20 Wildest Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

Are you tired of the same routine with your boyfriend? Have you been feeling like your relationship has plateaued and needs a bit of adventure?

It’s not uncommon. Long-term relationships often fall into comfort zones, which although comfortable, may lack the thrill that new love ignites.

But don’t worry! Remember that love’s spark may fade, but it’s never extinguished. It’s just waiting for us to light it up again.

Many of us are afraid to shake things up, perhaps fearing rejection, embarrassment, or vulnerability.

But here’s the thing: True chemistry requires all three.

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Creating a deeper connection with your boyfriend involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

Remember, it’s okay to feel a little bit scared. Adventures aren’t adventures without a bit of risk, right?

So, in this post, we’re going to take a look at a long list of wild things you can do with your boyfriend.

These ideas are intended to reignite that spark in your relationship and bring some fun back into the equation.

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Wildest Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

1. Skinny Dipping

Find a secluded spot and take a dip in your birthday suits. It’s thrilling, forbidden, and yes, quite fun.

This can trigger a new level of intimacy between you two. Understand each other’s comfort zones and respect them, but if you both are game, it can be a pretty wild thing to do!

2. Sensual Massage

This doesn’t just mean a quick back rub. Create a spa-like atmosphere at home, light some scented candles, play soothing music, and take turns giving each other body massages.

It’s not just relaxing but also highly intimate. The touch isn’t only about physical needs; it’s about understanding and connecting with your partner.

3. Intimacy Without Touch Challenge

Spend one evening trying to arouse each other without touching. The catch is – you can talk, tease, express yourself, but no touching.

It’s funny, it’s frustrating, but it’s also extremely exciting. By the time the evening ends, you’ll be ready to jump each other!

4. Passionate in Public

Now, this doesn’t mean going against public decency or adding discomfort to others.

But subtle touches, dirty looks, and whispering sweet nothings can be enough to drive each other wild without crossing lines.

The thrill of being passionate while surrounded by people can ignite the proverbial flame!

5. Play Intimate Games

Games aren’t just for children! There are plenty of intimate games online for couples to enjoy.

Whether it’s a spicy truth or dare, a naughty card game, or an intimate version of Twister, games create a fun environment and bring out your playful sides, which can lead to increased intimacy.

6. Lingerie Shopping Together

A wild adventure could mean stepping into a lingerie shop together or shopping online.

This can lead to fun conversations about desires and preferences while making you more comfortable with each other’s bodies.

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7. Cooking Naked

Try cooking your favorite meal together sans clothes. Tease each other while toiling in the kitchen, try new recipes, or recreate classic ones.

It’s a fun way of turning a mundane task into a wild adventure. Proceed with caution around the hot stove and chopping knives!

8. Boudoir Photoshoot

You don’t need to be a professional to capture love. Dress up or down, set the scene at your home, play with lights, and unleash your inner photographer prowess!

This can be a wild and fun journey towards embracing your bodies and celebrating your relationship.

9. Body Painting

Buy body paints and use each other as canvases to express creativity. It’s an intimate way of exploring each other’s bodies and appreciating them in a whole new light.

10. Embrace the Great Outdoors

Plan an overnight camping trip – just you two, the stars, and the rolling campfire.

But why stop there? Make love in the wild, under the star-lit sky. Remember to pick a secluded spot where you won’t be disturbed.

The thrill of being one with nature and your partner is an unparalleled experience, merging freedom, wildness, and simplicity all in one.

11. Make it a Movie Night… with a Twist

We all love cozy movie nights, right? How about jazzing it up a little? Create a list of steamy movies and make it a week-long marathon.

Every night is movie night! You could even add a little bit of role-playing based on each night’s movie; there’s nothing like playing out your favorite scenes!

It allows you to let loose and have fun while exploring each other’s tastes.

12. Long Drive on a Lonely Road

Long drives are always exciting – the thrill, the unexpected experiences, the journey of exploration.

Pick a road less traveled; find secluded spots and enjoy some intimate moments together.

There’s something wild and romantic about passionate kisses at a deserted spots during a long drive.

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13. Experiment with Toys

This isn’t anything new but surprisingly many couples shy away from it. Forget the taboos, forget the judgments – your intimate life is your business.

Using toys can be fun, exploratory, and enhances your pleasure. You could even make it more interesting by blindfolding one another and introducing surprise elements!

14. Reading Steamy Book

Have you ever considered immersing yourself and your partner in a world of romantic and dirty fantasies, ignited not by visual stimulation but by a good old book?

It’s not about replacing your own experiences, it’s about using the power of words to spark new ideas.

Create a cozy ambiance, snuggle together, and read. You’ll find it more intimate than any movie night.

15. Share Secret Fantasies

Openly discussing and exploring each other’s secret fantasies can help break down barriers in the bedroom. Honesty and openness in sharing these intimate desires can lead to feeling accepted and loved, amplifying trust, bond, and intimacy.

16. Dare Game Night

Turn a normal game night into a spicy adventure. Make a list of naughty dares and take turns drawing them.

It’s all about fun, laughter, and oh yes… anticipation!

17. Shower Together

Not just for cleaning up, sharing a shower can be a steamy affair. Water cascading down on both of you sets the perfect scene for exploration.

18. Tease over Text

Send flirtatious, naughty texts to each other. The key here is not to be explicit right away – build anticipation by dropping hints about what you might have planned for when you see each other.

19. Create a Pleasure Map

Spend an entire evening discovering each other’s bodies without the goal of climaxing. The focus is not on the destination but the journey, thus savoring each sensation and deepening the intimate bond.

20. Naughty Bucket List

Between you two, come up with a “naughty” bucket list – a compilation of dirty things you both want to try. Checking each one off can bring fun and excitement back into your relationship!

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