50+ Ways to Ask a Guy or Girl to Be Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Do you have a crush on an attractive guy or girl but are not ready for a serious commitment?

How can you ask him or her to become friends with benefits without making it awkward or offending anyone?

Well, there are two simple steps: check how they feel about casual dating and then ask them if they would be interested in trying it.

Why Do People Want Friends with Benefits Relationships?

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There are a lot of different reasons why some singles prefer friends with benefits relationships over conventional dating.

  • They are not ready for a committed relationship
  • They are too busy for serious dating
  • There is no compatibility but there is a strong physical attraction
  • They have a fear of commitment or being emotionally attached to someone
  • They don’t want to ruin the friendship

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How to Find Friends with Benefits?

He is already dating someone

If you already know a girl or guy you want to have a casual relationship with, you can skip this section.

If not, online dating is the best way to quickly find someone interested in friends with benefits relationships.

Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and other dating platforms are the best places to meet people interested in the same type of arrangement as you are.

Other options are social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok.

Just make sure that your partner is of legal age!

It is essential to be honest about your intentions to avoid unnecessary drama.

Make sure that on your online dating profile, you mention that you are looking for casual dating and nothing serious.

If you prefer meeting people in real life, bars and clubs are pretty good options as well.

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How to Find Out if They are Interested in Friends with Benefits Relationship?

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Before you ask a guy or girl to be friends with benefits, check if they are even open to the idea of being in a non-committed intimate relationship.

One way to do it is to tell a girl you like that you know someone who is in friends with benefits relationship.

Mention how well it works for them and see how she reacts.

Does she seem to be open-minded or look disgusted?

Tell her that you were skeptical at first when your friend told you about it, but now you think that it is something that might work in certain situations.

See what she says about it.

Alternatively, ask if she watched the “Friends With Benefits” movie and what she thinks.

If you feel like he or she might be interested in the idea, ask them directly.

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Examples of How to Ask a Guy or Girl to Be Friends with Benefits Over Text

1. I know the whole idea of friends with benefits is a little unconventional, but I think it would be fun to try. Let me know if that’s something you might be interested in.

2. I really like hanging out with you and last night was awesome but unfortunately, I am very busy with studying and not ready for anything serious. If you are open to hanging out sometimes without any strings attached, let me know.

3. Hey I know it is a little weird but I find you very attractive and really want to see you again! Do you want to stay as friends with benefits?

4. Hey, when was the last time you were with a guy? Do you want to try to do it as friends? It can be our secret 🙂

5. Hey, I am really attracted to you. I know you are not looking for anything serious but do you want to come over sometime for some drinks and Netflix :)?

6. Hi, I get really turned on when we are together! I am not ready for anything serious but would you be interested in being friends with benefits? If it doesn’t work for you, we can always stop anytime. What do you think?

7. Hey, I am not looking for a girlfriend right now but I love having fun together as we did last night. Let me know if you want to come over again when you are bored.

8. Hey, it was fun last night. I am not looking for anything serious at this point but let’s meet again and keep it casual and fun.

9. Hey, I think we are both attracted to each other, but since we are not ready for any serious commitment, how about we continue having fun while keeping it casual?

10. Do you want to come over for some Netflix and popcorn? I know you are not looking for a relationship right now but I am open to some casual no strings attached fun:) 🍆🍑

11. I think you’re great and I really like you. I don’t want to put pressure on you so I thought it could be fun if we tried being friends with benefits.

12. We both know that a serious relationship isn’t what either of us wants right now, so why don’t we just have some fun without any obligations?

13. Instead of jumping straight into something serious, why not start off as friends with benefits and see where things go from there?

14. Why don’t we ease into things without any pressure or expectations? That way we can still have fun without any awkwardness later on!

15. We can have all the fun of being together without worrying about labels! Would you like to try it?

16. I don’t want anything too serious right now but I really like spending time with you, so what do you think about the idea of being friends with benefits?

17. If you are looking for a casual relationship, I think we could have a lot of fun together without getting too serious.

18. I think it would be interesting if we just kept it light and casual and became friends with benefits. What do you think?

19. How about if we just have a good time and don’t let anything complicated get in the way?

20. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think friends with benefits could be fun to try. Are you interested?

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21. I know this isn’t exactly traditional, but I’ve been thinking about trying friends with benefits arrangement and you’re the only person I can see myself doing that with. What do you think?

22. Hey, I’m sure you’ve heard of this before but how would you feel about being friends with benefits?

23. Why don’t we just skip all the drama of commitment and become friends with benefits?

24. I like spending time with you but I’m not looking for any kind of commitment right now so maybe we should just keep things casual?

25. You know, if we keep our feelings in check then there’s no reason why having a friends with benefits arrangement wouldn’t work out for us.

26. Let’s face it, neither of us has time for a conventional relationship right now so maybe we should try something different instead. What do you think?

27. Hey, why don’t we just cut out all the craziness of conventional relationships and see what happens when we just keep it casual between us?

28. We could have so much fun together without any pressure or drama. Do you want to give it a try?

29. Hey, why put ourselves through all the drama of regular relationships if all we want is to have fun? Let’s just be friends with benefits – what do you say?

30. Why don’t we take the hassle out of traditional dating by pursuing something more relaxed like friends with benefits instead?

31. I think it’s so much easier to just enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about the complications that come with being in a committed relationship. Wanna give it a try?

32. Hey, I really like you but don’t want to complicate things. Do you think we could be friends with benefits?

33. Neither of us want to commit to a full relationship yet, so why not just have some fun as friends with benefits?

34. Nobody has to know what goes on between us if we keep this purely physical and set boundaries. What do you say?

35. A friend of mine recently tried the friends with benefits thing and told me it was a lot of fun. Are you open to giving it a shot?

36. If you’re not looking for anything serious, how about we both just give friends with benefits a try?

37. It sounds like neither of us is ready for a big commitment yet, so why don’t we just keep things casual, as friends with benefits?

38. What do you think about having a no strings attached kind of relationship and see how things go from there?

39. Neither of us is looking for anything too serious right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other’s company in different ways. Want to give friends with benefits a try?

40. I’m not sure if you’re into this kind of thing, but I thought it might be fun to get know each other in a more physical way without any strings attached. Interested?

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41. Why don’t we take the pressure off and explore our attraction on a more casual level?

42. I think we could have a lot of fun if we could just be friends with benefits, no strings attached.

43. What do you think about us having some fun together without expectations or pressure?

44. Shall we ditch the idea of commitment and go with something that’s all about pleasure and fun?

45. What do you say we keep things casual and just enjoy each other’s company without making any promises?

46. I think it might be cool to explore a casual relationship between us, what do you think?

47. Even though it may seem weird at first, I think having a friends with benefits relationship could be a lot of fun. Why don’t we give it a shot?

48. This might sound crazy but maybe we can just keep things casual between us and try out the whole friends with benefits arrangement?

49. Are you in the mood for something casual and fun? Maybe something a little wild but without any commitment?

50. I know it might sound unconventional but I’m curious if you would be open to having a friends with benefits type of relationship.

51. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company and have some fun without things getting too serious! What do you think about that?

52. How about we take our friendship to the next level and explore something more intimate without having to worry about any expectations?

53. So I was thinking, what do you say about being friends who hook up whenever we feel like it?

54. If you don’t want to jump right into a relationship yet, why don’t we try being friends with benefits?

55. If you’re not interested in a romantic relationship yet, maybe being friends with benefits is worth considering?

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