67 Ways to Respond When a Guy Says You Look Good

So you’re out, maybe in a coffee shop or just strolling through the park, when a random guy stops and tells you, “Hey, you look really good today.” That’s when your brain hits the panic button. What’s the best way to react?

A simple ‘thank you’ seems too plain, but anything more might come off as too much. And then the overthinking starts.

Is he just being polite, or is there an ulterior motive? You start to question, “Am I supposed to compliment him back?”

You’re flattered, sure, but also a little unsure. What if your response sounds too arrogant? Or worse, what if you end up sounding uninterested or rude?

What’s even worse is that later at home while lying in bed you find yourself replaying the scene in your head, imagining all the clever responses you could have given.

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Well, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit lost so let’s take a look at some examples of what to say when a guy compliments your looks.

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What to Say When a Guy Says You Look Good?

1. “Thanks, I woke up like this!”

Why it works: It’s playful and shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

2. “Thank you, I really appreciate that!”

Why it works: Simple and sincere, it’s always a solid choice.

3. “Well, you’ve got pretty good taste!”

Why it works: A bit cheeky and flirty, this one’s perfect if you’re feeling bold.

4. “I was just thinking the same about you.”

Why it works: This is great for turning the compliment around and showing interest.

5. “Guess I still got it!”

Why it works: A little self-deprecating humor goes a long way.

6. “Thank you! I needed that boost today.”

Why it works: It’s genuine and shows vulnerability.

8. “Thanks, I was going for that ‘effortlessly chic’ look!”

Why it works: Shows you have a sense of style.

9. “I appreciate that! Always nice to be noticed.”

Why it works: It’s honest and shows your positive attitude.

10. “I try my best.”

Why it works: Casual and cool, it’s a down-to-earth response.

11. “Aww, you’re making me feel like a celebrity!”

Why it works: It’s a playful and flirty way to respond back.

12. “That’s so sweet of you, thank you!”

Why it works: Simple and always effective.

13. “Wow, thanks! I wasn’t sure about this dress, but you’ve convinced me!”

Why it works: Shows you value his opinion and can be a good conversation starter.

14. “Thanks! I’ve been trying out some new styles lately.”

Why it works: Shows you’re open-minded and like to experiment with your looks.

15. “Appreciate it! I put a bit more effort in today.”

Why it works: Honest and straightforward.

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More examples of what to say when a guy compliments your looks:

16. “Thanks! I was hoping someone would notice.”

17. “Cool, thanks! I was just trying out something different today.”

18. “That’s nice to hear, thanks! I was going for a casual vibe.”

19. “Thanks! I guess today’s a good hair day.”

20. “I appreciate that. Just felt like dressing up a bit today.”

21. “Thanks, I’m glad you think so! I wasn’t too sure about this outfit.”

22. “That’s cool of you to say, thanks! I’m trying out a new look.”

23. “Nice of you to say so! I’ve been trying to step up my game.”

24. “Thanks, should I take that as an invitation for coffee?”

25. “Thanks! You’re not too bad yourself, you know.”

26. “Thank you! Want to take a selfie?”

27. “Thanks, maybe we can look good together sometimes.”

28. “Thanks! Are you always this charming?”

29. “Thanks! You know, compliments like that can lead to drinks.”

30. “Keep it up and you might get my number.”

31. “Thanks, you’re making it hard for me to stay humble!”

32. “Cool, thanks! So, do you always flirt this smoothly?”

33. “Thank you! I’m free later if you want to continue this conversation.”

34. “Thanks! So, when do we go on our first date?”

35. “Thanks! You sure know how to make a girl smile.”

36. “Appreciate it! You’re really good at making girl’s day.”

37. “Thanks! I’m not just a pretty face, you know.”

38. “Cheers! You’re quite the charmer, aren’t you?”

39. “Thanks! I’m glad someone appreciates the effort.”

40. “Thanks! I’m flattered, and a little curious about you now.”

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41. “Thanks, you just brightened up my day.”

42. “Thank you! You seem like trouble, and I like trouble.”

43. “Cool, thanks! Just my usual style.”

44. “Thanks, I was going for a relaxed look.”

45. “Appreciate it! Just keeping it simple.”

46. “Cool, thanks! I wasn’t even trying much today.”

47. “Thanks! Are we flirting now? Because I’m game.”

48. “Thank you! So, do you come here often?”

49. “Cheers! You’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself.”

50. “Thanks, I’m feeling lucky today. Maybe we should hang out.”

51. “Thanks, are you always this sweet?”

52. “Cool, thanks! I’m flattered, honestly.”

53. “Thanks! So, do I get to know your name?”

54. “Thanks, I might need your number for fashion advice.”

55. “Thanks! Guess I’m not the only one with good taste here.”

56. “Cheers! You’re really good at this, aren’t you?”

57. “Thanks, I might need your help shopping next time.”

58. “Thanks, you’re making me consider a career in modeling!”

59. “Thank you! Guess I’m doing something right.”

60. “Cool, thanks! I’ve been practicing in the mirror.”

61. “Appreciate it! You’re making my day more interesting.”

62. “Cheers! Are we flirting now?”

63. “Thanks! I’m officially blushing.”

64. “Cool, thanks! I might start taking more selfies now.”

65. “Cheers! You know how to make a girl feel special.”

66. “Thanks! Is this your way of asking me out?”

67. “Thanks! I’ll be here all week.”

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