10 Ways to Keep a Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him

Did you sleep with a guy you like too soon and now you are not sure what to do next to avoid losing him?

Was it a mistake and can it ruin your chances of dating him? Well, it all depends on what you do next…

In general, the best way to ensure that the guy will stick around is to wait until you get to know him before getting intimate.

This way you can figure out if you are compatible before getting physical. Making him wait will also increase anticipation and help you in keeping away the men that are only interested in sleeping with you.

Unfortunately, things sometimes don’t go as planned and you might end up sleeping with a guy sooner than you were expecting.

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Maybe you had an instant connection with a lot of chemistry on the first date or maybe you got a little too tipsy and things went out of control.

So what can you do now to make sure that he will stay?

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Why Some Guys Lose Interest After They Sleep You?

First of all, it is important to understand why some men lose interest after they sleep with you.

Here are the main reasons why the initial attraction might fade.

1. He Was Only Looking to Get Laid

Some guys just want to get laid and after they get what they want they move on and stop texting the woman.

Maybe he just broke up with his ex and is not ready for anything serious, he doesn’t have time for a serious relationship or maybe he is still in a relationship with someone else. You might never know…

There is not much you can do about guys like these and it is a good idea to just forget about them. Why do you want to date someone who is only interested in getting into your pants?

It is also important to remember that men are programmed to sleep with as many women as possible and that’s why some of them are not looking to settle down unless they meet someone they feel emotionally and physically attracted to.

2. The Attraction Was Only Physical

Some men don’t get much attention from women and they end up sleeping with any woman who is willing to sleep with them before actually deciding if they are interested in dating her.

When you meet someone, most of the initial attraction is usually purely physical.

That’s why after you sleep with each other it slowly starts to fade. However, there are ways to avoid losing this initial attraction and that’s what we will discuss later in this article.

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3. He Got Turned Off

It is possible that something happened during your first night together that turned the guy off.

Some men lose interest in a woman that sleeps too soon with them thinking that any guy can have her. Guys want to feel special and getting a girl needs to feel like a challenge for them.

It is also possible that maybe you did or say something that he didn’t like and that’s why now he is avoiding you.

The top things that women do in bed that turn men off are complaining about their skills, acting bored and uninterested, mentioning their exes, or leaving right away. Obviously, poor hygiene is another big NO.

Everyone is different and you can’t make every guy happy so don’t feel too bad. He is just not a good match for you.

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How to Keep a Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him?

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1. Take It Easy

Men and women view intimacy differently. For men, it is a purely physical act while for most women it means that she is ready for a certain degree of commitment.

If you just met him, avoid coming across as clingy or controlling. Yes, you slept together but it was a mutual decision and he doesn’t owe you anything at this point.

Don’t text him every hour just to see where he is and also don’t expect him to text you all the time as well. You are still getting to know each other so don’t try to force anything.

Some men get scared when a woman wants to settle down right away before they even got a chance to get to know her.

Acting too desperate is usually a turnoff and only shows that you don’t have much success with men.

2. Make Him Wait

If you ended up sleeping together on the first date, make him wait a little longer before getting intimate again.

Tell him that you can make out and cuddle but don’t sleep with him to build more physical and emotional attraction. Try to tease him by acting flirty without actually sleeping with him.

Some women do this part wrong by assuming that the guy will be more attracted to them if they give him what he wants and whenever he wants.

However, in reality, most men like a little bit of chase, and by making him wait you can build stronger attraction.

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3. Be Interested in Him

How well do you know him? It is important to get to know the guy to keep him interested in you.

Ask him personal questions to see what are his interests, hobbies, and maybe even about his family.

4. Act Vulnerable

Men are attracted to women that act vulnerable. This means sharing something personal with a guy. Maybe a secret that you never told anyone or telling him about some of the fantasies you have that no one else knows.

This will make him see that you trust him and he will try to avoid breaking this trust.

5. Take Care of Your Appearance

Your physical appearance is very important when it comes to keeping a guy interested when you first start seeing each other. Just because you slept together, you shouldn’t go out with him wearing your old hoody and sweatpants.

Instead, wear something trendy and fitting, take care of your make-up and wear heels or nice shoes.

Another way to appear younger and more attractive is by being active. This means going to the gym, attending fitness classes, or just going for a run every morning.

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6. Don’t Be Boring

Most couples break up because the relationship becomes boring and predictable. Sitting on your phone while you are on a date with a guy is one of the ways to make him feel bored with you.

You should be engaging and getting to know the person in front of you instead of chatting with someone who is not even there.

One of the easiest ways not to be boring is to have a hobby you are passionate about. This way you will always have something to talk about.

Another way not to come across as boring is to be open to new experiences and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Many people come across as boring because they are too scared to open up and talk or do things they really enjoy because of the fear that this will scare their crush.

7. Make Him Jealous

One of the ways to make a guy more interested in you is by making him jealous. However, this doesn’t mean sleeping with other people.

Instead, mention that you are going to your friend’s party or going to a bar for a girls’ night out. When he messages you, don’t rush to reply right away, and give him some time to wonder where you might be.

When you go out together, try to be friendly or even a little flirty with his friends and other people you meet. This will make him feel jealous and he will do anything not to lose you.

8. Don’t Be His Booty Call

If he only messages you when he wants to get laid, don’t fall for it. If you want a relationship make him work for it.

Next time he tries to invite you for Netflix and Chill, suggest doing something else for a date and see how he reacts.

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9. Compliment Him

If you like something about him, compliment it. However, try to make your compliments non-physical.

Tell him you like the way he talks or his sense of humor. If the lovemaking was good, don’t be afraid to tell him how good he is in bed.

Most guys don’t get many compliments from women and this will make him feel more attracted to you because you see him differently than all other women.

This will also make him feel more comfortable around you and can increase his interest in you.

10. Flirt With Him

You shouldn’t stop flirting with a guy just because you slept with him. Flirting and teasing will keep the spark alive and make your relationship more exciting and fun.

You can flirt with a guy both in person and via text when he is not around.

While you hang out together touch him playfully but stop it just before he gets too excited.

For example, sit on his lap, rub his foot or put your hand between his legs while you sit next to him.

Sending suggestive photos is a great way to tease him and add spice to your relationship. Another great way to keep the spark going is by using dirty innuendos to make him fantasize about you.

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