90 Ways to Reply When Your Crush Asks Who You Like

Did your crush ask you how you feel about them and now you have no idea how to respond? Should you confess your feelings? Or should you wait for the right moment?

Your thoughts are probably filled with “what if” scenarios. “What if they don’t feel the same way?” “What if this ruins our friendship?” “What if confessing my feelings scares them away?”.

Other fears might creep in too; like the fear of rejection, judgment, or of being too vulnerable. You might also worry about how they’ll react. Will they laugh it off? Will they take you seriously?

So to make things a bit easier for you, we came up with a list of replies you can use in this tricky situation.

How to Reply When Your Crush Asks Who You Like?

1. “I like someone who has a great sense of humor, just like you.”

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2. “Can’t say for sure. I’m still figuring it out.”

3. “Why do you ask? Is there someone you think I might like?”

4. “I like someone who is really easy to talk to. Kind of like you.”

5. “What if I said it could be you?”

6. “Do you mean in a romantic way?”

7. “What about you? Who do you like?”

8. “Wouldn’t you rather guess?”

9. “Why do you ask?”

10. “Someone who makes me feel special…”

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11. “Why not take a wild guess?”

12. “Who do I like? Hmmm, let’s keep that a mystery.”

13. “Someone who’s as interesting to talk to as you are.”

14. “Let’s talk about you instead. Who do you like?”

15. “Can’t really answer that, it might get me into trouble!”

16. “It’s a secret for now.”

17. “I’m still trying to figure out”

18. “Let’s just say I have good taste”

19. “There is someone but I don’t know how they feel about me”

20. “I think the person I like might be reading this text right now.”

21. “I might be crushing on someone but I’m not telling who just yet.”

22. “Someone who makes me smile a lot, guess who that is?”

23. “Why so curious, got any suggestions?”

24. “I’d rather show than tell.”

25. “Why? Are you volunteering?”

26. “Let’s keep you guessing.”

27. “Who do you think I like?”

28. “It’s complicated.”

29. “He’s pretty awesome, kind of like you…”

30. “I have a crush, but it’s a bit complicated.”

31. “I promise I’ll tell you… some day.”

32. “Why spoil the suspense?”

33. “Who do I like? Now, wouldn’t that be a juicy piece of gossip!”

34. “Let’s just say he’s amazing.”

35. “He’s a lot like you.”

36. “Let’s just say he isn’t a stranger.”

37. “Is it a crime if I like someone exactly like you?”

38. “Hmmm… It might be someone you know quite well.”

39. “I’m still trying to figure out if they like me too.”

40. “Tell you what, if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.”

41. “They’re a lot like you.”

42. “I like someone who could be closer than you think.”

43. “A person who enjoys my company, much like you seem to.”

44. “Let’s just say their laugh is infectious, like yours.”

45. “If I tell you, it might change everything”

46. “Someone who loves deep conversations.”

47. “Who says I like someone?”

48. “This might surprise you…”

49. “That’d be too easy! What’s your guess?”

50. “Hmmm why so curious?”

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51. “Someone exciting and full of life! Anyone comes to mind?”

52. “Hmm, you’ll find out soon enough.”

53. “What if I told you it’s the person asking the question?”

54. “I’d rather keep that to myself for now.”

55. “Hmm, what’s your guess?”

56. “Someone with a charming personality, like you.”

57. “I more than like someone, actually.”

58. “Someone not too far from where I’m standing.”

59. “There’s someone but I don’t think they know yet.”

60. “Ocean eyes… sounds familiar?”

61. “Who says there’s only one person I like?”

62. “You’re really curious, aren’t you?”

63. “Haven’t really thought about it until now…”

64. “Still figuring that out”

65. “Why, are you interested?”

66. “You know them…”

67. “Well, they’re standing quite close”

68. “A certain bookworm…”

69. “Someone who looks great in blue”

70. “Let’s just say they’re someone quite special.”

71. “Who I like is still under review…”

72. “Not quite sure, guess it’s a mystery for now.”

73. “It’s hard to tell, they are pretty unique.”

74. “Someone I’m around a lot…”

75. “A certain someone who isn’t aware of it yet”

76. “Let’s just say, I hope they feel the same…”

77. “Someone close…”

78. “Maybe you know them… maybe you don’t!”

79. “I prefer to keep it suspenseful.”

80. “Well, you might be surprised by the answer.”

81. “One hint, you’ve met them…”

82. “Probably not who you’re thinking of!”

83. “Hmm, you sure you want to know?”

84. “I’ll leave it to your imagination.”

85. “I might have a little crush on a friend”

86. “How about you guess? I bet you’d get it right away”

87. “I’ll tell you if you promise not to laugh.”

88. “Why? Do you have someone in mind for me?”

89. “I’ll let you in on this secret soon”

90. “Someone open-minded and adventurous.”

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