13 Ways To Be A Trophy Husband

Everyone is familiar with the term “trophy wife”. She is usually a younger attractive woman married to an older rich guy.

In most cases, she is not considered to be very “intelligent” and usually becomes a stay-at-home wife.

So what does a “trophy husband” means then? Well, it is pretty similar with a few key differences.

The trophy husband is a good-looking and younger man that also has a few other qualities that women find irresistible such as confidence and the ability to make a woman feel like a real queen.

Both trophy husbands and wives are often considered to be gold-diggers because their partners are usually rich but usually not very attractive.

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So what if you are attracted to rich powerful older women and want to become a trophy husband?

There are a few ways to become a trophy-husband material.

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How to Be A Trophy Husband?

1. Stay in Shape

I know that it’s tempting to eat that extra slice of pizza with a beer while laying on a couch and watching Netflix but a wealthy woman probably doesn’t want to marry a couch potato.

She wants a charming man who’s in shape.

I’m not telling you to become a bodybuilder or marathon runner but you need to have a healthy body if you want to be trophy husband material.

Take care of your body, go to the gym and eat healthily.

2. Look Good

If you want to be a trophy husband, it’s important to look your best in public. This could mean changing your hairstyle and wearing stylish clothes.

You need to look like you’re successful, happy, and healthy.

Wealthy powerful women that are looking for a trophy husband want someone who is young and handsome to make their friends jealous.

3. Give Her Compliments

You should try to find opportunities to pamper your wife as much as possible. This will make her feel good and she’ll treat you like a king.

Don’t mention to her that she is old because she already knows it and instead compliment her on how stunning she is.

4. Be Confident

Confidence is a key element of a trophy husband. If you lack confidence, she’ll lose interest pretty fast.

Being confident means taking care of and protecting your woman from people that might take advantage of her or judge her.

Conflicts and fights might not be the best thing, but there’s something incredibly attractive and sensual about a man that can protect his wife.

5. Be Romantic

Women love men who can be romantic.

Give her flowers, surprise her with breakfast in bed or give her a sensual massage with candlelight after her day at work.

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6. Be a Gentleman

As a trophy husband, you’ll be expected to be a gentleman.

That means opening the door for your wife and your guests, pulling your wife’s chair, talking to her respectfully, and so on.

7. Be Understanding

Be understanding and willing to compromise.

If she wants to go on a vacation to the Bahamas, you better be willing to go there.

8. Be Fun

Even though looks are very important if you want to be a trophy husband, you also need to be fun or otherwise sooner or later your wife will get bored of you.

Don’t be the boring, stuck-up man in the relationship.

Be fun, spontaneous, and adventurous.

9. Show Off Your Skills

If you’re good at something, she’ll want to show you off to her friends.

Your wife wants to brag about you, so make sure you have something she can brag about.

10. Be Appreciative

Remember to always thank your wife for what she does for you.

Let her know how much you appreciate her.

She needs to know that you are not taking the things she does for you for granted or otherwise she might start wondering if you are only staying with her for her money.

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11. Be Loyal

Never cheat on your wife.

It’s disrespectful and it will ruin your chances of becoming a trophy husband.

Your older wife knows pretty well that many women are attracted to you because of your looks.

This means she is always looking for signs that you might be unfaithful so don’t give her any reasons to doubt you.

If you do cheat on her, it is highly unlikely that she will keep you around.

12. Be Supportive

A trophy husband is not just a good-looking arm candy; he’s also a very supportive partner.

He will help his wife achieve her dreams and encourage her to follow her passions.

13. Be a Good Dad

It’s not uncommon for powerful women to have kids from previous relationships.

You’re going to need to be a good father and a supportive husband.

Single mothers often base their decision on whether to marry a guy or not based on the way he treats their kids.

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Where to Meat Wealthy Powerful Women?

Now that you know how to be a trophy husband material the next step is to go out and find a woman that you can marry.

Online Dating

First of all, start by joining a few dating websites.

Most rich women will likely use sites like eHarmony if they are looking for a husband instead of Tinder or Bumble so register at a few different sites to increase your chances.

With online dating is relatively easy to chat with a lot of potential “wife material” women and quickly get information on how wealthy they are and what kind of guy they are looking for.

A few good sites you can try are eHarmony, Zoosk, and EliteSingles.

Bars and Lounges

Almost every city has a few bars known as “cougar” bars where older rich women go to hang out and meet younger men.

However, don’t neglect regular bars as well. Spots downtown in the financial district are usually the best for meeting rich women.

Luxury Stores

Women like to shop. While middle-class women might not be able to afford to shop in very expensive stores, rich women often do to keep up their status.

Get a Job Where You Can Meet Rich Women

As we already discussed there are certain spots where rich women like to hang out and one of the best ways to meet and interact with them is by getting a part-time job in one of these places.

This way it will be easy for you to chat and get to know them.

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