350 Best Examples of Funny Hinge Prompt Answers

If you are not familiar with Hinge, it is a dating app similar to Tinder and Bumble.

It is very popular among singles looking for a more serious connection.

Creating a dating profile and writing about yourself is usually the most boring part when it comes to online dating and to make it easier Hinge doesn’t have a bio.

Instead singles on Hinge can choose from the list of different prompt questions that they can answer so that others can get to know them.

Here are 350 unique funny ideas for your Hinge dating profile. (Or you can use them on any other dating app)

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Examples of Best Funny Hinge Prompt Answers

Dating Me is Like…

1. Watching the first episode of Game of Thrones. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

2. Waking up after a night of drinking and not having a hangover.

3. Finding out you left your house unlocked all day and nothing was stolen.

4. Having somebody do something nice for you out of the blue.

5. Getting a hot shower after 7 days of backcountry camping.

6. Waking up because of an alarm but realizing it is Saturday and you don’t have to go to work.

7. Finding out your school has been canceled and you get to sleep in.

8. Getting back to your car after a night of drinking and finding a donut and a coffee inside.

9. Getting an extra scoop of ice cream for free.

10. Not having to worry about what you’re going to wear because everything in your closet is clean and fits perfectly.

11. Catching a snowflake on your tongue.

12. Going to a party and finding out that you’re the best-looking one there.

13. The drink after a long day at work.

14. Putting on a comfy pair of sweatpants.

15. Getting an inheritance from your distant relative.

16. Getting the first perfect bite of your favorite food.

17. Finding your favorite shirt in your dresser after you thought you lost it.

18. Watching the sunset on a warm summer evening.

19. A roller coaster: full of ups and downs, sometimes you scream, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry…

20. A walk in the park… except there are land mines everywhere.

21. The Hunger Games: may the odds be ever in your favor.

22. A job interview: you’re never quite sure if they’re going to offer you the position or not.

23. The first day of vacation.

24. Your favorite TV show coming back after a long hiatus.

25. Getting a birthday gift from someone you were not expecting

26. Getting a huge tax refund.

27. A cold drink on a hot day.

28. Getting a massage after a long run.

29. Finding your credit card in your wallet after you thought you lost it.

30. Your team winning after being down the whole game.

31. Getting a promotion at work.

32. Your favorite song coming on the radio right when you need it.

33. Waking up to find your dog snuggled up against you.

34. Waking up to sunny skies after a week of rain.

35. The last day of school.

36. The day you graduate from college.

37. Winning a lottery and texting your boss that you are not coming to work anymore.

38. Paying off your last credit card bill.

39. The day you finally move out of your parents’ basement.

40. Getting the gift that you were waiting for all your life

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My Most Irrational Fear…

41. Falling down a manhole.

42. Becoming a paraplegic.

43. Losing my glasses.

44. Getting trapped in a room with my ex.

45. Having a really ugly baby.

46. People seeing me dance.

47. Getting my arm caught in a roller coaster.

48. Getting locked in a car trunk.

49. Being the last one picked for a sports team.

50. Losing my teeth.

51. Being trapped in a car that’s sinking in quicksand.

52. Being chased by a swarm of fire ants.

53. A plague that makes everyone blind.

54. Losing my hair.

55. Losing my phone

56. Getting a paper cut because it’s just so darn painful.

57. Falling asleep on a bus and missing my stop.

58. The sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

59. Getting stuck in small spaces.

60. Getting swallowed by a whale.

61. Getting eaten by an anaconda.

62. That I’ll spontaneously combust.

63. Getting struck by lightning.

64. That an alien will abduct me and experiment on me.

65. That I’ll wake up one day with no arms or legs.

66. That I’ll forget how to breathe and just die.

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Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had…

67. Trying to peel a banana with my feet.

68. Cutting my own hair.

69. Thinking I could get a better view from behind a tall electrical fence by standing on a chair.

70. Bathing with my cat.

71. Not following the instructions on the bottle of medicine.

72. Sleeping with my contact lenses.

73. Telling a cop that I’m a cop as well when he pulls me over for speeding.

74. Putting out a cigarette with my tongue.

75. Telling my parents that I was going to quit school to follow my dream of being an exotic model.

76. Telling a woman at a bar that I’m a famous rock star and she has to sleep with me if she wants an autograph.

77. Getting a henna tattoo on my face before my dream job interview and had it not wash off in time.

78. Trying to open a jar of pickles with my teeth.

79. Trying to push a door open with my face.

80. Telling a guy who has a crush on me that I’m into girls.

81. Trying to have a serious conversation with a guy who is checking out my chest.

82. Trying to pet a baby bear that I met on my last hike.

83. Superglueing my hand to my face.

84. Eating an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting.

85. Jumping out of a moving car.

86. Getting a tattoo of my ex’s name.

87. Shaving my eyebrows.

88. Eating only fast food and drinking Red Bulls for a month.

89. Lying about my skydiving experience

90. Booking a one-way ticket to a random country.

91. Getting surgery to look like my favorite celebrity.

92. Sticking my hand in a beehive.

93. Licking a frozen metal pole.

94. Petting a grizzly bear.

95. Eating a live octopus in Japan.

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Weirdest Gift I’ve Given or Received…

96. A restraining order from my ex.

97. A wig for my dog.

98. A box of tampons.

99. A bible.

100. A bunch of business cards with “EAT ME” printed on them.

101. A sword.

102. A frog in a jar.

103. A Barbie doll.

104. A chinchilla.

105. A 🍆-shaped candle.

106. A box of old adult magazines.

107. A gift certificate for a lap dance.

108. A box of expired c0ndoms.

109. A pet goat.

110. The membership for Weight Watchers

The Award I Should be Nominated for…

111. Best at making inappropriate jokes

112. Winning personality.

113. Keen fashion sense.

114. The best beard

115. The best singer in the shower.

116. The best for pretending to know what’s going on.

117. The best at making excuses

118. The best napper

119. The person with the shortest attention span of the year

120. Most likely to embarrass themselves in public

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I Go Crazy for…

122. The smell of fresh-cut grass.

123. A cold drink on a hot day.

124. The smell of freshly baked cookies.

125. The smell of the ocean.

126. The guy who can put together furniture.

127. A big comfy chair.

128. A good night’s sleep.

129. A day at the spa.

130. My mom’s roasted chicken.

131. The sound of my own voice

132. Women that know how to cook

133. A pedicure that lasts for more than a week.

134. My bed after a long day.

135. A full body massage.

136. The sound of rain on the roof.

137. The first cup of coffee in the morning.

138. A hot shower after a long day.

139. Men with six-pack abs.

140. New shoes that fit perfectly.

I Bet You Can’t…

141. Twist your neck and look behind you.

142. Lift your legs above your head.

143. Touch your nose with your tongue.

144. Walk backward on your hands.

145. Wiggle your ears.

146. Touch your elbows together behind your back.

147. Touch your nose with your toes.

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I’m Convinced That…

148. You can never have too much ice cream.

149. It’s okay for men to cry.

150. I am the reincarnation of Cleopatra.

151. I am the best driver in the world.

152. The voices in my head are always right.

153. No matter how hard you try, you can’t force someone to love you.

154. The perfect wingman will always be my dog.

155. It’s never too late to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

156. I would be the only one to survive a zombie apocalypse.

157. I am missing out on my calling as a famous rock star.

158. That life is just one big conspiracy.

159. That I was meant to be a billionaire

160. That unicorns are real.

161. That extraterrestrial life exists

162. A good massage is the answer to all of life’s problems.

163. I deserve a Nobel Prize for my groundbreaking work in the field of napping.

164. I am a professional couch potato.

165. I am a world-renowned expert in the field of procrastination.

166. I’m being watched by the NSA/God/Aliens.

167. I’m not easy. I just have low standards.

168. I’m not rude. I just have poor social skills.

169. Our kids will be hot.

I Geek Out on…

170. Dog or cat videos.

171. Playing video games.

172. Japanese animation!

173. Cosplay

174. Sci-Fi movies

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I Know the Best Spot in Town for…

175. The best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

176. The most delicious cupcakes and donuts.

177. To be served by hot bartenders.

178. To get down on the dance floor.

179. A romantic date on a Friday night.

180. The best happy hour deals.

181. To get a massage.

182. The best place to take selfies.

183. The best place to relax and unwind.

184. To watch the sunset.

185. To take a nap

186. Watching people fall down the stairs.

187. The best place to people watch and judge them silently

Worst Fad I Participated in…

188. Having a name necklace.

189. Skirts that were so short you could see my underwear.

190. Wearing huge sunglasses that covered half my face and made me look like a bug.

199. Wearing socks with sandals.

200. Having a tongue ring.

201. Saying “n00b”.

202. Saying “Duh!”

203. Wearing a belt bag.

204. The Harlem Shake.

205. Filming myself eating.

206. Wearing a necklace around my ankle.

207. Taking pictures of food and posting them on Instagram

208. Doing WAP challenge on TikTok

209. Having the man bun

210. Buying Bitcoin

211. Wearing pants my pants so low you could see my thong

212. Getting one of those fake tattoos that last for two weeks

213. Shaving one side of my head

214. Wearing a belt bag

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On My Bucket List…

215. Take a selfie with the President’s wife.

216. Go to a zoo and eat a sandwich in front of a lion.

217. Go to the DMV and try to get a new license photo with a haircut that makes me look like a Viking

218. Dress up as a zombie and scare old people at a retirement community.

219. See what happens if I pee off the top of a tall building.

220. Go to a rave and steal someone’s glow sticks.

221. Take a picture of a mannequin and share it with the caption “Look who I ran into today!”

222. Go on a date with a supermodel.

223. Win the lottery.

224. Get punched in the face by a celebrity.

225. Go on a safari and pet a lion.

226. Spend a week living in a remote cabin in the woods with no electricity or running water.

227. Get lost in a foreign city and see where the wind takes me.

228. Go on a road trip with no specific destination in mind.

229. Quit my job and travel the world for a year.

230. Get a pet llama and take it for walks around the neighborhood

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Facts About Me That Surprise People…

231. I don’t usually wear underwear.

232. I’m afraid of needles.

233. I’m afraid of the dark.

234. I can do a backflip.

235. I’ve never had a pimple.

236. I’m afraid of spiders.

237. I love the smell of gasoline.

238. I’m allergic to watermelons.

239. I’ve never had a cavity.

240. I was once a professional dancer.

241. I enjoy going to clothing-optional beaches.

242. I can wiggle my ear

243. I don’t know how to drive.

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Together We Could…

244. Get matching tattoos to prove our love for each other.

245. Solve the world’s water crisis.

246. Find a cure for hangovers.

247. Win the Nobel Peace Prize

248. Be the first two people to get married in space.

249. Bring the world together by having a child that is part Swedish, part Taiwanese, and part American.

250. Make love on the Great Wall of China.

251. Write a book about our travels after we return from our trip.

252. Solve the problem of world hunger.

253. Become famous by being the first people to ever have a baby on the moon.

254. Make the perfect team of con artists and pull off the biggest heist ever.

255. Write a best-selling book about our adventures together.

256. Save the world from global warming.

257. Have the most perfect wedding ever.

258. Become professional competitive eaters.

259. Live in a van and travel around the country

260. Open a petting zoo

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The Dorkiest Thing About Me…

261. I sing in the shower.

262. I sleep with a nightlight

263. I have a weird obsession with Halloween.

264. I love the color purple.

265. I like to sniff things.

266. I keep a journal.

267. I still believe in Santa

268. I like to go to the movies alone.

I Get Along Best with People Who…

269. Enjoy “A Christmas Story”.

270. Like cats more than dogs.

271. Don’t mind a little bit of awkwardness.

272. Are open-minded

273. Don’t take life too seriously

274. Enjoy a good debate

275. Are okay with being weird.

276. Don’t have a problem with spoilers.

277. Have never seen an episode of The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

278. Love you for all your quirks and imperfections.

279. Don’t mind if I sing in the shower.

280. Don’t get offended easily – life’s too short to be angry all the time!

281. Are comfortable with silence – sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy each other’s company without having to fill every silence with conversation.

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The Way to Win Me Over Is To…

282. Make me your one and only

283. Buy me a ring.

284. Change the oil in my car.

285. Buy me a puppy.

286. Tell me that you were thinking about me at work.

287. Tell me that you’re just as nervous as I am.

288. Cook me dinner and do the dishes.

289. Sing karaoke with me (even if you can’t carry a tune).

290. Send me flowers “just because”.

291. Put your phone away when we’re together and give me your undivided attention.

292. Give me a back massage without me even asking for one.

293. Bring me food when I’m studying for finals.

294. Make me breakfast in bed.

295. Walk with me hand-in-hand under the stars.

I’m a Regular At…

296. The dog park

297. The Grammys.

298. The Bachelor.

299. The local bar

300. The emergency room.

301. Sephora

302. Zoo

303. Starbucks

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Don’t Hate Me If I…

304. Think your mom is hot

305. Don’t like the Kardashians.

306. I’m not a ‘dog person’.

307. Love sugary drinks.

308. Have an obsession with Shakira.

309. Don’t know how to parallel park.

310. Watched all the Twilight movies.

311. Read all 50 Shades of Grey books.

312. I’m not into yoga.

313. I don’t really like coffee.

314. I think kids are annoying

315. I don’t know how to cook

316. I’m a little bit OCD

317. I prefer winter over summer

Green Flags I Look For…

318. Good taste in music.

319. The ability to make good drinks.

320. A positive outlook on life.

321. Being on the same page about your future.

322. The ability to make a mean cup of coffee.

323. Someone who can roll with the punches.

324. Emotional intelligence

325. A partner who understands your love of dogs

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I Want Someone Who…

326. Will dance with me, even if there’s no music playing.

327. Will eat ice cream with me, even when it’s cold outside.

328. Will never use the phrase “we need to talk”.

329. Will finish my sentences for me because they know me so well.

330. Is okay with being second best, after my cat of course.

331. Still believes in love even after being disappointed a few times.

332. Will watch all the Marvel movies with me, even though they’re not really their thing.

333. Gives me space when I need it, but is always there when I want them.

334. Won’t mind if I want to cuddle more than talk sometimes.

335. Will never give up on me, no matter how hard things get.

I’m the Type of Guy Who…

336. Is always cold no matter what the temperature is

337. Is always up for coffee, even if it’s in the middle of the night

338. Always has your back, no matter what

339. Is always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on

340. Never runs out of cheesy pickup lines

341. Is always ready for an adventure, no matter how dangerous

342. Gets lost in his own thoughts a lot

343. Believes that love conquers all

A Shower Thought I Recently Had…

344. I’d rather have a conversation with someone who has opposing views than someone who agrees with everything I say.

345. If you think about it, cats are kind of like little lions. Minus the whole man-eating thing.

346. If aliens landed on Earth and asked to speak to our leader, I’m pretty sure they’d be disappointed with who they ended up meeting.

347. The best way to start my day is by not setting an alarm and waking up when my body is ready.

348. If I could trade places with any animal, I would choose to be a bird so I could fly.

349. I look better when I’m not wearing clothes.

350. If time travel is possible, then where are all the tourists from the future?

My Biggest Date Fail…

351. Was when I accidentally spit my gum out on his face.

352. Was when I stepped in dog poop.

353. Was when the waiter spilled red wine all over me.

354. Was when a bird pooped on me.

355. Was when I tripped and fell down the stairs

356. Was when I accidentally called him by my ex’s name.

357. Was when I stepped on his foot and he yelped in pain.

358. Was when I spilled my drink on him.

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