10 Things to Know When Dating an Asian Girl

Asian girls are cute, feminine, and make great girlfriends and wives.

They also have that exotic beauty that drives most men wild.

Do you have a secret crush on an Asian girl?

Or maybe you already dating one?

Asian dating culture and rules are different from Western.

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It is important to know what are absolute no-nos when dating Asian girls.

So you want to date an Asian woman?

Let’s take a look at what it takes to get and keep an Asian girlfriend or wife.

Asian Girls From the West vs. Asian Girls From Asia

A common mistake you should try to avoid is mixing up Asian girls who grew up outside of Asia and those who actually were raised in Asia.

If an Asian girl was born and grew up in the States, for example, it will be safe to assume that she is American and not Asian.

However, she might still be affected by Asian dating culture because of her parents.

Throw Out What You Know About Dating Asian Girls

Throw Out What You Know About Dating Asian Girls

Asia is the biggest continent of all and although a majority of Asians have similar features, a lot of them are culturally different.

Common stereotypes about Asian women should also be thrown out the window.

They shouldn’t be the “type” to be obsessed about.

Contrary to the common assumption about Asian girls being meek and “servant-like,” most of them are not.

Another misconstrued idea you should throw out is that Asian girls are “after Western men’s money.” They are not.

This is not to say that there are no gold diggers in Asia but it is pretty easy to avoid them.

Well educated Asian girl with a good career is usually looking for a long-term boyfriend who she can eventually marry and have kids with.

If on another hand you marry a bargirl from Pattaya who is half of your age, there is a high potential that she is after your money.

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating Asian Girls

Things You Should Know Before Dating Asian Girls

Here are the tips that will help you to get a better understanding of Asian dating culture and rules.

1. There’s a lot of diversity within Asia.

Since this continent is so big, there are many cultures from the different regions within it.

From Indo-China to East Asia, to Asian-Pacific, to Southeast Asia, you’ll be surprised how much cultural diversity there is amongst all these regions.

So depending on where the Asian girl is from may drastically affect her values and cultural traditions.

2. Conservatism & traditional values are upheld.

Unlike in North America and Europe, Asians are very conservative and traditional.

They have long-held traditions of marriage before physical intimacy, respect for the elderly, and modesty.

They aren’t as liberal with the way they talk and dress compared to Westerners.

3. Religion is important.

Again, the religion will depend on where you look in Asia.

However, it is still a common thing that regardless of what that religion is, expect it to be highly regarded.

There are national laws that protect the practice of religion and protect it from being mocked and disrespected.

4. Gender roles still exist.

Even though there’s a rise of globalization where more liberal ideologies are slowly being accepted in Asia, there’s still a strong presence of gender roles.

Women are expected to be the caretaker of the family while the men are to be providers.

Women still practice modesty and would often dress conservatively.

Of course, there are exemptions to this but in general, it is evident that gender roles still exist in Asia.

5. They are VERY family-oriented.

It is common in Asian households that families all live together when the children are grown up.

So you can expect to meet an entire clan when she introduces you to her family.

Families are very close-knit and share a lot of things with each other.

Family gatherings are a regular thing.

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6. Parental Pressure is real.

Since Asians are more conservative, traditional, and family-oriented, expect Asian girls to adhere to very strong parental pressure.

From what they choose to study in college, to what jobs they’ll have, to which partner they’ll marry – expect parents to have a big “say” in all these decisions.

Their parent’s validation is a big deal to them and it subconsciously affects everything they do in their lives.

7. Appearance, physical or otherwise matters.

You will notice that Asian girls, in general, will always be concerned with their physical looks.

This has a lot to do with their relationship with their mothers.

They usually are third-generation daughters who are being scrutinized by their mothers.

The same goes for reputation.

Asians would save face and would do everything to avoid embarrassing their families because that’s what ultimately matters to them.

8. They’re not as open or emotional.

They may not practice communication very well if they were raised in a more traditional Asian household.

This will be because of their relationship with their families, they were not encouraged to reason out, talk about their feelings, etc.

So most of them would appear cold or closed off.

9. Judgments come with it.

It’s sad that there are still judgments that come with interracial relationships.

Asian girls would often be looked down upon when they’re seen holding hands with a “White Man.”

Know that you can easily expect strange glares from everyone you’ll meet especially when you’re still in Asia.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem in most North American cities though where interracial relationships are extremely common.

10. You will never fully understand her.

It’s just not possible.

You were born in a totally different culture so you may not fully understand her background and some of her behaviors.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to.

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Where to Meet Asian Girls?

Where to Meet Asian Girls

There are a lot of cute attractive Asian girls in every city.

As we discussed, some of them might be more westernized than others.

It comes down to what kind of woman you are looking to find.

Are you looking for a traditional Asian girl or do you want someone who has Asian roots but grew up exposed to western culture?

If you are looking for a more traditional Asian girl, it might be worth visiting Asia and spending a few months there to get a better understanding of the culture.

Best Countries to Meet Asian Women

To avoid dating Asian girls looking only for your money stay away from touristy areas and look for educated girls with established careers.

If you are looking for a much younger Asian girl to become your trophy wife, be especially careful who you date and marry.

First of all, if she is much younger and hot, she will always have other options.

Secondly, if the woman marries a guy twice older as her there is a high potential that love is not the only thing she is looking for.

But the same goes for all the girls.

Probably the easiest country to meet Asian girls is the Philippines.

The main reason for that is language.

English is the official language in the Philippines so it will be much easier to communicate with the girls there.

Another great place is Thailand.

I know what you are thinking…ladyboys and bargirls.

However, if you explore Thailand outside of the red-light districts you will meet a lot of nice educated girls.

Other countries to look into are China, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, and Japan.

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Where to Meet Asian Girls In the US, Canada, Or Europe?

Where to Meet Asian Girls In US, Canada Or Europe

You don’t really have to travel to Asia to get an Asian girlfriend.

There are a lot of single gorgeous Asian women in your own town.

Most Asian girls are conservative when it comes to physical intimacy and dating so start slowly.

Become friends with Asian girls and make them comfortable before making your move.

Great places to meet Asian girls are colleges, gyms, parks, social events, malls, restaurants, and even churches.

However, the fastest and easiest way to meet Asian girls is online.

The number of hot Asian girls that you can chat with online is much larger than all the girls that you can meet offline.

There are two ways to approach meeting Asian girls online.

You can either use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even TikTok to meet Asian girls.

Or if you don’t want to waste your time you can join an actual dating site that has thousands of single Asian girls looking for a date.

A few good sites you can try are eHarmony, Zoosk, and EliteSingles.

When meeting Asian girls on social media, you will need to take it slow and make girls comfortable before asking for a phone number or a date.

With online dating sites, you can be more straightforward with your intentions because the girls there already know that you are looking for a date.

And that is what they want as well.


There are a lot of things you need to mentally take note of before deciding to pursue a relationship with an Asian girl.

It all comes down to being respectful of where she comes from and educating yourself.

Asian girls are some of the most resilient types of women because of their background.

When you do get lucky to meet one that you like, know that you’ll have to make adjustments and stretch your level of understanding to make it work.

But when you do, you’ll realize that you got a good one and you’ll never let her go.

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