haha

44. Woah now slow down – let’s get to know each other first

45. Damn I didn’t realize how attractive I am until today apparently hahaha

46. Does this mean you’re gonna buy dinner now?

47. Thanks for the ego boost

48. Now I need an ice pack

49. Ha! Is that the best you got?

50. Well thank you, let me get out my fan to cool off now

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51. Be careful or you’ll get burned!

52. Trying hard not to melt

53. Hot? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

54. Tell me more!

55. Do you want to come over and see how hot I get in real life?

56. Did somebody just turn up the temperature in here?

57. Well aren’t you full of surprises?

58. I’m both flattered and embarrassed – thank you for the compliment though

59. Wow, that was unexpected – thank you very much!

60. Is this an invitation for something more?

61. You know exactly how to push my buttons

62. Ummmmm let’s take this offline shall we?

63. Thanks for making me feel all sorts of special right now

64. Yes good eye there!

65. Trying to start fires here, are we?

66. And here I thought nobody was paying attention

67. That was supposed to make me feel special?

68. Not as hot as the blush on my face right now

69. It looks like the temperature in here just skyrocketed

70. I bet you say this to all the girls

71. Thanks, but I already know how amazing and attractive I am

72. Glad to hear from somebody that appreciates the beauty

73. Does this mean we’re going on a date?

74. You should save these comments for someone else, I’m taken!

75. Should’ve gone with ‘intelligent’ instead

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76. Have some originality, please!

77. I guess my gym membership is paying off

78. I don’t know if I should be flattered or concerned

79. I think you just melted my phone!

80. How about we talk about this over dinner?

81. You’re setting off all kinds of fire alarms here

82. Are you sure I’m not too hot for you?

83. This is getting a little awkward now

84. At least somebody finds me attractive!

85. It’s always nice being reminded every once in a while

86. Hey there handsome!

87. Haha well look at who knows how to sweet talk

88. Ahhh stop it! You’re making me blush!

89. Wow, that was a bold statement for someone who just met me!

90. You’re pretty cute yourself!

91. How do you always know the right thing to say?

92. Well aren’t we feeling confident today?

93. I think someone needs their eyes checked

94. If I were any hotter, you’d need oven mitts to handle me!

95. Hey now, no need to get too carried away but thank you

96. Alright alright – enough with the compliments already! Appreciate it though!

97. You should be a poet because you just melted my heart with your originality

98. Is this your way of asking me out on a date?

99. Your charm is overwhelming!

100. Oh wow, someone’s feeling spicy tonight!

101. I think I might need to grab some ice cream to cool off

102. Ahhh thanks but you ain’t so bad yourself!

103. Coming from the hottest guy around that means a lot

104. You must be really good at telling temperatures

105. Are you sure I’m not too hot to handle?

106. Wow, thanks so much for noticing all this heat coming off of me!

107. Thanks for turning up the heat here

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