My Match Success Story: Meeting My Long-term Girlfriend Online in 7 Days!


Today I want to share my success story on how I met my current girlfriend online in just 7 days after joining. It is all started after I broke up with my ex when I discovered that she was cheating on me with her godfather. Crazy, yeah?

Breaking up with my ex

After breaking up with my ex, I decided that instead of feeling bad and sorry for myself I needed to move on. I tried a few times going to the bars and clubs to meet someone, but soon realized it wasn’t working for me. Most girls I met there were either too drunk to talk to, stack up or were just looking for a one night stand. Besides that I had to drink, come home late and it wasn’t time efficient at all. Since I used online dating before with a limited success, I figured out I should try it again.

Giving online dating another chance

This time, however, I decided to go with a different approach. I noticed a long time ago that it is much easier to get a date with the girl who initiates the first contact. It also means that I don’t have to send any messages. However, that required me to create the best dating profile possible to grab women’s attention and make them message me. I spent around 2 hours writing the most humorous, flirty and sexy profile I could. Then obviously, I had to sort through dozens of my older photos in order to find the most suitable photos for my profile. Then I activated my profile and waited. I got around ten messages the first day. That was amazing, ten women were interested in me and contacted me first. I replied to a few of them and then got a date with one. We agreed to meet up the next day.

Our first date

I was super excited but also worried at the same time. What if she doesn’t look the same in person as on her dating profile pictures? She was around 20 minutes late and I wasn’t really happy about that but I decided to wait. When she came I was surprised, because she looked much better than on her photos. We spent around 45 minutes in a coffee shop chatting and then walking in the park. We clicked right away and before I even got home I received a text from her thanking me for the date and coffee. The next day was actually her birthday and she invited me. After that, we had one more date and we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend in less than a week.

Still together

It was around three years since that time but we are still together. The interesting part is that I didn’t message any girl first and she was the first girl I went on a date with. Before meeting my girlfriend, I didn’t believe that it is possible to meet a long term partner on a dating website and thought that the best you can get will be a short fling or just one-night stand.

Since that time, I advise all my single friends to give online dating a try, especially if they were single for a long time. There is no much to lose and since they were single for a long time it means that their current approach to dating doesn’t work and it is time to try something completely different. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online