120 Funny Ways to Ask Someone to Hook Up

Want to invite a guy or girl you like for a night of fun but are afraid of coming across as desperate or even creepy?

Asking someone to hook up can be a bit scary because you never know how they might react especially if it is your first time.

There is always a chance of getting rejected but at the same time if you don’t ask them out how will you get lucky?

One way to improve your chances and avoid any awkwardness is to use humor to break the ice and make your intentions clear without putting too much pressure on your crush.

If things get a little awkward you can just say that you were joking or even blame them for being so dirty-minded.

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It will also make it much easier for your crush to say yes if you make it sound like you are just inviting them to have some fun without any expectations.

To give you some creative ideas of how to say you want to hook up, we came up with a list of funny and flirty examples you can text a guy or girl you want to sleep with.

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Funny Ways to Ask Someone to Hook Up Over Text

1. Are you up for a bit of an adventure tonight?

2. Feel like stargazing from my bedroom window?

3. How about a night of cuddles, kisses, and more?

4. Want to try something totally wild?

5. Feel like getting a little crazy tonight?

6. Interested in some bed-bouncing fun?

7. Wanna be my plus one for a night of debauchery?

8. Let’s get wild and crazy together!

9. I’ve been told I’m a pretty good kisser, wanna test me out?

10. Want to do something both naughty and nice?

11. Ready to have some fun with me tonight?

12. Want to make some memories tonight?

13. Let’s get wild under the moonlight!

14. Want to join me in some fun activities that involve our clothes coming “off”?

15. Up for a game of truth or dare tonight?

16. Up for some late-night thrills and chills?

17. Are you game for a little rendezvous?

18. Wanna take our relationship to the next level tonight?

19. Let’s get freaky tonight.

20. Do you have time for a quickie?

21. Come on over, I’ll provide the drinks and the entertainment!

22. Want to join me for some naughty fun?

23. How about a date with no boundaries?

24. Do you want to get frisky this evening?

25. Are you interested in some not-so-innocent fun this evening?

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26. Wanna be the ketchup to my french fries tonight?

27. Want to spice up my evening?

28. Do you want to find out how compatible we are in a bedroom?

29. Feeling a bit frisky – how about you?

30. Here’s an idea – why don’t you come over and we can see where the night takes us?

31. Oh, what the heck – why don’t we get a little naughty tonight?

32. Ready for an unforgettable night with me?

33. Hope you’re feeling adventurous because I’m thinking of something pretty wild…

34. Interested in a night of adventure and pleasure?

35. Want to come over and star in our own romantic comedy?

36. Want to make this night even more interesting?

37. Ready for a spontaneous evening of passion and pleasure?

38. Wanna snuggle up, cuddle, and enjoy the night?

39. Hey, are you up for a no strings attached night of fun?

40. Want to get horizontal with me?

41. I’m looking for someone to cuddle with – no commitment necessary!

42. Would you like to hang out and maybe do something naughty?

43. Got any plans for tonight? Let’s make them naughty!

44. Looking for someone to have a little fun with?

45. Feel like getting together and doing something totally wild and crazy?

46. Want to get naughty with me tonight?

47. How about we make some magic happen tonight?

48. Are you ready to show me your wild side?

49. Would you like to join me for a night of passion and romance?

50. Are you down for a little make-out session?

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51. Interested in some quality one-on-one time?

52. Are you in the mood for some cuddle time?

53. Want to fool around this evening?

54. What do you think about spending the evening (or night) with me?

55. Interested in some adult activities tonight?

56. Up for some nocturnal fun this evening?

57. Got any plans for getting horizontal this evening?

58. What do you say we make a mess of my sheets tonight?

59. Up to get wild tonight?

60. Interested in getting close this evening?

61. Thinking about spending the night together?

62. Wanna make something more than dinner tonight?

63. How about letting our imagination run wild tonight?

64. Any interest in taking things up a notch tonight?

65. I’ve got a spot in my bed reserved just for you!

66. Interested in a night of steamy, passionate lovemaking?

67. It’s time to get frisky!

68. Can I come over and help you with that… thing?

69. How would you like to have one of those nights that you’ll never forget?

70. Wanna explore some forbidden pleasures tonight?

71. Come cuddle up with me and let’s see what happens!

72. How about some naughty games later tonight?

73. How about we connect in a more intimate way?

74. Ready for something a bit more exciting than just dinner and a movie?

75. How about we re-enact that scene from that movie you love so much?

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76. How about I make your wildest dreams come true tonight?

77. Time for me to show you why they call me the wild one?

78. Wanna come over and Netflix and chill with a twist?

79. Are you up for some fooling around?

80. Interested in a little bedroom acrobatics?

81. Let’s make our own movie, but you can’t wear any clothes…

82. Are you ready to break some mattress springs?

83. Want some fun under the sheets?

84. Interested in a night of cuddles and snuggles?

85. Tonight I want to show you how much I like you…in bed!

86. Why don’t we take this conversation into the bedroom?

87. You’ve been on my mind all day so let’s do something about it!

88. I’m in the mood for some quality “you and me” time…

89. Interested in a little intimacy?

90. Feeling like cozying up together?

91. Let’s have some intimate fun tonight!

92. Can I sleep in your bed tonight?

93. I’ll give you a hug if you’ll give me something more

94. Can I come over and put a smile on your face?

95. You seem pretty cool, would you like to do something naughty?

96. Can I whisper sweet nothings in your ear tonight?

97. Are you ready to shake things up in the bedroom?

98. My place or yours?

99. Will you come to my place for a little pillow talk?

100. Private entertainment for two?

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101. Want to find out what kind of chemistry we have?

102. Can I be the one that rocks your world tonight?

103. I’m ready when you are – let’s hook up!

104. Can I make sure your night ends with a bang?

105. If we get together, I guarantee it won’t be boring!

106. Should we get together and break some rules?

107. Looking for an interesting evening?

108. Want to sneak away together and have some fun?

109. Feel like making some moves with me tonight?

110. Any chance I can come over and spice things up with you tonight?

111. Do you want to get creative tonight?

112. Are you in the mood for something saucy?

113. How about we get together and see how things progress?

114. Wanna see how I can rock your world?

115. Is your bed missing someone?

116. I’m feeling adventurous and you look like fun, wanna hang out?

117. Will you be my cuddle buddy for the night?

118. I think it’s time I give you a hands-on experience!

119. If I promise not to bite, will you still come over?

120. Wanna do something that’ll make us both smile tomorrow morning?

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