89 Funny Replies to ‘I Have a Crush on You’

We’ve all been there. Someone looks at us with those puppy dog eyes and uttering the words, “I have a crush on you.”

For a moment, you are stunned. You find it hard to breathe, and you can feel your heart pounding in your chest.

Then you feel panic set in. What do you say? How are you supposed to handle this?

Maybe feelings are mutual, or maybe not. Perhaps you’re unsure, need time to think, or maybe you just don’t know how to reply.

A funny reply can defuse tension, make the conversation feel less intimidating, and allow you to buy some time while you figure out how you truly feel.

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So let’s take a look at some funny replies you can use when someone says “I have a crush on you.”

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Examples of Funny and Flirty Replies to ‘I Have a Crush on You’

1. “So… your place or mine?”

2. “Let’s keep it that way – crushing but not smashing.”

3. “Congrats! You’ve just won a lifetime supply of awkwardness.”

4. “Well, that makes two of us… I also have a crush on myself.”

5. “Perfect timing! My horoscope did mention something about ‘crushing news.'”

6. “On the bright side, one of us is happy about this.”

7. “Turns out miracles do happen – someone actually likes me!”

8. “Does this mean I should stop referring to you as ‘dude’ now?”

9. “Are we talking ‘have a crush’ or ‘stalking level infatuation?'”

10. “Damn! This is going to make our friendship so much more interesting.”

11. “Well now, someone’s got good taste!”

12. “Who are we kidding? I knew it before you did!”

13. “Oh no, does this mean we need to have ‘the talk’ now?”

14. “I applaud your courage… and question your sanity.”

15. “I’m flattered! And also slightly scared.”

16. “Shh…. my ego is inflating!”

17. “Wait! Did they just run out of options in the world?”

18. “I’m not ready for such a dignified adult conversation!”

19. “Here’s where things get ugly… you’re not my type.”

20. “Oh dear… are we about to ruin our perfect friendship?”

21. “And here I thought only my grandma found me cute!”

22. “Oh, you like me? Who can blame you?”

23. “Wow! This is the second-best thing I’ve heard today. The first was when the pizza delivery guy knocked.”

24. “Are you sure? I have been known to steal blankets at night.”

25. “Does this mean you’ll pay off my student loans now?”

26. “Okay, but I must warn you, I snore louder than a bulldozer.”

27. “You line up perfectly with my horoscope, then!”

28. “Great! Now we can fight over which Netflix show to binge-watch next.”

29. “Is this because of my charming personality or my impressive abs?”

30. “Yay! Now we can be weird together.”

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31. “Well, I’m a bit of a package deal. How do you feel about my pet tarantula?”

32. “So does this mean spooning is on the horizon?”

33. “Congratulations on your impeccable taste!”

34. “On a scale of 1-10, how ‘red roses’ is this crush?”,

35. “That’s OK – I was getting bored being single anyway!”

36. “So, do we start choosing our wedding color scheme now?”

37. “Well, do you also like pineapple on pizza? ‘Cause that’s a deal-breaker.”

38. “Does this come with the responsibility of liking all your social media posts?”

39. “This is tricky… Do you like Star Trek more than Star Wars?”

40. “As per my previous experience, we should wait for a full moon to assess this crush further.”

41. “So, should we share a dessert when we go out next time?”

42. “Oh really? Well, brace yourself for endless TikTok dance challenges!”

43. “Can you please fill out this crush application form first?”

44. “You have a crush on me? Well, this is a plot twist!”

45. “Oooh, are we about to be the talk of the town?”

46. “Wait, do I get to claim you on my taxes now?”

47. “Are you sure? My mum warned me about people like you.”

48. “Wow, and here I thought only my dog could love me unconditionally.”

49. “Okay but don’t get too attached, I can’t even keep a plant alive.”

50. “I’m flattered! Just don’t expect me to share my dessert.”

51. “Wow! Your taste in people is fantastic.”

52. “That’s sweet, but my teddy bear might get jealous.”

53. “Ah! One more person under the spell of my charm!”

54. “You mean, besides my mom, I have another fan? Wow!”

55. “Are you aware of the responsibilities of being my main admirer?”

56. “Look at us… already sharing secrets!”

57. “Well, technically, you’re behind schedule; I expected this revelation months ago.”

58. “How adorable! Should I start planning our wedding, or is it too soon?”

59. ”So does this crush come with any perks? Late-night snacks, perhaps?”

60. “No rush. We can discuss our wedding venue later.”

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61. “I must confess, your taste in people is impeccable.”

62. “Oh honey, get in line.”

63. “I’m surprised! I thought your standards were high.”

64. “Let’s take it slow, okay? Let me first get over my crush on Chris Hemsworth.”

65. “There goes my mission of staying single and carefree!”

66. “Does that come with free dinners on weekends?”

67. “So shall we start referring to each other as ‘bae’?”

68. “Wow! How drunk are you right now?”

69. “Oh great! Add it to the list of things I need to discuss in therapy.”

70. “That’s so cute… like a puppy chasing its tail.”

71. “The good news is… you have great taste!”

72. “So does it mean free drinks for me?”

73. “My grandma warned me about this!”

74. “Feeling a bit adventurous, are we?”

75. “Awww… I always knew you had a thing for smart, funny, amazing people.”

76. “You’re just in time for my ‘I’m single’ sale!”

77. “Good choice! I promise I’m crush-worthy.”

78. “Well, I guess that explains why you blush every time we meet.”

79. “Are we about to change our relationship status?”

80. “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting!”

81. “I bet you say that to all the cute girls.”

82. “It’s such a bad idea… but let’s do it anyway.”

83. “My mom always said I was a good catch…”

84. “Is it the kind where you want me as your screensaver, or are we talking about making voodoo dolls of me?”

85. “Is it time for our candlelit dinner then?”

86. “It’s about time you fell into my love trap!”

87. “In that case, I’ll stop pretending to ignore you.”

88. “I suggest we skip the dating part and move straight to the happily ever after.”

89. “So when do we start planning our matching tattoos?”

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