30 Examples of How to Flirt With a Guy Over Snapchat

Snapchat is a perfect app for flirting with guys. It can help you to get to know each other and at the same time improve your chemistry.

So what should you do when a handsome guy you just met added you on Snapchat and sent you a few cute snaps?

You know that you need to flirt back but what should you send him without pushing him away?

Some women get scared when it comes to flirting on Snapchat because they are afraid to send something that can make them look boring, unattractive, or even dumb.

However in reality in most cases, it doesn’t really matter what you send as long as you are having fun.

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To help you out we came up with 30 examples of how you can flirt with guys over Snapchat.

Some of these examples are more subtle while others are more bold and perfect for making guys go wild for you.

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Examples of How to Flirt With a Guy Over Snapchat

1. Snap Him

Take a snap of something that you find hot about him. This can be his face, body, or even the way he walks.

2. Show Off You Outfit

If you’re wearing a cute outfit, send your crush a picture of it! Ask him if he likes it and if you should wear it for your next date.

3. Snap a Part of Your Body

If you want to be a little bit more playful, you can take a photo of just one part of your body. This works great if you are too lazy to put makeup on.

4. Show Off Your Hair

If you got a haircut or styled your hair, send a photo to your crush and ask if he likes it.

5. Hit Him With Some Romance

Send him a photo of you blowing a kiss to him or a selfie of you with your eyes closed.

Pout your lips in a seductive way and make it look like you are about to kiss the camera.

6. Do a Little Teasing…

Send him a photo of your full body while only wearing your panties and bra.

However, don’t send him your intimate photos especially if you just started seeing each other.

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7. Take a Selfie With Your Girlfriends

If you are out having fun with your friends, take a selfie to show what he is missing and tell him something like “I wish you were here”.

8. Copy Him

If he is doing something silly, mimic his snaps.

If he makes funny faces, make funny faces. If he dances in his Snaps, do the same!

9. Hot Goodnight Snap

You don’t have to send your guy intimate photos to make him think about you.

Instead, just take a snap of your body while you’re in bed and tell him “Sweet dream” or “Wild dreams”.

This should be enough to make him miss sleeping next to you.

10. Send Him a Compliment

Guys don’t get many compliments from women and it will make your guy feel special if you tell him that you like the way he looks, talks, or does something.

11. Seductive Pose

Take a photo of yourself from the side with one of your legs up.

12. Booty Shots

It is not a secret that most men go wild for women with nice booty.

Take a photo of your 🍑 and tell a guy that your workouts are paying off.

13. Bikini

Send him a Snap of you wearing a bikini. Say something like “Wanna go to the beach?”

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14. I Spied You

Take a photo of your crush doing something funny or attractive while he is not watching and then send it to him.

15. Get a Little Wet…

Take a photo of your body while you are in the shower or bath. Only show as much as you are comfortable with.

16. I Want You

Snap a photo of yourself while doing a seductive pose, and then let the guy you are flirting with know that you are thinking about him by captioning it “I want you”.

17. Dirty Dance

Take a seductive photo or video of yourself slowly peeling off your clothes. To tease him stop before fully revealing your body.

18. Tempting Snap

Take a side shot of your upper body so that your top and booty are showing with your hair covering your face.

19. The Proposal

Take a selfie of yourself in a low-cut shirt from above with a ring emoji and a caption saying “Will you marry me?”

20. The Bottom Selfie

Take a photo from below, looking up with your eyes toward the camera and biting your lip.

21. Selfie From a Distance

Instead of taking a selfie by holding a phone next to you, use a phone stand and take a photo from a distance.

This is great if you are not fully comfortable with your body but want to tease a guy.

This way he will not see any imperfections that you prefer to hide.

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22. The “Am I Wearing a Bra?”

Lie on your back and take a photo of your chest. This is a great way to make a guy think you are braless.

23. The Close-Up

Take a close-up photo of your lips and then show your tongue out. It’s a subtle way to make the guy want to kiss you.

24. Use a Boomerang (Bounce)

A boomerang is just a video that repeats.

Send a seductive shot that shows you from head to toe with your hair wild and your mouth open to get your man’s attention.

25. Show Him the Goods

Take an R-rated photo of yourself and send it to your crush.

Be sure to include a caption that says “See what you’re missing?”.

26. Hot Selfie

Take a selfie but don’t show your face, just show your body. This is a great way to tease a guy.

27. Seductive Lips

Pout your lips, make them look big, and kiss your finger. This will make you look more attractive and can be a good way to flirt.

28. The Beach

Take a pic of yourself in a swimsuit by the beach and send it to your man, or post it on your profile.

29. I’m Here

Snap a pic of yourself in a public place and send it to your guy to tease him. See if he asks to join you.

30. Intimate Snaps

This is a tricky one but if you are comfortable with your body and your man, send him a suggestive photo.

If you don’t then send him a seductive photo instead and work up to it.

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