21 Signs That a Girl Is Using You

Do you suspect that your girlfriend is not really in love with you and is only using you for your money?

Or maybe you just met a new girl and you are not sure if she is just playing with your feelings and only using you for attention? Or what if you are just her backup plan?

It is not always easy to tell if the woman really loves you or only hangs out with you because she wants something else from you.

Most guys are aware of gold diggers that only date men for money but there are also other ways some women are using men.

Is she only texting you when she needs something? Is she only sleeping with you when you give her something she wants?

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These are some of the signs that a girl might be using you.

So let’s take a look at other signs that a woman is just pretending to like you.

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How to Know If a Girl Is Using You?

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1. She Never Offers to Pay for Anything

It is okay to pay for a girl on the first date but if she doesn’t even offer to pay then it is a red flag. Especially if this behavior continues beyond the first date.

2. She Wants You to Pay For Her Friends

This is an even more serious sign that she is using you.

If you go out with her friends and then she expects you to pay for the entire group, it is a pretty obvious sign that she doesn’t respect you and is using you for your money.

This should be a wake-up call for you. It is easy to let things like this slide or even justify in your head when you are in love with someone but what if she is not in love with you and is only using you?

3. She Only Wants to Go Out to Expensive Places

If the girl only goes out with you when you invite her to fancy restaurants, exclusive sporting events, or concerts it is likely that she is not really into you but likes the experience that you give her.

Pay attention if she never wants to hang out at your place or just go out for a coffee with you.

You might also notice that she often suggests going to expensive places or even orders the most expensive items on the menu while expecting you to pay for her.

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4. She Avoids Intimacy With You

Some girls are conservative and don’t sleep or even kiss a guy until they are dating him for some time. There are even women that want to wait for marriage before sleeping with a guy.

However, if you are dating a girl and you know that she already slept with guys before but doesn’t want to have any intimacy with you it is a huge red flag.

In cases like these don’t be surprised if she is seeing someone else at the same time and is only using you.

5. She Forgets to Bring Her Wallet

If she forgets her wallet more than once and asks you to pay while shopping in a mall or grocery store it is a huge red flag.

The same goes for her asking to borrow some money because she forgot her wallet but never paying you back.

6. She Doesn’t Put Any Effort Into Your Relationship

This means she doesn’t text or call you much and never invites you to hang out with her friends or her family.

When going out she doesn’t ask you where you want to go and the same goes for watching movies. She basically doesn’t really care how you feel.

7. She is Not Interested In Your Life

If she doesn’t care about your interests, your family/friends, or your hobbies, she likely has an ulterior motive for being with you.

She is probably not truly attracted to you and might be using you as a backup while she is searching for another guy.

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8. She Always Sits on Her Phone

If she always sits on her phone when you go out on a date and doesn’t pay much attention to you, it is another sign that she might be using you to get free food and drinks.

Even if it is not the reason why she goes out with you, staring at the phone when you are on a date with someone is a sign of disinterest and disrespect.

9. She Only Uses You to Get Laid

There are girls that only use guys to get laid and as soon as they are satisfied they leave until they feel in a mood again.

Carefully examine when your girl likes to get together with you. If it is always later at night when she is drunk, you might be her booty call. Especially if you don’t do anything else together as a couple except for hooking up.

10. She Cheats on You on Multiple Occasions

If she is cheating on you with other guys but then always comes back to you it is an obvious sign that you need to dump her.

Otherwise, you will be her backup option until she meets the “right” guy.

11. She Treats You Like a Friend

It is awesome to have platonic female friends but if she wants you to do more stuff for her than friends usually do without giving anything in return, then it is a big red flag.

Friends don’t use each other.

Some guys stay with girls like that hoping that they will eventually change their minds and fall in love because of the nice things they do for them but unfortunately it almost never happens.

12. She Always Wants Your Help

This can be anything from asking you to help her with her homework to asking you to assemble Ikea furniture for her.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help but if she never offers anything in return or helps you when you need it, then it is likely that she is using you.

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13. She is Always Busy

Whenever you try to ask her out she is always busy, however, when she needs something from you she expects you to help her right away.

Be wary of women that always delay going on a date with you while continuing flirting and making it look like they want you.

14. She Flirts With Other Guys

If you notice that your girl is flirting with other guys behind your back or even worse right in front of you, it is a sign that she is not really into you and probably only goes out with you because of something else.

She doesn’t have feelings for you and that’s why she doesn’t care how you feel about her behavior.

15. She Disrespects or Humiliates You

If she likes to embarrass you in front of other people, it is a red flag. If she was truly in love with you she would care more about how it makes you feel.

She might even compare you to her exes and tell you how her exes were better than you. It can be anything from the money you make to your performance in bed.

If the girl behaves like that, you should leave her before she ruins your self-esteem.

16. She is Not Willing to Commit

She might tell you that you are just friends while expecting you to pay for her or she might tell you that she likes to keep things casual while expecting you to take care of all her needs.

Whenever you try to get closer to her or do things couples do she always asks for space or says that she wants more freedom.

This basically means that she enjoys things that you can give her but at the same time she also wants to be able to sleep with other guys.

17. Your Gut Tells You To Stay Away From Her

Often it might be hard to pinpoint if the girl is using you or not. However, sometimes you might get a gut feeling that she is not the one for you.

This usually happens when your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore your gut feelings if it tells you that there is something shady about the girl that you are seeing.

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18. She Ignores Your Texts and Calls

Whenever you message her she is always slow to reply or doesn’t reply to you at all. Especially when she is out at night by herself with her friends. Later she might give you a lot of excuses for why she didn’t answer the phone.

It is okay if it happens every once in a while but if this happens consistently it is obvious that she doesn’t care much about you.

19. She Cancels Plans at the Last Minute

If the girl always gives you excuses for canceling on you at the last minute, it is pretty clear that she is not really interested in you.

20. She Blames You for Everything

If the girl cannot accept responsibility for her actions and always blames you for everything while she continues dating you, it is likely that she is using you either emotionally or for something else.

21. She Keeps Your Relationship Secret

If the girl keeps your relationship secret from her friends or family for no obvious reason and never introduces you as her boyfriend, it is likely that she doesn’t truly love you and uses you for something else.

She doesn’t want to introduce you because she is not serious about the relationship and plans to leave you after she gets what she needs from you or meets someone else.

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