77 Ways to Respond When a Guy Asks What is Your Biggest Turn On

If you feel lost whenever a guy asks you what your biggest turn-on is, you’re not alone.

It is not always clear what kind of answer the guy you are chatting with wants to hear.

Does he want to know about your wildest fantasies or is he simply asking what type of guys do you like?

The way you answer this question depends on how well you know the guy, the type of relationship you are looking for, and your personality.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, then you need to find the balance between being honest and still keeping things light.

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You probably don’t want to tell a guy on a first date that your biggest turn-on is getting spanked or handcuffed even if that’s true.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something casual or you already dating a guy, then you shouldn’t be afraid to be more open about what turns you on.

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What to Say When a Guy Asks “What is Your Biggest Turn On?”

1. A guy who’s confident enough to take charge definitely has my attention!

2. When we’re in a public place and you give me that naughty look… yummy!

3. A man who has a passion for life and is excited about trying out different things with me!

4. The way you look into my eyes, making me feel like the only girl in the world for you

5. A man with ambition and drive. Someone who always has something going on that keeps him busy and excited about life!

6. Cuddling up on the couch while watching a movie and having him stroke my hair or rub my back

7. Being taken on an unexpected romantic getaway for the weekend just because

8. Nothing gets me hotter than a man who isn’t afraid to whisper naughty things in my ear

9. Pushing me against the wall and taking me like you can’t get enough of me

10. When he takes his time making sure every part of my body is completely satisfied

11. Someone who is passionate about their interests and goals, no matter what they are!

12. Someone who puts effort into surprising me in small ways like sending flowers, packing a lunch for me, or writing funny messages on post-it notes!

13. Someone who exudes confidence without being arrogant

14. When I feel like I am being looked at and admired like an artwork or a precious gemstone!

15. A man with strong arms that I can feel safe in when I need a hug or comfort during hard times!

16. Someone who takes initiative and isn’t afraid to take risks or put themselves out there for something they believe in.

17. A massage with just the right amount of pressure in all the right spots

18. A strong, passionate kiss that sets my entire body on fire

19. When a guy takes control but also listens to my needs so we can both enjoy ourselves!

20. When a man takes his time exploring my body with his hands!

21. An unexpected kiss on the cheek when I least expect it

22. A man with strong moral values and integrity – there’s nothing hotter than that!

23. Someone who is spontaneous, adventurous, and willing to try new things together if it’s within both of our comfort zones

24. A guy who smells nice like he just stepped out of the shower or put on cologne!

25. Hearing the sound of your voice telling me all the naughty things you want to do to me

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26. I love it when a guy knows how to touch my body and make me melt

27. Someone who is willing to try out new things and isn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side to me

28. When a guy shows genuine interest in my opinions without judgment or criticism

29. A man that makes me feel safe, respected, and appreciated

30. Being swept away by someone whose touch makes every cell in my body come alive!

31. A guy who will tell me his deepest desires without holding back any part of himself

32. A man who can read between the lines and understand my subtle hints

33. A man who respects boundaries and doesn’t push too hard when I say no

34. Knowing that I’m all yours and that no one else can satisfy you as I can

35. A candlelit dinner with a glass of wine and smooth music in the background

36. When you whisper your fantasies into my ear and let me help make them come true

37. A man who pays attention to small details about me, like my favorite type of food or my go-to drink at a bar

38. A man who is unafraid of showing affection in public

39. Making eye contact when we’re talking or flirting with each other across the room

40. A man who is willing to show his vulnerable side and be emotionally open with me

41. When you bite my lip gently but passionately, sending sparks through my body

42. When a guy takes the time to get to know my interests, likes, and dislikes before making any moves

43. Seeing your face light up with a mischievous grin when we’re alone together

44. I get really turned on when a man looks me directly in the eyes while making love to me

45. When someone shows genuine interest in what I have to say, that’s always a major turn on for me

46. Nothing ignites my fire like someone who is open-minded and willing to try new things!

47. I’m always attracted to men who have interesting stories or experiences to share with me

48. A playful attitude can be so much fun and hot too!

49. When you look into my eyes while caressing me and whispering sweet nothing

50. When a guy gets creative with his touches, it drives me wild!

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51. I love it when you kiss my neck and whisper in my ear

52. When he takes the time to learn what I like and goes out of his way to make sure I’m satisfied

53. The thrill of feeling your fingers explore places that no one else has ever touched before!

54. A man who can be both passionate and gentle at the same time

55. There’s nothing like having a guy open the door for you or offer his jacket when it’s cold out!

56. I’m all about the little things like randomly receiving flowers or compliments throughout the day!

57. There’s nothing hotter than a gentleman who knows how to be wild and adventurous every now and then!

58. A man who can take control but still remain respectful of my boundaries

59. A man who can be dominant yet still gentle and caring at the same time

60. A guy who is willing to take risks to keep our relationship exciting and unpredictable

61. When he gently caresses my curves as I lay beneath him

62. Having him hold me tight from behind while standing together overlooking a breathtaking view

63. Going out dancing together and him spinning me around like we’re the only two people in the room

64. A guy that takes initiative and isn’t afraid to make the first move

65. Someone who gives lots of hugs, cuddles, and kisses without expecting anything in return

66. When a man knows how to dress well and take care of himself

67. Gentle touches that make my skin tingle with anticipation

68. The smell of a man’s cologne when I’m close enough to feel his warmth on my face and neck

69. An unexpected surprise from time to time to show he truly cares about making me happy

70. When a man’s hand slides around my waist, sending shivers throughout my body

71. A man who knows how to take control and make me feel safe in his arms

72. Feeling strong and confident hands running through my hair as he kisses me passionately from behind

73. Being teased with gentle, light kisses on the back of my neck

74. Being surprised by cute little things like flowers or chocolates

75. A deep, meaningful connection that goes beyond just physical attraction. Someone who really gets me on an emotional level!

76. An unexpected touch like his fingertips lightly grazing my skin as we walk together arm-in-arm

77. A guy who can make me laugh and bring out my wild side at the same time

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