67 Flirty Examples of What to Text a Guy After First Date

If you are like most women, you probably feel a little hesitant to text a guy after the first date.

However, there is no real reason why you should wait for him to text you first if you liked the guy.

At the very least you should send your date a thank you text especially if he was the one who paid for dinner.

When messaging him you don’t want to seem clingy, but at the same time, you want to show your guy that you really enjoyed the date and want to see him again.

This will make you look confident and the guy will not have to worry about getting rejected.

So, what should you text a guy after a first date?

Today we will share with you a big list of funny and flirty examples that you can use to text your guy and get a second date.

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What to Text a Guy After First Date?

1. I had so much fun with you last night! I can’t wait to do it again.

2. I’m so full from all that food! You know how to pick ‘em 😉 Thanks for a great night.

3. I had such a great time with you last night, I can’t wait to see you again!

4. I’ve been smiling all day thinking about last night. Thanks for a great time, can’t wait to see you again soon!

5. I had a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.

6. You made me laugh so much last night, I had such a great time!

7. I can’t stop smiling when I think about our date last night 🙂

8. You’re so sweet and charming in person, I can’t get you out of my head!

9. You’re such a gentleman! Thanks for opening doors and being so chivalrous. I had a great time.

10. Thanks for being patient with me, I know I can be a lot to handle 🙂 Looking forward to our next date!

11. I’m so glad we met! Thanks for a great night! I can’t wait to see you again!

12. Seriously, thank you for tonight. I had an amazing time.

13. Thanks for coming out tonight! I had a blast.

14. You’re so sweet and funny and I had such a great time with you tonight

15. You were the perfect gentleman and I had a lovely time!

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16. Thanks for a great date! You made me laugh and I had a lot of fun!

17. Thanks for an incredible date! You were so funny and sweet!

18. Just enjoying a cup of tea on a balcony. Wanna join me on Skype?

19. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you.

20. Thanks for an amazing first date, can’t wait for the next one!

21. I loved spending time with you, can’t wait to do it again soon!

22. I’m still thinking about our kiss…

23. I had such a great time, I’m already looking forward to our next date!

24. You’re such a great listener, I feel like I could tell you anything!

25. Thanks for a lovely evening. I had such a very good time, I’d love to do it again sometime soon.

26. You were right – that new sushi place is amazing! We should go again sometime this week?

27. Thanks for walking me home. I had a great time tonight, can’t wait to do it again soon.

28. Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks for tonight, it was a lot of fun.

29. So I might have gone a little overboard with shopping today…but I got something you might like, can’t wait to show you!

30. Good morning! Just wanted to say thanks again for last night, it was a lot of fun.

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31. I’ve never had a first date that was this fun.

32. Looking forward to our next date, already have something planned!

33. Let me know when you’re free and we can do this again.

34. Do you want to come over for dinner sometime this week?

35. I don’t think I thanked you properly for an amazing first date. So thank you!

36. I think we had a lot of fun together, what do you say?

37. Thanks for last night, it felt really special to me.

38. Thank you for taking me on such a fun date last night! I really enjoyed it!

39. So when are you going to show me that waterfall you told me about? 🙂

40. I had fun dancing with you last night, even though I may not be the best dancer. Thanks for being a good sport about it!

41. Thanks for being understanding when I had to cut our date short, my boss is a total jerk sometimes. Next time drinks are on me!

42. I forgot to ask, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I need to know for next time…

43. So should we start planning our second date now, or do you want me to surprise you?

44. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I made it home safe, thanks for walking me out!

45. Dinner was great, thank you! The conversation was even better. I can’t wait to see you again soon.

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46. Goodnight gorgeous, can’t wait to see you again 🙂

47. You’re definitely not like any other guy I’ve ever met…in a good way!

48. Wow, I can’t believe how well we connected, it felt like we’ve known each other forever!

49. I already know that I want to see you again, when are you free?

50. I could definitely see myself falling for you…

51. Thanks for making me laugh tonight, I needed it!

52. So glad we finally went out! I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again soon.

53. Dinner was delicious, thank you! And your company was even better 🙂

54. You’re right, sushi is way better than Italian food. I’ll have to take you out to my favorite place next time!

55. I can’t stop thinking about your smile…or that kiss 🙂

56. So, when are you going to take me out on a proper date? 🙂

57. I had so much fun last night, thank you! And thanks for being understanding when I had to leave early.

58. I don’t usually kiss on the first date, but for you, I was ready to make an exception…

59. Dinner was delicious! Thanks for taking me out! Now it’s my turn to treat you 🙂

60. You were so sweet and attentive tonight, it made me feel really special.

61. Perfect date does not exist, but we came pretty close 🙂 Thanks for tonight!

62. Hey you 🙂 Thanks so much for last night, I had an incredible time!

63. One more night like this and I might just fall for you 🙂 Thanks for a lovely evening!

64. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I had an incredible time last night, and am already looking forward to our next date.

65. Good morning! Just wanted to send a quick message and say thanks again for an amazing date last night. Can’t wait to see you soon!

66. Will you dream of me tonight? Because I’ll be dreaming of you…

67. So last night was fun, right?! Would love to see you again very soon.

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