400 Best Examples of Funny Bumble Prompt Answers

Bumble and Tinder are two of the most popular dating apps among younger adults.

The main difference between them is that on Bumble women have to message guys first.

Similar to Hinge, you can use profile prompts on Bumble to break the ice and make your bio stand out.

Having funny creative answers on your Bumble profile will get you more matches and ultimately dates.

Currently, you can choose from 40 different profile prompts on Bumble.

In this post, you will find a huge list of popular Bumble questions and answers that will help you to stand out and get more matches.

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Examples of Best Funny Bumble Prompt Answers

Two truths, one lie

Example #1

  • I love to bake.
  • I was once a backup singer for Beyoncé.
  • I have a pet iguana

Example #2

  • I have never gone snowboarding.
  • I have never been dumped.
  • I have never owned a dog.

Example #3

  • I have an unpublished novel sitting in my desk drawer.
  • I have a degree in chemical engineering.
  • I have a tattoo on my lower back.

Example #4

  • I have never eaten sushi.
  • I have a pet turtle.
  • I have never had a boyfriend.

Example #5

  • I have been a competitive bodybuilder for 10 years.
  • I have been married before.
  • I worked as a male model.

Most recent act of kindness

6. I paid the toll for the car behind me on the highway.

7. I didn’t complain when my last date was late.

8. I helped a little old lady cross the street.

9. I didn’t tell a single “white lie” today.

10. I let someone merge into my lane on the highway.

11. I returned a dog’s ball to its owner.

12. I let my little sister win at Monopoly.

13. I paid for the coffee of the person behind me in line.

14. I sent a thank you note to my teacher.

15. I returned the extra change I got from a store clerk back to them.

It’s meant to be if…

16. You can’t dance.

17. You like to be around people but can’t stand small talk.

18. You get lost easily.

19. You have a fear of needles

20. You have a cat.

21. You think Shakira is awesome.

22. You have a weird tattoo.

23. You’re a sucker for romantic comedies.

24. You’re a total foodie.

25. You’re always cold.

26. You love animals but are scared of most of them.

27. You have a fear of heights.

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My third grade teacher described me as…

28. Chewer of pencils

29. A natural leader

30. A little slow

31. Unusually good at copying his homework

32. A total nightmare

33. A little short on brains

34. The one she’d most like to send to detention

35. A problem child

36. A born teacher’s assistant

37. A model student

38. An embarrassment to my parents

39. A lost cause

40. Daydreamer

If I could have only three things on a deserted island, I would have…

41. A satellite phone, a lighter, and a knife

42. A fishing rod, a knife, and a book on how to build a boat without any tools

43. A water bottle, a fire starter, and a first aid kit

44. A lighter, a six-pack, and a pair of sunglasses

I feel most empowered when…

45. Watching the Kardashians

46. Finishing 12-pack by myself

47. When my ex hears I’m doing awesome

48. Doing squats

49. When I wear my pink underwear

50. Meditating

51. Wearing cute outfits

52. When I have a drink in my hand

53. When I am on top while making love

54. In my birthday suit

55. When I’ve had my coffee

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We’ll get along if…

56. You want to bring your cat to meet my cat

57. We can agree on something: dogs are kind of cute

58. You’ll never judge me for the things I say or do when I’m drunk

59. You give me silly nicknames

60. You can’t dance

61. You love junk food

62. You will accept my snoring

63. You’re a good cook

64. You can put up with my drama

65. You like to cook dinner

66. You’re okay with a chick flick once in a while

67. You will love my cats as much as I do

69. You don’t mind me calling you in the middle of the night to talk about stupid stuff

69. You’re not planning on becoming a nun

70. You can survive without your cell phone for more than 3 hours

71. You’ll never try to make me diet

72. You understand that I will never be a morning person

73. You’re always up for a food adventure, no matter how weird it may be

74. You think my dance moves are amazing, even if everyone else thinks they’re terrible

75. You’re okay with the fact that I sing in the shower… and everywhere else

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The most inspiring person I’ve met…

76. My ex’s dad

77. My friend’s wife

77. My grade school teacher

78. My neighbor, Mrs. Brown

79. My boss’ wife

80. The tooth fairy

81. My mom’s boyfriend

82. The homeless guy under the bridge

83. My ex-husband’s new wife

84. My stepbrother

85. My son’s teacher

86. The woman who gave birth to me

If I were famous, it would be for…

87. Making up words

88. Talking too much

89. Yawning

90. Laughing at the wrong times

91. Making jokes that nobody understands

92. Staring at people in elevators

93. Wearing short skirts in the winter

94. Never knowing when to stop talking

95. My inability to accept compliments

96. Hitting on my friends’ boyfriends

97. Embarrassingly long hugs

98. Making a fool of myself in public

99. Getting stuck in a washing machine

100. Falling asleep in class

101. Taking selfies

102. Laughing at inappropriate times

103. Singing in a shower

104. Going on too many first dates

Ideal night out…

105. That you can’t remember anything about

106. When you ask your friend, “Did I do anything stupid last night?”

107. When you wake up in a strange place and you don’t know how you got there

108. When you could have sworn you just slept with someone but you don’t know who

109. When you’re so wasted you turn on your phone’s camera and start taking mirror pics of yourself

110. Waking up the next morning next to the hot stranger you just met

111. Getting so drunk you wake up with a tattoo…

112. When you sleep with someone who’s just way too hot for you

113. When you wake up with a hangover and a tattooed dude in your bed

114. That ends with you getting a ticket for public intoxication

115. That includes a lot of drinking and dancing

116. That you spend the entire night talking to that cute guy/girl you just met

117. That you can’t remember how you got home

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The person I text the most

118. My boss’ wife

119. My priest

120. A pizza delivery man

121. My landlord’s wife

122. My gynecologist

123. My ex’s mom

124. My dad

125. My plumber

126. My therapist

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My favorite quality in a person

127. Doesn’t drink every day

128. Is not a felon

129. Is not related to my ex-husband

130. Can cook

131. Always pays their taxes on time

132. Can dance

133. Is not out of shape

134. Has good stories

135. Likes the same TV shows as me

136. Doesn’t judge people based on their hair

137. Has never gotten a restraining order

138. Is taller than me in heels

I’m most grateful for…

139. The person who invented Netflix

140. My ability to fall asleep at any time of the day

141. My alarm clock

142. Sleeping pills

143. Coffee

144. Pizza

145. Dunkin Donuts

146. Microwave

147. My dog

148. The internet

148. Air conditioning

149. The invention of ice cream

150. My stepbrother

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If you could teleport to anywhere this weekend, it would be…

151. The top of Mount Everest

152. Antarctica

153. My boss’ wife while he is away on business

154. The moon, because why not?

155. A toga party

156. Clothing optional beach

157. The set of the next 365 Days movie so I can be an extra

158. A secluded beach where I can go skinny dipping

159. The International Space Station.

160. Pandora from the movie Avatar.

My pet peeve is

161. People who use the word “chill”

162. People who reply to my text with “k”

163. My phone battery dying

164. C0ndoms

165. People who wear socks with sandals

166. People who talk too loudly on the bus

167. When someone doesn’t say thanks after I hold a door for them

168. When someone talks shit about their friends behind their back

169. When people chew with their mouths open

170. When people don’t pick up after their dogs

171. When people don’t put the toilet seat down

172. People who don’t flush

173. People who open the door without knocking

174. People who talk on the phone while they pee

175. Neighbors who have orgies

176. People who bring up politics at parties

177. Being woken up by my roommate’s alarm clock

178. My roommate’s boyfriend

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The world would be a better place with more…

179. Champagne

180. Happy endings

181. Back rubs

182. Candy

183. Ice cream

184. Naps

185. Anime

186. More attractive women/men

187. Puppies

My perfect Sunday

188. Drinking and watching football with my friends.

189. A good massage, a bubble bath, and a book.

190. Sleeping in, lazing around the house in my PJs, and eating junk food all day.

191. Sleep in, hang out with my friends, and have dinner out.

192. Wake up slowly, making a tasty breakfast, and go for a long walk.

193. Curling up with a book and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

194. Breakfast in bed, a day at the spa, and a romantic dinner.

195. Working out with the girls, scoping out the cute guys in the gym, and then cooking with my roommate.

196. Sleeping in, yoga, brunch, and a movie.

197. Going to my favorite brunch spot, drinking mimosas, and eating eggs benedict.

198. Listening to live music with my friends, eating tacos, and drinking cocktails.

199. A hot bath, a good book and a cup of tea.

200. A day at the beach followed by a BBQ with friends.

201. A morning hike, brunch and drinks.

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If I could have a superpower it’d be…

202. To be invisible

203. To look like Ryan Gosling

204. To have unlimited funds

205. To fly

206. To be able to talk to my dog

207. To be able to read minds

208. To be a mermaid

209. The power to turn water into Cabernet Sauvignon

210. The power to make people laugh uncontrollably

211. Ability to control the weather

212. The ability to make anyone fall in love with me.

213. The ability to fall asleep instantly.

My secret skill…

214. Making fun of people

215. Watching Netflix for 12 hours straight without taking a break

216. Staying in bed all day long

217. Coming up with excuses for why I haven’t finished my work

218. Doing headstands

219. Distracting my boss with my charm

220. Getting by with my good looks

221. Making my cat do tricks for tuna

222. I’m a professional cuddler

223. Making people feel uncomfortable

224. Finding new and innovative ways to procrastinate

225. Causing drama

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If I could only solve one world problem, it’d be…

226. Make global warming go away

227. Find a way to make me taller

228. Stop crime

229. Make sure that every flight lands on time

230. Eliminate slow internet

231. Make happy endings legal

232. Get all the countries to switch to metric

233. Get rid of all the mosquitoes

234. Figure out a way to get rid of taxes

235. Make it so that everyone is born wealthy and beautiful

236. Teach everyone to parallel park

Perfect first date

237. Karaoke bar crawl

238. Eating contest

239. Rock paper scissors tournament

240. Scavenger hunt

241. Hide and seek

242. Go-kart racing

243. Drive-in movie

244. Roller coaster

245. Play laser tag

246. Skydiving

247. Paintball

248. Dog-walk-off

249. Ice cream eating contest

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I quote too much from…

250. The YouTube comment section

251. Shakespeare

252. Bible

253. My grandma

254. The dictionary

255. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

256. Elon Musk’s tweets

257. How I Met Your Mother

258. Sponge Bob

259. My therapist

I’m hoping you…

260. Are employed (or at least have a solid plan for your future)

261. Are looking for a relationship (not just a fling)

262. Will respect my Netflix binge-watching habits

263. Like to cuddle

264. Don’t like drama

265. Are willing to try new things and experiment

266. Will watch cheesy romantic comedies with me without complaint

267. Aren’t afraid of a little bit of PDA

268. Will be okay with me being friends with my ex

269. Are okay with my snoring

270. Don’t send me unsolicited 🍆 pics

271. Don’t need me to take care of you

272. Don’t have any STDs

273. Are taller than me

274. Think I’m amazing and wonderful and perfect just the way I am

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I promise I won’t judge you if…

275. You believe in aliens

276. You are a couch potato

277. You are a shopaholic

278. Forget to shave/wax

279. Loud when eating

280. Can’t cook

281. Hoarder

282. Live with your parents

283. Think the Earth is flat

284. Like taking selfies and posting them on Instagram

285. Only drink Starbucks

286. You are obsessed with Kardashians

Swipe right if…

287. You’re a man who’s tall, dark, and handsome

288. You’re a woman who’s beautiful inside and out

289. You’re ready to start a family

290. You’re not afraid of a little competition

291. You’re ready to have some fun

292. You’re looking for a gentleman

293. You’re looking for someone to spoil you

294. You’re ready to be swept off your feet

295. You’re a man who understands my need for independence

296. You want a man who is passionate and exciting

297. You want a man who is adventurous and spontaneous

298. You’re looking for a date with no strings attached

299. You’re looking for a good time, you’ve found your match!

300. You’re ready to have your dating life turned upside down

301. You’re the total package – looks, brains, and personality

302. You want an adventure unlike any other

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A review by a friend:

303. He’s the type of person who will always be there for you… No matter how much you beg him to leave.

304. A true friend who will always be honest with you, even when you don’t want to hear it.

305. A great friend who always knows just what to say (and when to shut up)

306. An expert at finding the best deals on everything from shoes to cars to vacations. You’ll save a ton of money dating him!

307. If you’re looking for someone to join you in your weirdness, this is your guy!

308. I would describe him as a cross between a human and a golden retriever – loyal, loving, and always down for a good time.

309. A cuddly teddy bear with a heart of gold.

310. A pro at cheering people up, no matter how big or small the problem may be.

311. A total catch! If you can look past the fact that he lives in his mom’s basement…

312. Makes you feel like the most special person in the world

313. If you’re looking for someone to approve all of your life choices, this is your man!

314. A total foodie who loves trying new restaurants and exploring different cuisines. Be warned – he’s always taking pictures of his meals!

315. A bit of a neat freak, but it just means everything is always in its place and he’s never late for anything.

316. A true gentleman who always opens doors and knows how to treat a lady right.

My most useless skill is…

317. Reciting pi to 100 decimal places

318. Saying the alphabet backward in under 10 seconds

319. Being able to make any animal sound

320. I know all the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song

321. I can make my tongue into a heart shape

322. I can put my legs behind my head

323. I can crack all my joints on command

324. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth

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A non-negotiable

325. That your ideal first date is going on a hike

326. That you’re a dog person

327. Must not be married

328. Good personal hygiene

329. No STDs

330. That you’re not a psycho

331. No drama

332. No crazy exes

I guarantee you that…

333. I’ll never ghost you

334. I’ll never post our relationship status on Facebook without your permission.

335. I’ll never cheat on you… unless we’re in a game of Monopoly and I really need to win.

336. I’ll never stop loving you… unless you turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

337. I’ll always be honest with you… unless you ask me if you look fat.

338. I’ll never get mad at you for leaving the toilet seat up… but I will give you a stern look and then silently judge you.

339. I’ll never leave you… unless aliens abduct me and take me to their home planet.

I’m a great +1 because…

340. I have extensive knowledge of random trivia that will come in handy at parties

341. I always have a stash of emergency snacks in my purse for when you get hangry

342. I promise not to judge you for any bad life choices you may have made in the past

343. I always know the best places to go out and eat

344. I come with my own set of wheels (bicycle)

345. I will never leave you stranded on the side of the road

346. I will not judge you for your drinking habits

347. I am always up for trying new things, no matter how crazy or inappropriate they may be

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A pro and a con of dating me…

348. I’m a great listener and I love to offer advice but sometimes I can be too frank.

349. I’m a great cook but I can be messy in the kitchen.

350. I love to cuddle but I also need my personal space.

351. I always bring my positive attitude with me but I also have my moody moments.

352. I love to laugh and make others laugh but sometimes my jokes might be too much.

353. I love trying new things but I get scared easily.

354. I’m loyal but I also get jealous easily.

355. I love to dance but I also tend to embarrass myself when I dance in public.

356. I’m always up for adventure but sometimes I can be a little too impulsive.

357. I’m always down for a good time but sometimes I can party a little too hard.

358. I’m an honest person and I always tell the truth but sometimes it might hurt people’s feelings.

359. I’m loyal and protective of the people I care about but that can also make me come across as possessive.

360. I’m always up for trying new things but that means I sometimes unintentionally drag my partner into things they may not be comfortable with.

361. I’m very independent and can take care of myself but that means I sometimes don’t ask for help when I really need it.

362. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh but that means I sometimes make jokes at inappropriate times.

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After work you can find me…

363. Talking to my dog about my day

364. Eating ice cream in my pajamas

365. Scrolling through social media

366. Playing with my cat

367. Out drinking with friends…or alone

When No One’s Watching I…

368. Walk around the apartment in my birthday suit

369. Play air guitar

370. Run through sprinklers

371. Have a conversation with myself

372. Play with my food

373. Make animal noises

374. Make up dance routines to songs

375. Speak in different accents

376. Lip sync to songs

377. Take selfies

378. Have a conversation with my reflection

379. Practice my stand up comedy material

380. Make goofy faces in the mirror

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I’m still not over…

381. Game of Thrones Finale

382. Finding out there is no Santa Claus

383. The time I caught my mom kissing our neighbor

384. The time I tripped and fell down the stairs in front of everyone

385. When I found out my best friend was dating my ex

386. When I accidentally sent 🍆 pic to my mom

387. When I got hit in the face with a soccer ball

388. When I walked in on my parents making love

What makes a relationship great is…

389. Not sleeping with your exes

390. Being able to communicate openly and honestly about your needs and desires.

391. Being able to share your deepest, darkest secrets

392. Never going to bed angry

393. Being able to give each other space when needed

394. Not sleeping with other men/women

395. Having a healthy love life

396. Supporting each other through good and bad times

397. Being able to communicate openly and honestly

398. Being physically attracted to each other

399. Being able to have fun together

400. Having a healthy balance of time together and time apart

Bumble Prompt Responses to Avoid

There are also some responses that you should avoid using on your Bumble if your goal is to get more messages and dates.

  • I don’t know what to say
  • I will write something later
  • Ask me if you want to know more
  • Too many
  • I don’t message first
  • Follow me on Instagram/OF/Snapchat
  • You already know the answer
  • I don’t use this app much

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