163 Flirty Responses to “I Want You” Text

Did you receive a message from a guy or girl saying “I want you” and now you don’t know how to respond?

Depending on how well you know them, you might be feeling excited, confused, or even a bit scared.

Responding to someone who says they have romantic feelings for you can be awkward, especially if it’s out of the blue.

If you don’t know the person and are not interested in them, you can just ignore their message and move on.

However, if it is coming from someone you like, sending a flirty reply can be just what you need to start an engaging conversation that can hopefully lead to something more.

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So does it mean you should reply back with something like “I want you as well”?

Probably not because this is not very original so instead try to send something more creative and playful like for example “I’m available in case you are wondering” or “That’s a bold statement, but I like it!”

If you need some more ideas, take a look at our other examples of how you can respond when someone texts you “I want you”

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How to Respond When a Guy or Girl Says I Want You?

1. That sounds like an invitation I can’t refuse!

2. I’m sure something could be arranged

3. My wish has finally come true

4. I’m flattered, but don’t you think we should get to know each other better first?

5. So glad to hear it – when and where?

6. My place or yours?

7. Well now, isn’t this an intriguing proposal?

8. How could I say no to that?

9. Come on over – the door is open

10. Do tell me more about what it is that you want from me

11. That’s sweet of you to say that!

12. Not as much as I want you

13. What are we waiting for?

14. Do tell more about your desires

15. If you insist I’m all yours tonight

16. Let’s make your wish come true then

17. I think that could be arranged

18. How about tonight?

19. I’m all yours

20. Is that an invitation?

21. What took you so long to admit it?

22. Ready when you are

23. A girl can only resist so much

24. Sounds tempting…

25. What do you have in mind?

26. The feeling is mutual!

27. I was just thinking the same thing…

28. Just tell me when and where and I’m there!

29. What are you waiting for, come and get me

30. Consider my answer as yes

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31. It would be my pleasure…

32. Do something about it then

33. Good thing one of us had the guts to say it first

34. Shall I bring a bottle of wine?

35. Are you asking me to be your one and only?

36. Just say the word and I’m there

37. Is that a request or an invitation?

38. Haha when do you want me?

39. How soon do you want me?

40. Be careful what you wish for…

41. Well, now all my dreams have come true!

42. How badly do you want me?

43. Sounds like we have a lot to talk about

44. Do I get a say in this? lol

45. Is that an invitation I hear?

46. Oh boy this sounds intriguing

47. You must have read my mind!

48. I’m already blushing…

49. It’s about time…

50. We could have some fun if you come over

51. I am ready to make your wish come true

52. Can’t wait for what comes next…

53. Take me now – please?

54. Now that you mentioned it, I want you as well!

55. Don’t worry – I want you as well!

56. And here was I thinking that my day couldn’t possibly get any better

57. Well it looks like we have something in common after all

58. I’ve been waiting for you to say that!

59. So when do you want to show me how much?

60. I want you too, and not just for tonight

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61. How soon can you be here?

62. I can give you whatever it is that you want.

63. Let’s see how badly you really do want me…

64. What kind of things did you have in mind?

65. Well, my parents are not home…

66. Who am I to refuse such a tempting offer?

67. Looks like I got myself an early Christmas present

68. Let’s do something about that right now!

69. Well, that makes two of us then…

70. Wish granted! Now come to me and get what you want…

71. Now we just have to figure out where

72. Well in that case, why don’t I come over?

73. I think my body is ready for your request

74. My heart definitely wants you too

75. Do you want all of me?

76. You had better be sure because when I show up, there won’t be going back!

77. They say patience is a virtue but not tonight

78. Looks like someone is feeling frisky tonight…

79. The timing couldn’t possibly be more perfect. My parents are out of town until Monday…

80. Alright but remember, what happens next stays between us!

81. I’m all yours if you want me to be

82. What kind of trouble do you have in mind?

83. Come here so we can talk about this face-to-face

84. Let’s discuss this in a more intimate atmosphere

85. I could get out of work earlier today…

86. I’m available in case you are wondering

87. You better come prepared!

88. You know exactly how to get my heart racing…

89. Is that so? Well let me show you how much I want you too…

90. Oh wow now you are making my temperature rise!

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91. But can you handle me?

92. Are we talking about dinner or dessert tonight?

93. Ohhh I like where this is going…

94. I’m here for the taking if that’s what you desire!

95. You sure know how to make me blush!

96. Alright, now that’s a way to get my attention!

97. Wow, it looks like someone is ready for some fun tonight

98. Is it too early to start thinking about wedding plans?

99. Well don’t just stand there – come get what you want!

100. So many things running through my mind after reading your text

101. Are you sure that’s a good idea?

102. Is there anything else your heart desires?

103. Tell me more…

104. Oh wow you know how to make a girl feel special!

105. That’s a bold statement, but I like it!

106. Alrighty then, what do you have in mind?

107. Looks like Cupid has struck again

108. Calm down there tiger!

109. Sounds like someone has been bad and needs to be punished

110. I knew this day would eventually come

111. That sounds dangerously tempting

112. I’ll be there as soon as you want me to be

113. Let’s do something about that!

114. That sounds like fun – can’t wait!

115. Not sure if I can handle all your wants, but let’s give it a shot!

116. You don’t know what kind of trouble this could lead us into haha

117. My body is saying yes before my mind even has time to think lol

118. Come on over and show me why you want me

119. Showing up at my door with chocolates wouldn’t hurt either

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More Ways to Respond to “I Want You So Bad”

120. Let’s get together soon so we can explore our wants further…

121. Yeah? Keep talking.

122. You sure you can handle that?

123. Let’s not rush. Or maybe, let’s?

124. Wow, straight to the point. I like it.

125. “Is this where you charm me? Go on.

126. Didn’t see that coming. You have my attention.

127. Interesting. You’ve got guts.

128. Might want to put those words into action.

129. I’m intrigued. Tell me more.

130. That’s one way to break the ice.

131. You’ve got my attention. Don’t waste it.

132. Interesting. Let’s see where this goes.

133. You’re bold, I’ll give you that. I’m curious now.

134. That’s quite the confession. I’m intrigued.

135. Wow, didn’t expect that. You’ve got my attention, though.

136. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… or should we?

137. You sure? Because I’m not easy to handle.

138. Oh? You’re gonna have to prove it.

139. You’re not the only one with wants.

140. That’s intense. I kinda like it.

141. Interesting choice of words. I’m intrigued.

142. Good to know. Got any plans about it?

143. The feeling’s mutual. Now what?

144. Oh? Prove it.

145. Well, that escalated quickly. What’s your next move?

146. You’ve got guts. I’m kinda into it.

147. You’ve got guts. I’m kinda into it.

148. That’s quite the confession.

149. Hmm, let’s negotiate. I’m high demand, you know.

150. Is this where you tell me you’ve got tickets to my favorite band?

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Examples of Flirty Responses to “I Need You”

151. Wow, getting serious, are we?

152. Need me? I come with terms and conditions. Still interested?

153. That’s intense. Hope you know what you’re asking for.

154. Sounds serious. I’m intrigued, go on.

155. You do? Well, let’s talk about that.

156. Need me for what exactly? I’m curious.

156. You’ve got needs? Let’s hear them out.

157. You need me? I’m flattered, but I’ll need more details.

158. You do? Kinda curious now. What for?

159. Hmm, you’re serious? Tell me more.

160. Oh, you need me? I’m flattered. What’s the occasion?

161. You’ve got needs, and I’ve got time. Let’s hear it.

162. Need me so bad? Alright, I’m curious. What for?

163. You need me? That’s interesting. Tell me why.

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