80 Flirty Ways to Respond When a Guy Asks ‘What are You Doing This Weekend?’

Did you just receive a text from a guy you like, asking the classic, “What are you doing this weekend?” And now you have no idea how to respond?

Will I sound too desperate if I say I’m free? Should I play hard to get and say I’m busy? The fear of saying the wrong thing is real and can be quite daunting.

You don’t want to come across as too available but you also don’t want him to think you’re not interested. It’s a delicate dance between showing interest and maintaining an air of mystery.

So to make it easier let’s take a look at some examples of flirty and funny ways to respond when a guy asks what you’re doing this weekend.

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How to Reply When a Guy Asks ‘What are You Doing This Weekend’?

1. “My plans are flexible, especially if they include you.”

2. “Why do you ask? Do you have something exciting in mind?”

3. “I might just be free if an interesting proposal comes my way.”

4. “There’s a spot open in my calendar with your name on it.”

5. “I have some room for activities…”

6. “Doing something really boring unless someone saves me from it.”

7. “Keeping my schedule wide open… just in case.”

8. “Waiting for a handsome prince to take me on a magical date.”

9. “I was going to go on a blind date, but then you messaged.”

10. “Open to suggestions…”

11. “Well, it depends… are you going to ask me out or what?”

12. “Hoping to get asked out by a charming guy. Know anyone?”

13. “Exploring the city’s hidden gems… would you like to be my guide?”

14. “Why? Are we heading on a road trip?”

15. “Whatever it is, it could be more fun with you.”

16. “Hoping for a surprise – surprise me?”

17. “I’m currently taking weekend date applications. Are you applying?”

18. “Waiting for a cute guy to make plans with me.”

19. “I’m open to being wooed this weekend – taking offers now!”

20. “Waiting for a knight in shining armor. Do you happen to have a suit of armor handy?”

21. “Planning a date with my couch but I could be persuaded to change my plans.”

22. “Why, do you want to ask me out? Just do it already!”

23. “Well, I was planning on binge-watching Netflix, but I could be talked into something more interesting.”

24. “Nothing planned yet unless Netflix counts.”

25. “I’m joining a convent… unless you convince me otherwise.”

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26. “My plans? That’s classified information.”

27. “Going hiking – nothing beats the great outdoors, don’t you think?”

28. “Learning to ice skate. Got any tips?”

29. “Just unwinding after a busy week. How about you?”

30. “House cleaning unless a better offer comes along.”

31. “Visiting an art gallery. Are you into art?”

32. “Catching up on some much-needed sleep.”

33. “Going for a run in the park… ever ran a 5K?”

34. “Trying out yoga, ever tried the downward dog pose?”

35. “Improving my photography skills, want to be my model?”

36. “Just relaxing and taking it easy.”

37. “Experimenting with homemade cocktails – you brave enough to try?”

38. “Ever tried indoor rock climbing?”

39. “Planning on catching the sunset at the beach.”

40. “Why? Got any fun plans in mind?”

41. “I might be going on a date if someone asks nicely”

42. “Depends, are you going to invite me to your game?”

43. “Maybe doing something spontaneous. Are you spontaneous?”

44. “Was thinking of going hiking, but I could use some company.”

45. “Depends on if you’re asking to make plans or just making conversation.”

46. “Well if everything goes right… I’ll be seeing you.”

47. “Taking up salsa classes. Maybe you could be my partner?”

48. “Well, I was hoping for some excitement… any ideas?”

49. “I was going to lounge around, but I could be persuaded to be more adventurous.”

50. “Procrastinating unless I find a reason not to.”

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51. “Just an ordinary weekend, unless a superhero is coming to save me from boredom?”

52. “Are you inviting me somewhere or just curious?”

53. “You’ll have to find out.”

54. “That depends, are you offering to take me on an adventure?”

55. “Depending on the company, I might be up for whatever.”

56. “I could be persuaded to change my plans for the right person.”

57. “Waiting for a handsome guy to ask me out.”

58. “Why do you ask? Want to take me out and show me off?”

59. “Planning to walk my dog – he’s cute, just like you.”

60. “Was planning for a solo Netflix marathon, but I could make an exception.”

61. “Going to a boring party unless you save me?”

62. “I might have some time for you.”

63. “I was thinking about you… What a coincidence!”

64. “Exploring new coffee shops, want to be my coffee date?”

65. “Depends on the weather… and your plans.”

66. “Waiting for something exciting to happen… like you asking me out.”

67. “I was going to arrange my sock drawer, want to help?”

68. “Being asked out by charming guys, it seems!”

69. “I’m planning to stay home unless a cute guy asks me out.”

70. “I feel like something magical might happen – like a date with you.”

71. “Looking for someone to save me from boredom, know anyone?”

72. “I could be available for the right offer.”

73. “Keeping my options open… like going out with a certain guy…”

74. “My calendar seems suspiciously open now that you’ve messaged.”

75. “Lying on the couch until someone cute takes me out.”

76. “Just the usual, being awesome and irresistible.”

77. “Waiting for someone to stop being shy and ask me out already!”

78. “Was thinking about you and then poof! You texted.”

79. “Just hanging around until someone takes me dancing.”

80. “Most likely I’ll be making some poor decisions…”

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