50 Seductive Text Messages to Flirt and Tease Him

Do you have a great husband or boyfriend but want to make him desire you even more?

Or maybe you just met a new guy and you want to make him go crazy for you?

It is actually easy to make your guy feel more attracted to you if you follow the tips that we will share with you today.

One of the easiest ways to make him want you more is to tease and flirt with him by sending seductive text messages. You don’t even have to send your suggestive photos to turn your guy on. Arousing your guy with words is often more effective than sending him intimate photos.

Man’s brain releases a lot of different hormones when you send him messages that make him fantasize about the things he will do when he sees you. This can build anticipation and make him feel more attracted to you.

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Many women feel shy about sending seductive messages to their guys and unfortunately, this makes many relationships boring.

Most guys love when their girlfriend or wife sends them dirty messages. Not only it makes your guy feel good because you want him but it also helps to distract him from his boring day at the office or at school.

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50 Best Seductive Text Messages for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Seductive Text Messages While He is at Work

Here are some flirty examples of what to text your man while he is at work.

  • I can’t wait to see you at my place tonight.
  • I bought some cream and strawberries for tonight. Hope you are hungry…
  • Did you like what we did last night?
  • I want to have you for dinner tonight.
  • I know you have a busy day so how about a massage when you get home tonight? And yeah I can go all the way…
  • What do you think about these new panties that I bought yesterday (Send a photo)
  • Yesterday night was so good! We should do it again but in my place this time.
  • Here is something to brighten your day;) (Send him a frisky photo)
  • Bedroom, kitchen, or your office? 😉
  • I will be only wearing my glasses when you get home tonight;)

Example of how to seduce your guy while he is at work

You: Hi! How is your day going?

Guy: Very busy today. Have to write a bunch of emails before lunch.

You: Well I have something to take your mind of work…

You: I will be only wearing my glasses when you get home tonight

Guy: I already feel more motivated

You: haha so what will you do to me when you get home?

Guy: I am getting hard just thinking about it 🍆🍑 …

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Seductive Text Messages for Long Distance Relationship

If you are in a long-distance relationship sending seductive messages is one of the best ways to keep a spark and intimate tension alive.

  • I can’t wait to see you next month. How about we do some fun over FaceTime?
  • I am just lying here in a bathtub. It feels so good. Wish you were here.
  • Call me on Zoom. I am in a bathtub with a glass of wine.
  • I am going to do bad things to you when I see you in March.
  • I had a dream about us making out on a kitchen table. I want you so bad right now. Can’t wait to see you next month.
  • I can’t stop thinking about all the dirty things we did the last time we saw each other.
  • Let’s do a virtual date today. I will be wearing this dress (Send him a picture of lingerie).
  • What would you do to me if I was lying next to you?
  • I miss sleeping next to you.
  • Is it bad that I can’t stop touching myself whenever I think about our last vacation together?

Seductive Text Messages That Aren’t Too Forward

If you just met a guy or you are shy, here are some messages that will make him want you without you being too obvious.

  • Can’t wait to cuddle with you.
  • I miss kissing you all over your body.
  • You looked so tempting last night. Can we meet tonight?
  • What do you think about this dress (Send him a picture)
  • What are you doing tonight? Want to have some fun at my place?
  • I need your hug right now.
  • Want to watch Netflix at my place tonight? I have some wine as well…
  • I really need a massage. Are you free?
  • I had a non-PG dream about you last night. I will tell you all about it when we meet.
  • If you show up in my dreams tonight, I promise that I will try to behave.

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Seductive Text Messages for Him at Night

Here are the messages that will make him fantasize and dream about you. But don’t be surprised if he asks to come over in the middle of the night…

  • I am just lying bored in bed right now. Do you want to try something fun?
  • It would be nice if you were lying here next to me.
  • If you end up dreaming about me, I give you permission to do anything you want.
  • Just lying and touching myself thinking about the things I will let you do to me tomorrow.
  • I miss you lying…on top of me.
  • Here is something to dream about tonight (Send him a dirty picture)
  • Need you here with me (Send him a photo of yourself lying in bed)
  • I can’t fall asleep. What are you up to?
  • Are you in bed right now? Can I video call you?
  • I can’t fall asleep because I keep thinking of the things I want to do with you right now.

Seductive Text Messages to Make Him Want You Right Now

If you want to make your guy come over for some fun time, here are the messages that will drive him wild.

  • Which pair of panties should I wear tonight? (Send a photo)
  • Can’t wait to taste you tonight.
  • I think I am stuck here. (Send him a dirty photo)
  • Send him a photo of your underwear laying on a bed.
  • Do you want to come over and spank me tonight?
  • We need you right now (Send him a photo of your body)
  • I need to feel you all over my body tonight.
  • I just finished taking bath and now I am not sure what to wear. Can you help me to decide?
  • I handcuffed myself to a bed and I need help getting free.
  • I am lying completely undressed in bed and waiting for you.

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